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Mars Miniatures

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Citadel C07 Rangers

The Rangers of the North have arrived as last minute reinforcements in Bree.
Aragorn is sure to be happy that he now has a personal bodyguard of his fellow Dunedain at his side.
Also the plush mat below is the New Europe design from Cigar Box.

These miniatures are coded as Citadel C07 Rangers
I have the entire range of them too!
I need to start checking my collection and see which ranges I am close to completion.

Left to Right: Strong Arm, Bounty Hunter, Far Sight

I am using the names from the 1985 Compendium.
The Bounty Hunter is obviously a famous Italian Western celebrity.
Far Sight, I believe is re-coded from the LOTR 80's Citadel catalog as a Dunedain Ranger.

Left to Right: Trapper, Poacher, Hunter

If you look carefully, Poacher has a lil rabbit peeking out from the bag at his shoulder.
Love em or hate em, only old school Citadel minis have such charming characters.
I really think its that quirky humor (humour?)  that differentiates the quirkiness of British Oldhammer companies.
And yes, Im including the associated companies with Citadel: Bob Olley's Iron Claw, Nick Lund's Chronicle, and Aly and Trish Morrisson's Marauder of course.

Left to Right: Royal Gamekeeper, Scout, and Targeteer

Scout is from the New World and is skilled at.. scouting!
The Dunedain protect the ancient lineage of the Northern Kings, on top of this the Royal Gameskeeper is in charge of protecting the King's forests and its creatures.

Left to Right: Forest Poacher, Long Arm, Gamekeeper

Forest Poacher must be constantly at odds with his fellow ranger - the Royal Gameskeeper.
Forest Poacher is quite the hooligan!
Gameskeeper is the assistant to the more senior Royal Gameskeeper.


These figures are metal 80s vintage Citadel figures of course.
They were stripped of old paint and I was admiring them in their raw metal state.
I am always surprised to see how sharp the details are when you hold them in hand.
I always go on about Oldhammer sculptors, but I must also give some big-ups to the moldmakers too.
They were pretty good at their craft back in the day.
Its just the crispness of it.

Next post we got another example of fine 80s nostalgia...  its Dark...
and might have pointy ears...
and is riding a...  Dragon Horse?!?!


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thorin And Citadel's Norse Dwarves

Buddies, here's another post showing off my new Cigar Box plush mats.
This time its one of the European Field ones, of which there are 4 different ones in the series.
They give off a distinct fantasy world vibe, to me at least.
Not exactly the same as old Bakshi Lord of the Rings 80s movie, but somewhere along those lines.
Which is a great fit for this Oldhammer Middle Earth Imagi-Nations Campaign!

Now on to the latest fluff!

When last we left, the Shire defenders reached Moria.
But they arent the only ones heading to Khazad-Dum.
Several days journey north of Moria, another force of Dwarves are marching towards the call of battle...

Thorin Oakenshield has awoken from his slumber beneath the Lonely Mountain!
The Runesmiths of Erebor with guidance from their Adeptus Mechanicus allies have combined archeotechnology with Runesmith-ery to keep Thorin Oakenshield alive from his much publicized (false news!) death during the Battle of the Five Armies.
For more info on this and Thorin's true lineage, see this previous post:

So the truth has come out at last - The Arkenstone is a stasis healing device that can create a medically induced healing coma, which is good for Primarchs and Sons of Durin alike who need recovery from ouchies received in battle.
Apparently its quite useful for a galaxy spanning grimdark Empire Imperium full of grim and dark war, and an "only war" future that is dark, war grim... grim...  did I mention the dark?
Back to the present... (or is it the past? Im so confused!)

But Thorin and his Runesmith posse are not the only Stunties looking for a fight!
Queen Helgar of the Norse Dwarves have come to escort Thorin to Moria.
Some say she might have the hots for the bearer of the Oakenshield, if ya know what I mean...
Thats right, she must be after Thorin's family recipe for "The King's Spicy Rhinoxen Hasenpfeffer in Athelas Leaf Stew" (Oh, what did you think I meant?)
That recipe's name has references to Warhammer, Lord of the Rings... and Bugs Bunny too!

Reinforcements from Erebor the Lonely Mountain, and also from the Dwarven Holds in Norsca.

Here is the Argonath Du Nord.
This smaller version of the Argonath is just north of Moria on a small stream feeding into the Anduin river.
While the Big Argonath, south of Lothlorien, are massive statues of the 2 Kings Isildur and Anarion, this one is just one king from the northern kingdom.
No one remembers which king's or chieftain's likeness it is.
Either Arvedui, Araval, or maybe even Arveleg.
Its some distant ancestor of Aragorn's, at any rate.

View of the back.
There are winding stone stairs cut into the rock leading up to a promontory at the peak.
Good place for some Thunderers, or a Wizard.
This terrain piece is from Ziterdes.

Here are the Dwarven infantry.
In the center is Thorin himself.

Thorin II Oakenshield, son of Thráin, son of Thrór, King under the Mountain.

Im sure everyone is anxious to see if his views on Elves and Humies have changed any...
At least Halflings are on his good side, thanks to that Hobbit thief extraordinaire Bilbo Baggins.

Never trust an elf.
Be wary of humies too!
They are just short lived, round eared Elves after all.

Thorin in the center and Queen Helgar on the right.

Thorin is a proper 80s Oldhammer metal mini.
His code is ME-82 The Hobbit Personalities, Thorin Oakenshield

Queen Helgar comes from 5th Edition and the Grudge of Drong campaign.
She is a hefty and stout Dwarf Lady!

More Norse Dwarves. And a female Dwarf warrior.
These Norse Dwarves are vintage Oldhammer and are coded as C06 Northern Dwarves.

Even more Norse Stunties.
Notice their iconic horned helmets.

They certainly look like they are a grim and humorless folk, dont they?

Here we have an Anvil of Doom!

Riding upon the Anvil is Runelord Vulkanor of Erebor.
Vulkanor is the senior Runesmith in Erebor who supervised the powering of the Arkenstone.
He has served Thorin Oakenshield well and has been honored with riding the Anvil of Doom wherever Thorin goes.
He learned from the greatest Runesmith of the era - Kragg The Grim, who is currently serving High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer in Moria.
Vulkanor hopes to impress his teacher with tales of the Arkenstone and also to show off his new fancy free-wheeling Anvil of Doom!

The Anvil of Doom is accompanied by 2 guards.

From the back of the box set:
Only in times of great need will a Dwarf Runesmith bring an Anvil of Doom into battle.
With a mighty blow from his hammer, the Runesmith releases the Anvil's power, sending billowing clouds of multi-coloured magical energy and terrifying blasts of lightning high into the air.

More warmachines for the Dwarves!
A Bolt Thrower is ready to loose destruction on the enemy.

A Dwarven Cannon.


So even more Dwarves are on their way to Moria.
Will Thorin outrank High King Thorgrim?
Also, will Thorin be happy to see his old friend Balin, even though he is now a Chaos Dwarf?
Im pretty sure Thorin wont like Legolas, especially since his dad Thranduil was the one who locked them up in Mirkwood Prison for a bit.
If Thorin takes power over the Dwarves, I wonder how his extreme racial views will affect Dwarven diplomacy with the other allied nations of Middle Earth.
Remember in the Battle of the Five Armies, that the Dwarves were about to go to war with the Humies and the Elves!

News flash, this just in!
Thorin has just tweeted #MakeMoriaGreatAgain
Oh, boy.

Well, from the very beginning, it was all in the fluff wasnt it...  about Dwarves...
They love gold and precious stones and metals, they are stubborn, and they are isolationist.
There was a certain wise Half Elf who warned Gandalf about the Dwarves...

Elrond:  They hide in their mountains seeking riches... they care nothing for the troubles of others.

But what do these Elves, and Half-Elves and Wizards know?
I love me some beer drinking, gold mining, axe wielding Stunties!
Let's just hope the Dwarven Lords can get Thorin to take things down a notch or two for the sake of the (2nd) Last Alliance.

Stay tuned for more Cigar Box mats and terrain posts.


Monday, October 23, 2017

Hobbits In Moria

Well, my Cigar Box plush game mats came and I thought this would be the opportunity to show them off with a couple of "show and tell" posts with some terrain and figures.
Enjoy some pics and fluff!

So after the fall of the Shire, the allied defenders were able to escape with most of the civilian population.  (And while I have figures for all the combat ready Hobbits, I leave it to your imagination that thousands of civilian halflings are shuffling along behind the front lines).
Most importantly, Bugman's quest for supplies was accomplished;  food, pipeweed, and beer!
Dwarves from the Reaper & Grenadier Clans, as well as the Thunderers were tasked with the tactical retreat at the back of the allied columns.
The Highlander Dwarves scouted far ahead of the main column and were able to identify an Orcish ambush at the West entrance in Hollin.
Saruman's Orcs from Isengard were waiting for them!
So Bugman and the other commanders held counsel and decided to take the Redhorn Pass east over the mountains and from there they could approach Dimrill Dale and the Eastern Entrance to Moria.
And were the skies ready to blast them with snow?
No.  Something must be distracting Saruman and his weather control spells.  I wonder...

Now we take you to the action at the main allied column with Bugman and his allies!

The allies are just about to exit the Redhorn Pass.
Moria is close!

Here we see Bugman leading the front, the Beer Cart behind him, the Shire Hobbit Militia, and finally Commander Guts and his Blue Mountain Dwarves.

There is a hushed awe as the stunties behold the Eastern Entrance to Moria.
For the Hobbits, its both awe and a nervousness about their (hopefully) new home.

For the Blue Mountain Dwarves, it is their first sight of their ancestral homeland.
Many of them are young Dwarves born long after the loss of Khazad Dum to the Balrog... Durin's Bane!

Bugman and his Beer Guards are anxious for news concerning the state of the Dwarven colony.
Have they arrived in time to supply their brothers?
Or have the forces of Darkness defeated the stalwart defenders?

Lobelia and Frumpy Bolger lead the Shire Militia.
Despite the important historical moment, some Hobbits can still be seen munching on drumsticks.
Chicken... good.

And Frodo the Ringbearer has come to Moria.
With no Gandalf, no Aragorn.
Well, he has Legolas at least.
And Sam.
And Merry and Pippin.

Its a smaller Fellowship this time around, but at least they got some proper armies with them!

The Beer Cart driver really needs a break, a good walk around to get some feeling back into his legs!

Lobelia, at least, was busy during the retreat to Moria.
She was able to weave a flag for the Shire Militia, complete with poultry heraldry.
Afterall, what Hobbit wouldnt march under a food related banner!

Left to Right:  Legolas, Frodo, Pickles, Bugman

Pickles:  If you look to your left you will see a lake, the Mirrormere.  And further on, is the valley of Dimrill Dale.  And right behind us...  according to the map, we are here!  Moria, Khazad Dum, the Dwarrow Delf, the Halls of Durin! 

Bugman:  Just you wait, little Hobbits.  You will see the legendary hospitality of the Dwarves.  Malt Beer, BBQ meats, and we will even get to watch a good game of Dungeon Bowl!

Frodo:  Mr Bugman, sir, I need to talk to someone in charge, like one of your Dwarf Kings.  I have a really important secret that Ive been wanting to tell someone... anyone... its about this One Rrrr...

Legolas: (shushing and elbowing Frodo in the ribs)  Listen!

Bugman: I dont hear nothing...

Legolas:  Its because you Dwarves have fat eardrums.  But nothing escapes my finely tuned Elven senses!  Its coming from the Entrance to Moria itself!  A sound as if a thousand warriors in full armor were marching toward us...

Pickles:  Hmm... well according to my map (its the Marauder's map)  I see some pretty big signals coming our way...

Bugman:  Well, who is it? Is it Dwarves or Orcs?  Let me guess...  We will find out in the next blog post, huh?


Too right you are, Mr Bugman!
Oh before we get too far into the post script, lets take a look at that Dwarven Mine Entrance again, shall we...?

Its from Eslo, another german company like Ziterdes.
But they sell their terrain pieces already painted.
I might touch them up a bit here and there, but its mostly "good enough".

Another view of the Mine Entrance.


How about that Cigar Box plushy mat, huh?
Its the Lost Temple design.
I got 4 of these plush mats and they are double sided, so I have 8 designs altogether.
They are basically just really soft blankets with some great art on them.
I love them, and cant recommend them enough!
My rating?   5 Axes out of 5!
Stuntie Mithril Seal of Approval!

So, the Ring Bearer is getting closer and closer to Mordor without guidance from the wise elders of Middle Earth.
Well there is the constant elbows of Legolas at least!

Will Frodo stay with the Dwarves or move on to Lothlorien?
Will Gandalf ever break out of Isengard?
One thing is for sure... big happenings are about to erupt in Moria!

Next post:   More plush mats and stuff!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Pulp Fictional, A Slice of Middle Earthian Life

A fluff-tastic post for your consideration!
Lets go straight to the action!

Somewhere in Middle Earth, a Giant Spider is having a heated conversation with a mysterious figure on a horse...

Shelob: I said, I did not open the Chamber of Secrets.

Mouth of Sauron:  But the clue we got was "Follow the spider!"

Shelob:  Look, Im not the only Acromantula running about, am I?

Mouth of Sauron: Acro.. what?

Shelob:  Spiders of unusual size!

Mouth of Sauron:  Well, I do know of "Rodents of unusual size"...  They are one of the 3 terrors of the Fire Swamp.  The first being the...

Shelob: We are talking about spiders... there's my cousin Aragog over in the Dark Forest.  You know the one living near that Wizarding School.

Mouth of Sauron:  Shelob, its nothing personal, its cutbacks being what they are.

Shelob: Why am I being fired and not Gollum?  Is this reverse discrimination? Are there disability quotas Mordor has to fill?

Mouth of Sauron: I dont know what you mean.

Shelob: Are you keeping Gollum on, just because he is disabled?

Mouth of Sauron: He isnt disabled.

Shelob: He is a midget.

Mouth of Sauron: Yeah, but he isnt disabled because he's a midget.  Thats not a disability, thats just small. Grima Wormtongue doesnt get special treatment now, does he?

Shelob: Wormtongue is five foot.  Gollum is 3 foot 4.

Mouth of Sauron: So are some children.  Children dont get special favors.  Children arent disabled are they?

Shelob: Children dont work in Cirith Ungol.

Mouth of Sauron: Look whether or not Gollum is a midget or dwarf...

Shelob: No, he is a midget!

Mouth of Sauron: ... whats the difference?

Shelob: Well... a dwarf is someone who has disproportionately short arms and legs, caused by a hormone deficiency.  And a midget is still a dwarf, but their arms and legs are in proportion.

Mouth of Sauron: So whats an elf...?


AAaaaaaaannnnd...  Scene!

OK, this is pretty much a scene from The Office.
Or as we call it here in the colonies - The Office UK.

So...  who knew that Hobbits were just midgets?
And I totally forgot how Rowling totally stole everything from Tolkien. 
Google "similarities between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings"
Both have Dark Lords.
Gollum is Dobby?!?@?! 
Ron is Sam?! 

Onwards to Scene 2...

Elsewhere in Middle Earth, a ranger and a wizard walk into a bar...

Radagast:  ...and thats the reason Sigmar has elemental weather powers.

Aragorn:  Ok. So your saying that Mr Wednesday... Odin, the All-Father of Valhalla, father of both Thor and Loki had another son, older than those two?

Radagast: Yes.

Aragorn:  And that this first born son is Sigmar... and this Sigmar had a son with a dwarf shieldmaiden named Thora Birch?

Radagast:  Actually... wrong wood.

Aragorn:  Wood?

Radagast:  Not birch, oak.  Oakenshield, really.

Aragorn:  So.... are you saying that Thorin Oakenshield is the legitimate heir of Valhalla, the Empire, and the Dwarven Kingdom of Moria! 

Radagast:  Yup.

Aragorn:  Thats heresy! Dont let the Grand Theogonist and his inquisitors hear this. And anyway, Thorin is dead, buried deep under the Lonely Mountain with the Arkenstone on his chest. 

Radagast:  The Arkenstone is a stasis device made by the Adeptus Mechanicus and sent here by order of somebody called Roboute Guilleman.

Aragorn: Robooty Girlyman? Thats a strange name.  Are you sure this isnt the wrong game system?  This all sounds like it belongs in the latest fluff of the 40k version of Warhammer.  So Thorin isnt dead...  just mostly dead?

Radagast:  Oh, Im sure!  In fact, the Dwarves of Erebor have just recently found out, when they put him in a diamond sarcophagus.  They say he is visibly breathing and that his wounds are healing at a very slow rate.  Someday, it is prophesied that he will be fully healed and return to lead the stunties in a grand crusade to reclaim not only Moria...but all of Middle Earth. 

Aragorn:  Well, there goes the Age of Man and the 4th Age of Middle Earth...

Radagast:  Yeah, it wont be the Age of Man, or the Age of Sigmar...  its the Age of Moria!


AAaaaaaaannnnd...  Scene!

Even Aragorn and Radagast know the world belongs to the sons of Durin the Deathless!

Also, Age of Moria sounds like a better descriptor for this blog, rather than the wordier Moria Reclamation Project.

So... this post is ripping how many IPs?  Harry Potter, Princess Bride, The Office UK, American Gods, 40k, Warhammer Fantasy, and LOTR of course.

All kidding aside, Im not kidding here.
Balrog beware!
Thorin Oakenshield really is on the mend...
The Age of Moria is indeed coming!


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Looks like our Oldhammer Middle Earth gaming campaign has stalled a bit and will continue to experience a slow down for a while longer.
The Bree campaign will resume at some point when the stars are right (and Cthulhu wakes!)
Im going to tentatively rename November as Bree-vember as that is when I hope to get the current campaign up and running.
Which is perfect timing as I hope the new game mats will arrive around that time!
Yes, I have some lovely plush mats from Cigar Box Battle coming, via their Kickstarter.

In the meantime, Ive put a couple of figures together for this post.
These minis were to be used for a future campaign.
But I hate having long droughts on the blog, so here they are for a little show and tell.
So lets spoil the Misty Mountains campaign with this little teaser...

Oh!  Also I have an "internet garage sale" going on, so hop on over to my commission blog to see what Im selling. 
Support the Moria Reclamation Project and buy something why dont ya?
Go here for more details:

And finally, I have a backlog on commissions and am not taking new clients until I can clear up the painting queue.
If you are currently a client and on the queue, please accept my apologies for the long delay.

Thank you for your patience my good fellows.

Now, onwards to pics and fluff...

Left to Right:  Fishspeaker Siona, Hag Queen Morathi, Belladonna Lestrange

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Also note my new terrain piece...  Amon Sul...  Weathertop!
I will show it off properly when the Bree campaign resumes.

Fishspeaker Siona, much like one of her distant ancestors, is a blind prophet/mentat who also has Fire powered spells at her command.
She belongs to the Sisters of Manaan, also known as the Fish Speakers of Numenor...

The Sisters of Sigmar arent the only female order in the Empire.
Manaan is the god of the sea and is known the Drowned God in the Iron Islands, Poseidon in Themyscira, and Ulmo in Middle Earth.
Since Marienburg is a maritime city, Manaan is its most worshipped deity.
But the headquarters of the Sisters of Manaan is on Numenor, to the West of Eriador.
The warrior order of the Sisters are known as the Fish Speakers - the protectors of the God Emperor, caretakers of the Great Sea Wyrms of Shai-Hulud.

"Bless the Maker and His water
Bless the coming and going of Him
May His passage cleanse the world..."

These warrior/mage women have been trained to be fanatically loyal and believe in the destiny of mankinds rule over Middle Earth through the mysterious Golden Path.
They are taller than even most men and their beauty makes most think they are descended from the gods and goddesses themselves.
Some of the girls have white hair which might come from a Targaryen heritage.
There are whispers that they are bred from the finest stock of Amazons from both Lustria and Themyscira, Bretonnian Damsels, Empire Aristocracy, Numenorean Lords, Atreides Sea Captains from Caladan, Ironborn raiders from Pyke and legend has it - from Manaan himself!

"Let your servant be born again from the sea, as you were. Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel."

"What is dead may never die!"

Morathi is the ancient mother of the Witch King.
Oh... not that Witch King!
The Dark Elf one.
She is the first of the Hag Queens and a great and powerful sorceress.
It is whispered that the great Cauldron was given to her by the Elf War God Khaine himself 5,000 years ago, and each year she bathes in its warm blood to restore her beauty.
Not only can she take Dark Elf spells, but Chaos Slaaneshi ones too.
She is quite the naughty elf lady!

If you thought Alyssa the Queen of Dragons had alot of pets, wait til you see Morathi's menagerie of mad monstrosities!
Yes, Morathi will be leading the vanguard with a veritable army of monsters.
The very ground of Middle Earth will shake with the trampling of their varied and numerous hooves.
The Dark Elf hosts are coming and this blog will soon fill with the full machinery of pointy eared malice.
The end is coming, humies and stunties (mainly because I was consumed for a bit with collecting Dark Elves and EvilCute monsters.)

"And you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend,
You don't believe we're on the eve of destruction."

"Nimrod Bodfish have you any wool
Get me another body bag the body bag’s full
My face was scorched, scorched
I miss my home I miss my porch, porch
Left, right, left"

Belladonna Lestrange is quite mad you see.
But one cannot master the magic of Mordor without first travelling to the other side!
Belladonna is a member of a Mordor Death Cult.
She belongs to the most twisted one... The Order of the Black Rock.

Mordor Death Cultists are covens of evil humans who worship Sauron.

Three of the largest of these cults are:

1) The Druids of the Astral Sea.  These animal worshipping barbaric cultists are from the Easterling lands of Rhun.  In their shamanic visions, these cultists believe that Sauron is the prophesied Lizard King.  Because his Ring Wraiths ride atop ancient winged reptiles, just further strengthens their beliefs.  They foresee a world where "Man becomes one with Beast" in a green environmentally safe hippie commune love-fest. 

2) The Order of the Black Rock.  The toxic air of Mordor has twisted these humans into grotesque nightmares.  They mostly come from the southern area of Mordor known as Nurn.  It is their belief that only the strongest can survive in Mordor and it is through mutation that a new breed of human will emerge and inherit Middle Earth.

3) The Golden Mumak Society.  These Southrons are from Haradwaith and have seen the birth of a yellow-gold colored Mumakil as the sign that the King in Yellow has returned.  They believe Sauron will become this King after unifying the lands of Middle Earth and will usher in a Golden Age of Magic.

"She wore a gown the color of storms, shadows, and rain and a necklace of broken promises and regrets."

I will have 3 Mordor Cultist units, of 12 cultists each.

In addition to having the stats of chaos marauders, a Death Cultist unit is considered to be a Wizard and can cast spells in the same way as Pink Horrors of Tzeentch.
A unit of 12 Cultists will cast spells as a Lvl 2 Wizard
Choose spells as normal Wizards do,  but as casualties occur, the unit will lose magic levels and spells.
Once the unit is reduced to 8, it becomes a Lvl 1 Wizard.
The unit loses Magic ability once it is reduced to 4.


Lots of background fluff to fill in the lack of painted minis/battle reports for now.

I have a couple more painted teasers to show off til Bree-vember comes.
I dont have full units, as my painting hand has been injured the last few months.
And while I normally wait to show off whole painted units, we will have to settle for more posts like this one.

Oh, I have terrain pieces that I was saving for the future.
But I suppose I can show them ahead of time.

I suppose I can even give some fluff for minis already shown on the blog.
Aragorn and Radagast conversations?
Or Mouth of Sauron and Shelob just shooting the breeze?
Hope some of you like fluff, because its going to get fluffy around here!


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Mouth Of Sauron

The Mouth of Sauron has come to Bree!

This figure has the Citadel code:  ME-55  Mouth of Sauron, Evil Warrior Mage
Apparently, he has great knowledge of the Dark Arts.
Considering his master is the Dark Lord Sauron, I would say he is the envy of Dark Lord groupies the whole (Middle)Earth over.

Especially those precious snowflakes - the Death Eaters!

Even their Lord Voldemort is a fake wannabee Dark Lord.
The Mouth of Sauron is the real deal, who serves the true Dark Lord.
There is only one Dark Lord, and he is a giant Lidless Eye in Mordor that does not sleep!

Eddard Stark:  The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this. It is folly!

The ambassador for the Black Lands of Mordor is here and he has been given the authority to deal with the humans of Eriador.
The deal is... submit to the Dark Lord of Mordor or die!

The Mouth is also the Lieutenant of Barad-Dur.
Barad-Dur of course is the Dark Tower, where Sauron resides in Mordor.
The Mouth might or might not be a few thousand years old.
Also, he is a Black Numenorian, which means he is kinda like Aragorn, but evil.
Think Elf and Dark Elf.
OK bad example, as I am pro-Dwarf and inclined to say that all Elves are indeed evil.

I always figured that the Mouth of Sauron got his name like an old school "wise guy".
Those mobsters always got names from some silly thing.
Like Vinnie "Car Wash", Jimmy "Gooch", or Joey "The Horse".
I figure in his youth, the Mouth of Sauron had a harmless first name like... Mikey.
But he was kinda talkative, so they called him Mikey "The Mouth".
Yup, that was his mob name.
Hey, fuhgeddaboudit!

 The fact that the Mouth of Sauron is accompanied by the Warriors of Chaos and an elite Hobgoblin unit shows the level of trust placed upon him by the Mordor High Command.

Chieftain Taklo Makan:  This Aragorn is known as Strider. He's supposed to be very good with a blade. But only in matters of business, or of some sort of reasonable complaint. His business is narcotics. He has the fields in Forlindon past the Grey Havens, where they grow the poppy. In the Riverlands, the Freys have the plant to process it into "milk of the poppy". He needs cash and he needs protection from the police for which he gives a piece of the action, I couldn't find out how much. The Karstark Family is behind him here in Bree so they have to be in it for something.

Mouth of Sauron: What about his prison record? 

Chieftain Taklo Makan:  Two terms, one in Angmar, and one in King's Landing.

Mouth of Sauron: Uthmog, what do you think?

Uthmog Elvenblade:  There's a lot of money in that drug stuff. 

Mouth of Sauron: Chief?

Chieftain Taklo Makan:  Well, I say yes. There is more money potential in narcotics than anything else we're looking at now. If we don't get into it, somebody else will, maybe one of the Five Families, maybe all of them. And with the money they earn they'll be able to buy more police and political power. Then they come after us. Right now we have the unions and we have the gambling and those are the best things to have. But narcotics is a thing of the future. If we don't get a piece of that action we risk everything we have. Maybe not now, but ten years from now.

Mouth of Sauron:   Then its decided, we go to war.  These things got to happen every couple of years.  

Uthmog Elvenblade:   Dont worry, boss, this Aragorn fella will soon be sleeping with the fishes... I'll make him an offer he cant refuse.

Mouth of Sauron:   Hey, fuhgeddaboudit...


Not sure exactly why this suddenly became a Mafioso thing, but some vengeance, or vendetta as its called in the old tongue is about to unfold on this blog.
No, thats not how it goes now, is it?
Oh! Its vendetta, in the ancient tongue. The art of kanly is still alive!
Ahhh, now its becoming an Arrakis Dune desert planet thing (which of course is just Godfather in space ;p)
Fluff wires getting crossed multi-dimensionally again.

On the bright side, there is nothing now in the way of a good old battle report or 5!
All miniatures for the Bree campaign are done!

Stay tuned true believers, War is Coming!!!!!!


Monday, August 7, 2017

The East is Red... Hobgoblin Red

Old General: We won again! This is good, but what is best in life? 

Young Prince: The open steppe, a fleet horse, falcons at your wrist, wind in your hair. 

Old General: Wrong!  Conan! What is best in life? 

Conan: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women. 

Old General: That is good! That is good. 


I know that this post's title "East is Red" is a Chinese thing, and the minis featured below have Japanese armor...
And also the quote from Conan is actually Mongolian (Jenghis KHAAAAAANNNNN!).
But what balances out all this misappropriation is that...  not all Warhammer Goblins have green skin!
And now we have proof.
Finally, on this blog we have some fine examples of some red-skinned Hobgoblins.

Hobgoblin special rules to note: Frenzy, Scouts, Poisonous Attacks.
So basically they have a high output of poisonous attacks and at start of game they can deploy ahead of the battle lines.
Be afraid, be very afraid.

 A unit of 20 vintage Hobgoblins ready for battle
12 came from the box set shown below, and the other 8 are from the C36 line, all sculpted by Aly Morrison.

Another White Box set here and it is coded as DL2 Aly Morrison's Hobgoblin Warriors.
The front of the box is the same as all the other White Boxes, but the backs were different.

The back of the white boxes have this text:
The miniatures in this set are suitable for use with role-playing, tabletop and other games.  They may be painted and collected or made into miniatures scenes (dioramas). 

Thats interesting, besides rpgs & tabletop games ... what other types of games are there? 

These guys dont have names, so I named some of them with suitably eastern sounding ones...

 Left to Right: Ogadai the Champion, Sorgan Shiro the Shaman, Banner Bearer, Warrior with Spear

Ogadai is the enforcer of the Clan and carries out the will of the Chief.
Sorgan Shiro carries a magic skull.  He is the witch doctor; Oh little sicky, seems to be the pain?

  Left to Right: Taklo Makan the Chieftain, Snooter the HobHound, Jamuga the Hound Master, and Hob-Ninja.

Taklo Makan is the Big Kahuna of this Clan.
Snooter the HobHound is just a pup, but he is already a good tracker (and he sure is a cute little feller!)
Jamuga the Hound Master makes sure Snooter doesnt get rabies from any wild Wolves.

  Left to Right: Suurgatmish the Discipline Master, Warrior, Berserker, Warrior with Naginata

Suurgatmish keeps the morale of the unit in good order.

Don't turn around, oh uh oh
Der Kommissar's in town, oh uh oh
And if he talks to you, then you'll know why
The more you live, the faster you will die

  More Hobgoblins from the C36 range.

Without putting too much thought into it, I think these are my favorite Goblin/Orc figures of all time.
Sure later Orcs are bigger, meaner, Gobbos are more funny looking, but Aly Morrison really hit something here with these sculpts.
There is a sinister intelligence in these fellas.

For those who dont know, Aly Morrison along with Trish Morrison headed up Marauder Miniatures back in the day.

While the Marauder Orcs and Gobbos are good, I dont think they can stand up to the quirky charms of these earlier sculpts.

They look Lawful Evil to me.
Im sure those early sculptors took alot of their cues from AD&D Monster Manuals.
Which makes sense if you remember that early Citadel and TSR were partners for a bit.

Oh and the Fiend Folio was a collaboration between the 2 companies!

“Move swift like the Wind and be in close formation like the Forest. Attack the enemy like Fire and be as stoic as the Mountain.”


Like the Chaos Knights in the last post, these Hobgoblins are in Midgewater Marsh and are part of the entourage of an important high official from Mordor.
In the next post we will find out who this mysterious figure is.


Monday, July 24, 2017

KISS - Knights in Saurons Service

Over the next two posts, I have some Oldhammer White Boxes, also known as "Speciality Sets".

First up we have KISS.
The Knights in Sauron's Service!
Actually its the Box Set coded as SS1-2 Warriors of Chaos.

These Chaos Knights are the elite warriors of Mordor's strike forces.
Beneath their helmets they have black and white face paint.
I wonder which one of them has the unfortunate cat face makeup.

Take the reins of power and seize them, draw the battle lines
Armageddon's just a matter of time
Tear down the voice of reason, let the arrows fly
Your freedom's just a state of mind, yeah

Better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine
You better watch out 'cause I'm a war machine

The front of all the Speciality Sets were the same cover art.

Look at this artwork...
Look at the figure below...
The first and greatest mystery of Warhammer history follows...

 Uthmog Elvenblade

The boxed set for the rules of 1st edition Warhammer Fantasy has this miniature as its cover.
Its the same artwork as these White Box miniatures sets.
The artwork features this fellow with a...  Warhammer!
This figure has a name...  Uthmog Elvenblade.
Yet strangely he doesnt carry a blade, he carries a hammer.

There is an untold story here, of how his magical Elven blade was shattered and he replaced it with a trusty Dwarven Warhammer instead.
Moral of the story?
Elf made weapons stink.
At least thats how the Dwarven version of the story goes...

OK, I made that up that last paragraph.
There was little to no fluff in the early Oldhammer era.
Someone needs to ask Rick Priestly about this.
Its probably the most important thing about Warhammer and now I need to know the origin story of Uthmog Elvenblade/Harry The Hammer!

 Closeup of Uthmog's shield

In later editions, he will become known as Harry the Hammer.
But I will always call him Uthmog!
His name is Uthmog Elvenblade...

I understand. In death, a member of Project Mayhem has a name. His name is Robert Paulson... 

 Ulvar Vileblood

 Another view of Ulvar Vileblood

 Skathor Skullcrusher

 Kardos Bloodhelm

This guy is obviously a worshipper of Khorne the Blood God.
Before he became chosen by the Chaos Gods, he was a famous gladiator.

 Belmoth Blacksword

Id say the runework on his shield came out pretty good, if I say so myself.

 Athgul Evilhand

Im guessing this guy is a worshipper of Tzeentch because of his bird helmet, so I gave him the colors of the Lord of Change.

 Another view of Athgul Evilhand

Again, I dont know what came over me as I made up the runework on this shield.

 Drakar Deathbringer

Ha!  I gave the name of Drakkar to the Zombie Dragon in the last post.
And now we have another Drakar.

 Morthog Doomaxe

 Nekris Demonblade

OK, Im missing Ogroth Darksoul, and instead have this fellow. 
He is so oldschool, he doesnt even have a name.

 But he comes from the line known as C01 Chaos Fighter

These guys are somewhere in the Midgewater Marshes north east of Bree.
They are the personal bodyguard of a high official sent by Mordor.
Who is it?
We will find out soon enough...