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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blog's 2 Year Anniversary & Oldhammer Box Set: Heroic Fighters

Hiya buddies!
I just realized that as of yesterday this blog has reached its 2 year anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Moria Reclamation Project!
May your axes be ever sharp, and your Bugmans Brew always cold!

So, better late than never, we shall celebrate with this post of freshly painted minis from the lovely 80s box set known as...
BC7: Heroic Fighters of the Known World
Sculpted by the legendary Jes Goodwin.

This was the very first Citadel box set I ever bought (errrr bought for me, thanks dad!)
I spent too many years using these figures in both Warhammer and D&D.
Sometime afterwards they were supplemented with the early Empire plastic halberdiers and the Men at Arms from Advanced Heroquest.
But they were at the forefront of all my gaming as a kid.
Well, they are back again, this time to save Middle Earth...

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting
Till the end

Box cover
Oh 80s art... how I love thee.
Im guessing this is John Blanche?
The colors and style sure feel like it.

Back cover

The fluff on the box reads:
It was a time of turmoil, when kingdom fought kingdom as chaos gnawed gibbering at the edges of the world. It was a time of great feats and dark deeds, when legends were made and empires destroyed. It was time of...
Heroic Fighters
Wave after wave of chaos assailed the old world; twisted gibbering hordes pushing ever onwards into the lands of men. Who would stand against them?

Left to Right:  Ulrik Ulrikson, Sir Brut, Vlad Krakhed, The Moon Duke, Lord Aquila, Gladius, Harry the Hammer, Manfred

The Moon Duke

I love this mini!  Oh I love all of the minis from this box set.
You know how folks get a nick name from some silly thing you did as a youngster?
I think this Duke pulled too many pranks involving "Mooning"...

The Moon Dukes' backside (thankfully he is wearing a cape!)

Lord Aquila

I remember in my 80s campaigns, he was the scourge of the Micronauts! (action figures & comic book)
Sure, he was smaller than them, but he had the power of Golden Armor.
Oh, and he was always on the quest for the "Golden Axe" (video game)
Huh... I realized my game campaigns were already zany back then too!
Can it be possible that Ive been playing the same campaign since the 80s!?!?!
But more importantly... will the Micronauts save Minas Tirith?  ;p


In this life or the next... I will have my revenge!
Are you not entertained!

I tried to paint a roman shield on him.
Meh, its good enough.
That should be the slogan for my commission service "its just good enough!"

Harry the Hammer.

This mini is the 80s remake of the original Pre-Slotta  Harry the Hammer, who is the poster boy of Warhammer and was on the cover of the 1st edition White Box.
See my post here:

I do prefer the Pre-Slotta version, and if I can get one without selling a kidney, I would.

Sir Brut

Out of all the figures here, this one is the most Bretonnian.
At least the most, "Knightly" of this box set.
I want to put him in command of the other Pre-Bretonnia Citadel from this post:

Ulrik Ulrikson

I just finished binge watching the UK TV show Utopia and this made me think of Wilson Wilson.
(Spoiler ahead for those who havent watched that lovely lovely show)
Ulrik is so dedicated to saving the Old World that he has carved the Nippon symbol for Rabbit into his stomach.

Where is Jessica Hyde?

Vlad Krakhed

Hmm...  Krakhed.  Yup.

Vlad grew up on the dangerous side of the train tracks.
Slangin' rocks down by the docks to roughneck sailors from all across the Olde World.
Yeah, he is repping the lowlife, for sure.
But look, he got himself together and is now a Heroic Fighter!


I hope he isnt related to the Von Carsteins.
Which reminds me, why are there no Vampire Counts among the masses of Undead commanders invading Bree?
Answer:  Because she is a lil' Vampire Countess!   Ohhh, spoilers!

Meanwhile, above the Misty Mountain pass, the journey of the Heroic Fighters has not gone unnoticed...

Mace Girl:  Want me to raise the alarm?

Guard Maiden:  No, its not wise to tangle with these strangers.  Our bear allies are still suffering from hibernation sickness.   But most of all, these humies are Heroic.

Mace Girl:  So what if they are heroic?

Guard Maiden:  No, no.  They are Heroic.

Mace Girl: Thats what I said, heroic!

Guard Maiden:  Cant you hear that Ive capitalized the H?  Its H, not h.

Mace Girl:  Ohhhh...  ok.  Let these humies pass in peace then.

Guard Maiden:  Dont worry, our time will come.  Once we have made all the right alliances, we will strike and all the humies, stunties, and hobbits will pay!

Mace Girl: What of the the Undead and Orcies?

Guard Maiden:  Oh they will pay too, but first we pretend to be their allies.  Then afterwards... its stab stab stab in the back!

Mace Girl:  Yay!


So there is the post~!
And I just want to say...

We have alot to be thankful for here at Mars Miniatures.
And by "we", I mean me and the stunties!
2015 saw the inital colonization of Moria,
2016 we witnessed the fall of the Shire,
and 2017 we are wondering if the humies will stand against the forces of the Undead.

I have received alot of paint commissions lately and want to thank all of my wonderful clients for supporting the Moria Reclamation Project. 
If you hop on over to the commissions blog, you will see just how busy Ive been.
So thank you folks for that.

And to all of you readers as well.
Total pageviews are at 45,700 as of now and I didnt implement that page counter until well into the blogs life.
I dont know much about blog traffic, but it seems like alot.
I get my viewers from TMP (The Miniatures Page), the Google+ community at Miniature Painting and Modeling, BOLS (Bell of Lost Souls forum), and last but not least LAF (the Lead Adventure forum)
I have been lurking anonymously at these places for many years and admire the wonderful paintwork of those talented painters out there.
And my first few blog shares I was nearly ashamed to cross post, knowing my pics would be side by side with the pro-painters.
My paintwork may not match up to those pro standards, but I am repping all of you "average paint-job", "tabletop quality" wargamers out there who still love the old lead and want to contribute to the hobby we love so very dearly.

So I thank you readers, the Dwarves of Moria thank you.
Live long and stay metal... 'Eavy Metal.  (No H, nor h, Mace Girl)


Next post:  Age of Sig-Marienburg...  Floppy Hats in Breeland?


This is the Harry the Hammer version I want: