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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AD&D Ral Partha 3 Stage Clerics & Oldhammer C02 Wizard

Another post with old lead.
This time we got a Ral Partha Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3 Stage Player Character: Clerics.
While these figures are designed for rpgs to show a player character's development, Im just going to use them as 3 clerics who belong to the order of R'hllor warrior priests.

For the night is dark and full of terrors...

 Left to Right:  Brother Maynard, Paul the Hermit, Sir Randolph Carter

These fellows were on their way to support the defense of Bree.
They crossed over the Brandywine Bridge and came across a burning abbey and orphanage.
They are searching for survivors...
Damn these Greenskins!

 Brother Maynard was the bearer of sacred relics for the greatest quest group ever assembled.
While the rest of the questing lords believed he perished in the belly of the legendary Black Beast of Aaaauuugh, he was actually able to survive due to the sudden and fatal heart attack suffered by the animator.

Brother Maynard: Armaments, chapter two, verses nine through twenty-one...

 Paul the Hermit has a brother, Peter, who is off on some damned fool crusade.

Praise R'hllor!

 Sir Randolph Carter is a madman who is kept in check by the guidance of Paul the Hermit.
He believes he is from the distant future and that the only way for him to return is to recover the Silver Key stolen from him by the Chaos god Tzeentch.
Some say it was taken to one of those Silver Towers near the Misty Mountains...

 They have found a body of a Sister of Sigmar, and Paul the Hermit uses a spell taught to him by Thoros of Myr... Raise Dead!

 Her name is Sister Beatrice and she is determined to find her missing orphans under her care.
So impressed are the Brothers of R'hllor that they have decided that it was the Lord of Light who has put Sister Beatrice on their path - they will help Sister Beatrice on her quest!

 As Sister Beatrice explains where the children might have run to, a magical apparition flashes nearby!

 Its just an astral projection... from the Brotherhood's arch enemy, Amon Doom!

Amon Doom is an Oldhammer Citadel C02 Pre Slotta Wizard

Amon Doom is a cult leader who scours the lands to understand the Riddle of Steel.
He also happens to have a sister, Amon Joy, who is a famous confectioner and has a shop on Diagon Alley.

 Amon Doom reveals his villainous plans to the heroes in a cliched monologue.
The Riders of Doom have been unleashed upon the land!

Amon Doom:  Randolph Carter, I shall torture you and your companions until you reveal the answer to the Riddle of Steel...

Sir Randolph Carter:  Ive told you before, I shall tell you again... you are getting your fluff mixed up!  Try that Cimmerian barbarian!  You know...  the one who killed your pet snake!  

Amon Doom:  I crucified him on the Tree of Woe.  Im sure he is dead by now.  So I will have to settle for you instead.

Sir Randolph Carter:  He survived and is now a mid level manager of the Beorning Trade Routes Defense Company.  I heard he is leading a force into the Misty Mountain Pass to negotiate with those who have setup a trade embargo there.

Amon Doom:  Ah... yes the Dark Elf Princess Amidala.  Very stubborn girl, that one...

Sir Randolph Carter:  So, does this mean you will stop hunting me and my friends?

Amon Doom:  You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system! I grow tired of asking this. Where is the Rebel base?

Sir Randolph Carter:  Dantooine.  Its on Dantooine.


Looks like we are having technical difficulties... those fluff wires are getting mixed up again.

At any rate, one thing to note is that a certain barbarian is working with the Beornings.
That should be exciting!
Looks like the Misty Mountain campaign is shaping up to be a real treat.

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  1. Great old figures there...I have a couple of the clerics, but didn't know from whence they came.