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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Blog's 2 Year Anniversary & Oldhammer Box Set: Heroic Fighters

Hiya buddies!
I just realized that as of yesterday this blog has reached its 2 year anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Moria Reclamation Project!
May your axes be ever sharp, and your Bugmans Brew always cold!

So, better late than never, we shall celebrate with this post of freshly painted minis from the lovely 80s box set known as...
BC7: Heroic Fighters of the Known World
Sculpted by the legendary Jes Goodwin.

This was the very first Citadel box set I ever bought (errrr bought for me, thanks dad!)
I spent too many years using these figures in both Warhammer and D&D.
Sometime afterwards they were supplemented with the early Empire plastic halberdiers and the Men at Arms from Advanced Heroquest.
But they were at the forefront of all my gaming as a kid.
Well, they are back again, this time to save Middle Earth...

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting
Till the end

Box cover
Oh 80s art... how I love thee.
Im guessing this is John Blanche?
The colors and style sure feel like it.

Back cover

The fluff on the box reads:
It was a time of turmoil, when kingdom fought kingdom as chaos gnawed gibbering at the edges of the world. It was a time of great feats and dark deeds, when legends were made and empires destroyed. It was time of...
Heroic Fighters
Wave after wave of chaos assailed the old world; twisted gibbering hordes pushing ever onwards into the lands of men. Who would stand against them?

Left to Right:  Ulrik Ulrikson, Sir Brut, Vlad Krakhed, The Moon Duke, Lord Aquila, Gladius, Harry the Hammer, Manfred

The Moon Duke

I love this mini!  Oh I love all of the minis from this box set.
You know how folks get a nick name from some silly thing you did as a youngster?
I think this Duke pulled too many pranks involving "Mooning"...

The Moon Dukes' backside (thankfully he is wearing a cape!)

Lord Aquila

I remember in my 80s campaigns, he was the scourge of the Micronauts! (action figures & comic book)
Sure, he was smaller than them, but he had the power of Golden Armor.
Oh, and he was always on the quest for the "Golden Axe" (video game)
Huh... I realized my game campaigns were already zany back then too!
Can it be possible that Ive been playing the same campaign since the 80s!?!?!
But more importantly... will the Micronauts save Minas Tirith?  ;p


In this life or the next... I will have my revenge!
Are you not entertained!

I tried to paint a roman shield on him.
Meh, its good enough.
That should be the slogan for my commission service "its just good enough!"

Harry the Hammer.

This mini is the 80s remake of the original Pre-Slotta  Harry the Hammer, who is the poster boy of Warhammer and was on the cover of the 1st edition White Box.
See my post here:

I do prefer the Pre-Slotta version, and if I can get one without selling a kidney, I would.

Sir Brut

Out of all the figures here, this one is the most Bretonnian.
At least the most, "Knightly" of this box set.
I want to put him in command of the other Pre-Bretonnia Citadel from this post:

Ulrik Ulrikson

I just finished binge watching the UK TV show Utopia and this made me think of Wilson Wilson.
(Spoiler ahead for those who havent watched that lovely lovely show)
Ulrik is so dedicated to saving the Old World that he has carved the Nippon symbol for Rabbit into his stomach.

Where is Jessica Hyde?

Vlad Krakhed

Hmm...  Krakhed.  Yup.

Vlad grew up on the dangerous side of the train tracks.
Slangin' rocks down by the docks to roughneck sailors from all across the Olde World.
Yeah, he is repping the lowlife, for sure.
But look, he got himself together and is now a Heroic Fighter!


I hope he isnt related to the Von Carsteins.
Which reminds me, why are there no Vampire Counts among the masses of Undead commanders invading Bree?
Answer:  Because she is a lil' Vampire Countess!   Ohhh, spoilers!

Meanwhile, above the Misty Mountain pass, the journey of the Heroic Fighters has not gone unnoticed...

Mace Girl:  Want me to raise the alarm?

Guard Maiden:  No, its not wise to tangle with these strangers.  Our bear allies are still suffering from hibernation sickness.   But most of all, these humies are Heroic.

Mace Girl:  So what if they are heroic?

Guard Maiden:  No, no.  They are Heroic.

Mace Girl: Thats what I said, heroic!

Guard Maiden:  Cant you hear that Ive capitalized the H?  Its H, not h.

Mace Girl:  Ohhhh...  ok.  Let these humies pass in peace then.

Guard Maiden:  Dont worry, our time will come.  Once we have made all the right alliances, we will strike and all the humies, stunties, and hobbits will pay!

Mace Girl: What of the the Undead and Orcies?

Guard Maiden:  Oh they will pay too, but first we pretend to be their allies.  Then afterwards... its stab stab stab in the back!

Mace Girl:  Yay!


So there is the post~!
And I just want to say...

We have alot to be thankful for here at Mars Miniatures.
And by "we", I mean me and the stunties!
2015 saw the inital colonization of Moria,
2016 we witnessed the fall of the Shire,
and 2017 we are wondering if the humies will stand against the forces of the Undead.

I have received alot of paint commissions lately and want to thank all of my wonderful clients for supporting the Moria Reclamation Project. 
If you hop on over to the commissions blog, you will see just how busy Ive been.
So thank you folks for that.

And to all of you readers as well.
Total pageviews are at 45,700 as of now and I didnt implement that page counter until well into the blogs life.
I dont know much about blog traffic, but it seems like alot.
I get my viewers from TMP (The Miniatures Page), the Google+ community at Miniature Painting and Modeling, BOLS (Bell of Lost Souls forum), and last but not least LAF (the Lead Adventure forum)
I have been lurking anonymously at these places for many years and admire the wonderful paintwork of those talented painters out there.
And my first few blog shares I was nearly ashamed to cross post, knowing my pics would be side by side with the pro-painters.
My paintwork may not match up to those pro standards, but I am repping all of you "average paint-job", "tabletop quality" wargamers out there who still love the old lead and want to contribute to the hobby we love so very dearly.

So I thank you readers, the Dwarves of Moria thank you.
Live long and stay metal... 'Eavy Metal.  (No H, nor h, Mace Girl)


Next post:  Age of Sig-Marienburg...  Floppy Hats in Breeland?


This is the Harry the Hammer version I want:

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 2 - The Lich Queen of Carn Dum

Here is the 2nd Undead invasion force coming from the North.

Again, the bulk of it is Mantic Skeletons.
They are being led by various Lich lords... and a lady!

This is the Lich Queen Lucrella leading her skeletal guard.
She is the Queen of Carn Dum, far to the north of Rivendell.

She is a fancy one, the Queen.
She likes to sit on her throne, reading her favorite novel, while waving a gold plated scepter around.
The Queen is dead.  Long live the Queen!

Pass the pub that wrecks your body
And the church, all they want is your money
The Queen is dead, boys
And it's so lonely on a limb

Life is very long, when you're lonely

Mantic skeletons are ready to take the fight against the living.

You could say... they have a bone to pick.  Ba-dum-psshh...

These are Grave Guard...

Led by Krell, the Undead Champion.
He was once a mighty Chaos Champion who fought against Sigmar himself.
Seems his master, the Lichmaster Kemmler is missing.

Suits Krell just fine though, he is having the time of his life (unlife)
He is partying with the Lich Queen... and boy can she throw a party!

This tall fellow is Vordekai the Cyclops Lich.
He is the sworn servant of Lucrella, who took pity on the giant cyclops and showed him kindness after he was abandoned by his father for being a Chaosy freak of nature.
It was Lucrella who gave him his name - Vordekai.
Hmm... I wonder who his father is?
All that is known is that the original name on Vordekai's birth certificate is Magnus...
Vordekai does have vague memories of his brother primarchs teasing him and poking him in his eye.
Oh those imperial bullies!

Look into my eye and despair!

These skeletons are from the once great civilization known as Prospero.

The magic that animates them is from a forbidden book known as "The Rubric of Ahriman"

This fellow is one of the Reapers of the Apocalypse - Pestilence.
Pestilence must have been a follower of Nurgle in his past life.
Gotta love his undead goat steed.

And here are the four commanders of the skeletal army.

Krell:  What should we do about Aragorn and that traitorous Bill Ferny?

Vordekai:  I will break this Aragorn...  We will destroy Gotham and then, when it is done and Gotham is ashes, then the Heir of Isildur will have my permission to die.

Pestilence:  The forward scouts report that the humans are marching east to engage Domur and the Black Riders.  He has divided our strength.  This Aragorn is a crafty general, they say that on the field of battle... his hat is worth 30,000 men!

Krell:  He has humbugged us.  In a night's march, he has made us piecemeal.  

Lich Queen Lucrella:  Nonsense...  Calm yourselves!  Humans are not the only ones who can force march.  The first forbidden spell I crafted myself was a more potent variation of Vanhels Danse Macabre!  Prepare the hosts!  We shall march all night and all day, til all the lil' skellies ankles are worn away...

Krell:  (mumbling) Why do magic spells always have to rhyme?


So there you have it, the backbone of the Undead forces.
Now its a race to see how the battle unfolds.
Its human determination versus dark forbidden spellcraft.

Next up we work on painting up another (interesting/surprising) human faction that are coming to help in the defense of Bree...

Is it Kislev?  Tilea, Rohan, Dale, House Glover, or some other city state in Middle Earth/Old World/Westeros/Shannara...?

Stay tuned to find out!

Next post:  Age of Sig... (NOoooo....)

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 1 - Zombies & Black Riders

Here is the first of 2 Undead armies converging on Bree.
We have some old school Black Riders from Citadel and Grenadier.
Along with a nice new Necromancer from Reaper.
The zombies are Mantic plastics.
But I will be adding auxilliary metal regiments from Rafm & Harlequin.
I already have a decent chunk of Citadel metal skellies, so my painted Undead army is coming along quite nicely.

The moaning battle cry of Brrraaaiiiinnnnsss can be heard along the eastern roads of Bree.
Zombies are on the march!

This is the Harbinger, from Reaper minis.
Seeing him means very bad things are coming...

GW plastics from the late Warhammer 8th edition.
While I didnt like 8E as a rules set, I gotta admit they had some great plastic kits.

Rest in peace, Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Black Knights are princes and nobles from long ago, brought back to unlife and are ready to charge forth once again on their undead steeds.

Here we have Mantic zombies.
Cannon fodder for their Undead masters.

These poor fellas are famished, they need some brains to feed on.

This Mounted Wraith is vintage 80s Citadel Lord of the Rings.
His code is:  ME-64  Black Rider -  Ringwraith
Its nice to have some respectable old metal figures to lead these new fangled plastics.

I do like Undead Mantic plastics very much.

They are cheap and easy to assemble.
They also take paint well.

This fellow is Domus the Necromancer.
He is part of the 25th Anniversary of Reaper that is taking place this year.
Lovely, lovely figure that just oozes old school charm!
He reminds me of vintage Grenadier D&D wizards.

More Zombies...

Here is another Black Rider, this time from Grenadier.
His code is:  Grenadier M115 Mounted Wraith from Fantasy Lords series 1
I dont think he is available through Ironwind or Mirilton.
Which is a shame, he is a great sculpt.

And here are the 4 commanders of the Undead force approaching Bree from the East.

Black Rider #1:  Alright, buddies... here is the deal, there are living humans over yonder, lets go teach 'em whats what.  Color Sgt Domus, lead the forward regiments out.

Necromancer Domus: (points to the nearest Zombie unit) You Deadites!  You miserable bags of bones! Pick yourselves up and sally fo-, sally for-, (adjusts jawbone) sally forth...

The Harbinger:  I can see the future... The Grim approaches! A giant, spectral dog that haunts churchyards! It is an omen – the worst omen – of death!

Black Rider #2:  Hmm... Undead dogs of death are certainly welcome to join the army.  Hopefully its that really big 3 headed dog!  Play dead, puppy... play dead.


Stay tuned, even more Undead are coming!

Next post:  Undead Invaders of Bree, Pt 2 - Lich Queen & Skeletons

Monday, February 27, 2017

Ruined Medieval Buildings, The Lovely Wreckage Of Bree

Just finished up painting these Armorcast resin terrain pieces.
And... more than 200 Undead troops as well, lots of bones coming up in the next post!

So, lets examine the Ruins of Bree...

So I got 5 ruined structures here.

This one has a nice chimney

...and a bay window

Nice creepy textures

Armorcast are made to order, it seems and takes quite awhile to arrive.

In my case, it was more than a month from order to delivery. 

Still, I think it was worth the wait.

But be prepared to deal with lots of miscasting! 

There were some extraneous miscasts on the joins that were a pain to remove and fit together. 

Epoxy putty helps alot to fill the joins.

I used a limited palette of paints for the ruined muddy remains of Breeland.

This one was once a fancy building.

Either a cathedral

Or a civic building

Im thinking a terrible bombardment of some sort happened here

or perhaps a devastating spell

But life goes on, in the ruins of Bree!
Here is the portable Prancing Pony snug pub!

Barliman orders the best barrels be brought out for the troops.
The defenders of Breeland could use some liquid courage to bolster their morale.

Master Howland sets up a forge to upgrade the weaponry of the Resistance

A nice sparkling fountain in the ruins

Radagast sets up a little wizards study to prepare his Vancian spells for the upcoming battle.

And what stocks of coin, grain, and beer are kept in the baggage train, guarded by the Paymaster and some volunteers.


So there is the terrain for the battles to come.
Preliminary reports indicate that 2 large forces of Undead are approaching Bree from the north and the east.
The eastern force is composed of a massive zombie horde, led by wraiths.
The northern force is composed of an army of skeletons commanded by lich necromancers.

Aragorn, Radagast, Barliman, and Bill Ferny are debating whether they should wait for them here in Bree, which gives them time to entrench some defensive works.
Or to march forth and defeat one army at a time...
Smash the closer eastern force on the road.
Then afterwards turning north to face the second force.
It is unanimously agreed to destroy the invaders piecemeal.

The Undead player realizes he just made a mistake in not converging his forces before approaching Bree.

The strategy is made, we will see the outcome on the field of battle!

Next post:  The Shambling Hordes of Undead