Mars Miniatures

Mars Miniatures

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

C25 Minotaurs - A Thunder of Hooves

Morathi, the Hag Queen of Ghrond, introduces her new pets...

Citadel C25 Minotaurs have arrived in Middle Earth!
They are anxious and frothing at the mouth to get some trampling done.

Morathi and a Minotaur Lord - Doombellow the Warped

OK actually this one figure, Doombellow is a C34 Minotaur Lord.
The rest are C25 figures.

Clubhorn Runesmasher and Ox-Roar Chaos Champion Of Ultimate Slaughter
Oh, hold on, Ox-Roar is also from C34.

Bloodcry the Beast and Abovus Snarlsteam

Bellough and Warbellow Battlingaxe

Nice group family photo


Doombellow:  Sarah....  fwend....

Morathi:  Im not Sarah, you big silly brute!  And you arent in the Labyrinth anymore.

Doombellow:  But Sarah....  fwend?

Morathi:  And that spandex wearing Goblin King isnt here either.  And how does a glam rocking humie even become a King of Goblins anyway?

Doombellow:  (points at Morathi)  Sarah... fwend!

Morathi:  No!  Me Morathi...  You Doombellow...  my magically impelled servant. 

Doombellow:  (begins grazing on some tall grass)  Grass...  fwend!

Morathi:  Maybe, I should have conjured some C27 Chaos Harpies, or  maybe even (gasp) some C25 Fimir...


What if... in real life you always add a Citadel Code to everything. 

And this is just the start for these battle lovin' bovine.
I hope to expand these guys with another 6 Minotaurs at a future date.

Interesting that Ive paired Minotaurs and Dark Elves.
And that Bob Naismith has sculpted both ranges.

You know how music aficionados will organize their vinyl collection by different criteria?
What about arranging miniatures by sculptor!

In a future post, I should take pics of my painted figure shelves. (Not arranged by sculptor!  But I am thinking of adding little Citadel code titles to the shelves!)
And also my Oldhammer rulebook shelves too.



  1. Those look great Mars! Lol adding citadel codes to everything. 🤔 I dig it.

    1. Thanks for your C77 comment, my C26 buddy! ;p

  2. A splendid herd, well done. Nice mat too....where is that from?

    1. Thanks buddy. And its a plush mat from the lovely folks at Cigar Box Battle.

    2. Thanks, I will be putting in an order.

  3. Great looking stuff. I kind of like the idea of organizing by sculptor.