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Mars Miniatures

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rafm vs Ral Partha - Chimera, Shambling Mound

No big battle for the Shire this weekend.  Maybe next one...
But the victory conditions, forces and scenery are all ready to go.
In the meantime, how about some more old-timey minis from back in the days of olde!

 Here we have a AD&D Ral Partha 11-493 Shambling Mound!
I love this miniature.  Look how friendly he is!
He wants to shake your hand like a little gentleman.
Of course, he might just be luring you in, so he can strangle and suffocate you with his mulchy mass.
Still, its the thought that counts!

I dont know if he is available via modern Ral Partha Europe.
I know they have most of the old generic fantasy codes, but the specific AD&D ones?
I dont think they do, which is a shame. Someone, correct me if Im wrong.

 And here we have the other mini company that starts with "R"...

This fine fellow is a RAFM 3718 Grave Lich & Throne

In my world, he is Zed the Lich King.
This Lich travels in style, aboard his flying throne of doom.
The throne is run by the same powers that allow that silly flying stone head, Zardoz, to zip around in the skies.
He waits for his entourage to appear in painted form, before he wages a battle to control whatever portion of Middle Earth he can take! 
Some say he has his empty eye sockets on Isengard Tower.
In the meantime, he is studying up on his spellbooks - particularly the chapters about Binding Monsters To Your Will.

 View from the back.

Good ol' RAFM is still around too, I do need to make some purchases with them at some point.

 Finally, the next painted mini is a Ral Partha 11-414 Chimera.
There are many Chimeras out there in the miniature world.
But this one might be my favorite.
Yeah, rose colored glasses...  I did have him as a kid.
Luckily I have him again, and this time, I can paint him a little better than my 6th grade self.

See! Ral Partha just loves making monsters that want to shake your hand.

 I vote Ral Partha as company with most courteous creatures.

 The Chimera soars high above the landscape on his leathery wings and perches on top of a mountainous ledge.
He spots movement down below!
Time to see who or what is encroaching on his territory...

 Its the Shambling Mound!
Wait... are they about to throw down in a monsterous battle for the ages?
Or are they about to shake hands?

Turns out, they have both been summoned and bound to the will of Zed the Lich King!

Zed:  Patience, my new found pets!  I will let you feast on the best foods Middle Earth has to offer...  If you will only obey my will!  (evil cackling laugh)


So, another player in the politics of the Misty Mountains...  or perhaps even further afield than that.

Middle Earth sure is getting crowded with villains.