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Mars Miniatures

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Rest Of The Rebased

Whew, rebasing is hard work.
But here are the last of the Dwarfs who needed switching from round to square.
I do need to make or buy some movement trays.

Overview of alot of stunties.

The Dwarf battle lines in depth.

High King Thorgrim on his Throne of Power.
He is talking strategy with his 4 trusted counselors:
Kragg the Grim, Runelord (back left),
Burlok Damminson, Guildmaster Engineer (front left),
Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King (back right),
Joseph Bugman, Brew Master (front right)

Edit: Please note that I, Mars Minis, made the terrible mistake of calling Thorgrim as Kazador.  This mistake was spotted by LordOdo (of the Lead Adventure Forum).  LordOdo, is now given the Dwarf Eagle's Eye award and is proclaimed Dwarf-Friend by official decree and may visit the Kingdom of Moria at any time.  I, however must shave my beard in shame...  I really do need to shave, it really is getting quite unruly and scruffy.

Here is yet another Dwarf King.
King Kazador and his 20 heavily armored Dwarfs, the Gold Shields.
They count as Ironbreakers. 

Prince Ulther and his 18 Imperial Dwarfs, the Lion Company.
Im going to use their own old school rules.  They have heavy armor, axes, shields, and 2 pistols each.

10 Troll Slayers with a Daemon Slayer Champion.

Grombrindal the White Dwarf is the champion of this unit of 24 Hammerers.

All of these doughty Dwarfs are armed with heavy 2 handed weapons.
In the front ranks, you may see that Skag the Stealthy and Porkins are here.

Dwarf Miners are ready to go spelunking and end up behind enemy lines.

There are some old school miners that have been added to this unit.
But also a couple of 90s ones as well, like the banner and musician.
All these additions have bolstered the miners to a nice 24 count.

We still have 10 Crossbow Dwarfs here.

Gimli, Nindalf, King Gorrin and the Dwarf Lords of Legend are in command of this unit of 28 Dwarf Warriors.

15 Ratnik Dwarfs

20 Reaper Dwarfs under the command of Baron Hawk.

10 Highlander Dwarfs
Counts as Rangers (ignore difficult terrain penalties)

18 Heartbreaker Dwarfs

A random collection of 10 Dwarfs.  Some are plastic D&D minis, some are MageKnight.
But yet again, here at Mars Minis, we do not discriminate against any Dwarf regardless of company, year of manufacture, or material (plastic, metal, or resin).

In fact, I have every intention of making some large plastic purchases in the very near future, to further bolster the Stuntie Army.  With the size of units getting quite large here and getting larger all the time, this blog may see 8th edition and an EndTimes campaign (my take on it, at any rate) in the future.  But lets not get carried away here, 6/7th edition is going to be here for awhile.

Next Post:  The Grand Army of Khazad Dum

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Dwarf Valkyries & Drunk Rangers

Greetings, dear readers!

On this post, we show off some Dwarven womenfolk, some good ol' fashioned warmachines, some Bugmans Brewery Rangers, and finally an update on Balin, Lord of Moria. 

The great rebasing project continues. Soon enough, all of my Dwarves will be on square bases.  Then we need to move on to the Orcs, Dark Elves, Undead, Dragons, etc.  Not to mention, there are loads of new painted and unpainted forces to bolster the enemies of Moria!  In time, all these will be revealed.  Then we can do some battle reports and move forward with the story fluff.  So patience, young padawans.  Good things are on the way.

Onwards to pics...

At last, Dwarven Womenfolk are here.  This unit is called the Valkyries of Valaya.  Valaya is the Dwarf goddess of healing and protection.

Astute readers of this blog may recognize that Bertha and Penny from the Dungeon Chef adventure are now in this unit.  The Dwarf barmaid from the Party of Special Magnificence, as well as 3 of the Hasslefree girls have also joined and become founding members of the Valkyries.

On the far left is a Stonehaven Dwarf paladin-dress, paladrina, or perhaps a she-paladin?

Next is Chef Bertha with her famous and feared Cleaver of +1 Mutton Chopping,

Next is Brienne of PopTart the High Priestess of Valaya, (not to be confused with Brienne of Tarth, which is understandable since both of them are exceptionally tall and imposing women of their respective races)

and finally on the far right, we have Penny the Sharpshooter with her trusty crosbow.

Gimli:  "It's true you don't see many Dwarf-women. And in fact, they are so alike in voice and appearance, that they are often mistaken for Dwarf-men."

Aragorn: [whispering to Eowyn]  "It's the beards."

Gimli:  "And this in turn has given rise to the belief that there are no Dwarf-women, and that Dwarves just spring out of holes in the ground!"
[Eowyn laughs]

Gimli:  "Which is, of course, ridiculous"


Organ gun number 1

 Organ gun number 2

Bugmans Rangers.   Rangers lead the way!

Alright, they arent the Bugmans Rangers Box set of which I believe there are 3 versions (Pre Slotta, Oldhammer, & 90s).  But, Im using the 6th edition army book to create a Bugmans Rangers unit that doesnt have crossbows, or 2 handed weapons, nor shields.   Hmm, they are more brewers and drunks than Rangers, actually.  But, hey! They are still excellent at moving through woods and forests.  And they have the excellent Beer Cart in its new green basing scheme to accompany them.  But dont fear, I have a list.  And on that "list of stuff to acquire" is a proper Bugmans Rangers box set, among other things.  A Gob Lobber box,  Dwarf Renegades, Dwarf Kings Court, and 80s Fellowship of the Ring, are also on that list.  In fact the Fellowship is going to come in mighty handy with the fluff I have planned.  Middle Earth, you are doomed!  Doomed, I say!

Oh look who has joined the Rangers!  Its Pickles, on the far left, with his collection of maps.  No wonder these "rangers" are able to navigate through difficult terrain...  Pickles knows the way!  But wasnt Pickles on a quest to find Balin?  What could have happened?

Next to him is a Dwarf noble, Stonewall Jarlson with a trusty pistol and walking cane.   He is one of those gallant Southern gentlemen Dwarfs.

Next to him is an unnamed Dwarven Drunk (but really arent they all?)

Finally, on the far right is our friend Stilts who comes in useful for scouting out the lay of the land.  Again, wasnt Stilts helping to defend Easthold.  Did they repel the siege, or were they driven out of their fort, or maybe out of Moria all together?  I guess we will just have to wait and see...

A collection of drunk Dwarfs.  And the unit musician with some bagpipes.  There is nothing quite like the sound of air squeezed out of a sheep's stomach and forced thru holes in wood to sooth a savage hangover.
Wait a second...
No, its plain torture to listen to this cacophony, especially after a fortnight's bender!
But Dwarfs are too stubborn to admit that bit openly.
Play on, Finlay, play on...

Even more drunk Dwarfs.
Oh look its Sleepy and Woodcutter.

And what Ranger unit is complete unless it has cooks.
This army marches on its stomach... with beer and beer basted ribs.

Mochi and Ratcatcher have also joined the Rangers.
It seems every Dwarf civilian has up and joined the team.
But is it for selfless patriotic reasons?  Or are they just following the Beer Cart?

Overview of the Valkyries, Rangers, and the Warmachines.

Now for an updated look at Balin and his boys.
Balin's forces are not only rebased, but they are also growing in numbers!

Looks like we now have 16 Heavily armored Chaos Dwarfs.
Oh and a nifty banner!

We still have 10 Chaos Crossbow Dwarves...  (they are still reeling from their encounter with the Dire Apes, and tend to fire bolts at every bush they suspect might be hiding a simian beastie)

And dont forget 20 Gnomish allies, the Svirfneblin!  They are small and stout, but are willing to scrap with the best of them.  They might even hold a flank for a turn or two!


So there you have another post of new arrivals, and also some old friends with the new basing scheme. 

Next post:  The Rest of the Rebased!