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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AD&D Ral Partha 3 Stage Clerics & Oldhammer C02 Wizard

Another post with old lead.
This time we got a Ral Partha Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 3 Stage Player Character: Clerics.
While these figures are designed for rpgs to show a player character's development, Im just going to use them as 3 clerics who belong to the order of R'hllor warrior priests.

For the night is dark and full of terrors...

 Left to Right:  Brother Maynard, Paul the Hermit, Sir Randolph Carter

These fellows were on their way to support the defense of Bree.
They crossed over the Brandywine Bridge and came across a burning abbey and orphanage.
They are searching for survivors...
Damn these Greenskins!

 Brother Maynard was the bearer of sacred relics for the greatest quest group ever assembled.
While the rest of the questing lords believed he perished in the belly of the legendary Black Beast of Aaaauuugh, he was actually able to survive due to the sudden and fatal heart attack suffered by the animator.

Brother Maynard: Armaments, chapter two, verses nine through twenty-one...

 Paul the Hermit has a brother, Peter, who is off on some damned fool crusade.

Praise R'hllor!

 Sir Randolph Carter is a madman who is kept in check by the guidance of Paul the Hermit.
He believes he is from the distant future and that the only way for him to return is to recover the Silver Key stolen from him by the Chaos god Tzeentch.
Some say it was taken to one of those Silver Towers near the Misty Mountains...

 They have found a body of a Sister of Sigmar, and Paul the Hermit uses a spell taught to him by Thoros of Myr... Raise Dead!

 Her name is Sister Beatrice and she is determined to find her missing orphans under her care.
So impressed are the Brothers of R'hllor that they have decided that it was the Lord of Light who has put Sister Beatrice on their path - they will help Sister Beatrice on her quest!

 As Sister Beatrice explains where the children might have run to, a magical apparition flashes nearby!

 Its just an astral projection... from the Brotherhood's arch enemy, Amon Doom!

Amon Doom is an Oldhammer Citadel C02 Pre Slotta Wizard

Amon Doom is a cult leader who scours the lands to understand the Riddle of Steel.
He also happens to have a sister, Amon Joy, who is a famous confectioner and has a shop on Diagon Alley.

 Amon Doom reveals his villainous plans to the heroes in a cliched monologue.
The Riders of Doom have been unleashed upon the land!

Amon Doom:  Randolph Carter, I shall torture you and your companions until you reveal the answer to the Riddle of Steel...

Sir Randolph Carter:  Ive told you before, I shall tell you again... you are getting your fluff mixed up!  Try that Cimmerian barbarian!  You know...  the one who killed your pet snake!  

Amon Doom:  I crucified him on the Tree of Woe.  Im sure he is dead by now.  So I will have to settle for you instead.

Sir Randolph Carter:  He survived and is now a mid level manager of the Beorning Trade Routes Defense Company.  I heard he is leading a force into the Misty Mountain Pass to negotiate with those who have setup a trade embargo there.

Amon Doom:  Ah... yes the Dark Elf Princess Amidala.  Very stubborn girl, that one...

Sir Randolph Carter:  So, does this mean you will stop hunting me and my friends?

Amon Doom:  You would prefer another target, a military target? Then name the system! I grow tired of asking this. Where is the Rebel base?

Sir Randolph Carter:  Dantooine.  Its on Dantooine.


Looks like we are having technical difficulties... those fluff wires are getting mixed up again.

At any rate, one thing to note is that a certain barbarian is working with the Beornings.
That should be exciting!
Looks like the Misty Mountain campaign is shaping up to be a real treat.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rafm vs Ral Partha - Chimera, Shambling Mound

No big battle for the Shire this weekend.  Maybe next one...
But the victory conditions, forces and scenery are all ready to go.
In the meantime, how about some more old-timey minis from back in the days of olde!

 Here we have a AD&D Ral Partha 11-493 Shambling Mound!
I love this miniature.  Look how friendly he is!
He wants to shake your hand like a little gentleman.
Of course, he might just be luring you in, so he can strangle and suffocate you with his mulchy mass.
Still, its the thought that counts!

I dont know if he is available via modern Ral Partha Europe.
I know they have most of the old generic fantasy codes, but the specific AD&D ones?
I dont think they do, which is a shame. Someone, correct me if Im wrong.

 And here we have the other mini company that starts with "R"...

This fine fellow is a RAFM 3718 Grave Lich & Throne

In my world, he is Zed the Lich King.
This Lich travels in style, aboard his flying throne of doom.
The throne is run by the same powers that allow that silly flying stone head, Zardoz, to zip around in the skies.
He waits for his entourage to appear in painted form, before he wages a battle to control whatever portion of Middle Earth he can take! 
Some say he has his empty eye sockets on Isengard Tower.
In the meantime, he is studying up on his spellbooks - particularly the chapters about Binding Monsters To Your Will.

 View from the back.

Good ol' RAFM is still around too, I do need to make some purchases with them at some point.

 Finally, the next painted mini is a Ral Partha 11-414 Chimera.
There are many Chimeras out there in the miniature world.
But this one might be my favorite.
Yeah, rose colored glasses...  I did have him as a kid.
Luckily I have him again, and this time, I can paint him a little better than my 6th grade self.

See! Ral Partha just loves making monsters that want to shake your hand.

 I vote Ral Partha as company with most courteous creatures.

 The Chimera soars high above the landscape on his leathery wings and perches on top of a mountainous ledge.
He spots movement down below!
Time to see who or what is encroaching on his territory...

 Its the Shambling Mound!
Wait... are they about to throw down in a monsterous battle for the ages?
Or are they about to shake hands?

Turns out, they have both been summoned and bound to the will of Zed the Lich King!

Zed:  Patience, my new found pets!  I will let you feast on the best foods Middle Earth has to offer...  If you will only obey my will!  (evil cackling laugh)


So, another player in the politics of the Misty Mountains...  or perhaps even further afield than that.

Middle Earth sure is getting crowded with villains.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bear-y Happy Thanksgiving - Oldhammer Owlbear

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to a bear filled post.
Why bears?
Because thats what I got painted, no connection between bears and this holiday.
I couldnt even think of a proper "pun"ny title... alas.

Onwards to some yummy pics and some light fluff (and maybe some hints at future developments here on the blog!)

High above in the pass of the Misty Mountain...
There lived an Owlbear!

This is an ADD81 - Owlbear.
From back in the day, when Citadel made minis for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

 He is a lovely figure, and I only have the one.
There are 3 major variants, along with 4 head variants, for a total of 7 bears.
I would love to have the others, without having to pay exorbitant collector prices.

 Look at the cute lil fella, roaring and stuff...

Bugbears have been sighted!
These hairy hill goblins have thick fur and padded feet.
Perfect for sneaking up on enemies!

Any trading expedition that passes through the Misty Mountains know and fear the Bugbear raiders.
But today, they arent hunting the usual Dwarf, Breelander, Elf, or Dale caravan.

They are here to make a pact. An alliance!
It is Thanksgiving, afterall...

Here is the Bugbear chieftain and his banner bearer.

The scouts have reported in!
The target is within sight...

Here is the Bugbear Shaman and some crossbow troops.
The Shaman calls over the Chieftain and they both approach the goal of their quest for today.

 The Owlbear.  Of course!  Bears of a feather should stick together...
At least thats the Shaman's slogan.
The Chieftain doesnt take any chances and decides to win the Owlbear over with...

Half rations!  C'mon you Bugbears!  
Give up half your hunting meats to the big Owlbear!
There you go, right into his savage maw!
Consider it an investment.

The Owlbear, inbetween gulps of thanksgiving meats, speaks in broken Bugbeareese about the little ones...

Little ones?  Could they be good allies to join up with, as well?

Chieftain and Shaman follow the Owlbear's directions and finds a cave...

A cave filled with little bears...  with spears!  and axes!

The place is teeming with them!

They are Quaglings, or Dwarf Quaggoths as they are known in the Underdark.
Created by a young Dark Elf sorceress as pets, long ago.
Sadly, like most pets, they were abandoned in favor of new pets by their master.
The Quaglings had to live in the caves of the Misty Mountain Pass... without guidance and comforts (or treats!)
They learned to survive on the occasional caravan passersby... Dwarf, Man, or even Hobbit!

And so, the bears of varying sizes meet up with one final potential ally...
The Dark Elves, The Night Elves, or the Drow as they call themselves.
These particular Drow are the Gelflings of Gundabad.
They have relocated here in the Misty Mountain pass to start a new domain of terror.

At first the Quaglings are suspicious of the She Elves, because of the memory of hurt from their former owner.
But that was long ago, and these are different Elves.
All it takes is one little neck scratch from Guard Maiden to win them over.
Ah, but arent those little bears too trusting for their own good...

On this Thanksgiving Day, the Bear and Drow alliance is formed.
Together they shall share in all the bounty and loot that passes over the Mountains.
Cured Meats, Pipeweed, Bugmans Brew...
Prosperity is coming for the Misty Mountain Raiders, and they shall take it!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Misty Mountain Terrain Board For Oldhammer Skirmish

I just finished my 3 foot square Misty Mountain terrain board.
Its just a test piece, but I think it turned out pretty good.

I know the Shire campaign isnt over yet, but I thought I would show off the start of the terrain boards for the next theater of operations of my Imagi-Nations Middle Earth.

Terrain materials: dense styrofoam, cork bark, talus of varying grades.
The lands to the west of the Misty Mountains (Shire, Eriador, Bree, etc) are green, lush and pretty well tended.
In contrast I want the lands to the east (Rhovanion, Mirkwood, Gladden Fields) to be more rocky, grey, and wild.
Sparse foliage and reeds.
I wanted the rocks to have a blue tinge to keep an otherworldy look to it.

To make the rock face, I just used a dull Xacto blade and chipped away at it.

One edge of the cliff has a hidden door. 

Whatever mechanisms to open the door have long been forgotten.

On the other edge of the cliff, are some steps carved into the rock itself.

Cork bark for the outcrops on the left. 
Flat cork sheets for the broken ground on the right.

Some Dwarves on the table, to get a sense of scale.

More Iron Claw Dwarves, exploring the Misty Mountain Pass.

Ah, they have discovered the hidden door.

Anyone know the password?
Did any of you hear that clicking noise?
I wonder what that is...

Another overhead shot of the board.


Im building some modules that will fit on certain sections of the board. 
The highest area on the cliff will be able to accomodate:  Eagles Eyrie Nest, Dark Crystal Node, or a Dwarf Artillery Redoubt.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Little Heroes, Part5 - Conclusion Of Basic D&D Night

The conclusion to the Halloween Basic D&D extravaganza.

Billy runs out of healing and Max falls to the Orc Warlord!
Things are looking grim for the forest defenders.

Pegasus falls victim to a vicious Orc attack.
Billy and Liam are surrounded by giant green monsters.

Billy:  (backing up)  Ummm... Liam?

Liam:  Run for it, Billy!  I will hold them off!

Billy:  Naw...  lets both run for it!  

Liam:  What about the Tree?

Billy:  We cant help the Tree if we are dead...  and maybe we can draw off some of those Orcs to chase us.

Finally, the last forest force arrives!
Snowdrop the Penguin orders the animals forwards.

Billy and Liam run for it.
Only one Orc chases them, but Liam is heavily wounded and Billy is out of healing.

Agnes:  Um, Mr Fox?  Mr Toonces?  Do NOT charge those monsters!  Stay... 
Warlord Hulku and another Orc head to the Weirwood Tree and its defender...   Agnes!

Agnes:  (rolls up her sleeves)  OK, Magic Missile coming right up!!!

The spell smacks Warlord Hulku in the face, but the giant Orc just shakes his head and keeps his slow and menacing advance towards the littlest witch.

Agnes:  (gulp) I think I just made it more mad...

Just before the hulking monster reaches her, Snowdrop, Bear, and others attack the Orcs.

Meanwhile, in the south, Tommy strikes down Grubnob and secures that sector.

Blueberry and the Jackalopes speed off to help the others.

Blueberry:  Jackalopes go help the boys up north.  I will go to the Weirwood!

The Jackalopes link up with the boys and they reform into line.
The Orc with a 2 handed axe laughs and attacks!

Armadillo, Skunk, and Wolverine intercept an Orc that was about to charge Agnes.

Warlord Hulku smacks Turtle senseless. 
Bear is heavily wounded and then burned by Hulku's torch. 
Snowdrop gets hit by Hulku's torch as well.
They have had enough and run off down the hill.

Agnes charges in to help the others.

Agnes:  If we can beat up this one Orc quick, then maybe the rest of us can stand a chance against that meaner bigger Orc.

But Warlord Hulku, doesnt come to help the other Orc, he goes straight to the Tree!

Agnes:  Oh no.  I didnt think he would do that!  I messed up!  Now no one is free to save the Tree!
But something flutters in and saves the day!
Its Blueberry the fairy dragon!

Armadillo gets chopped, but Wolverine wounds the Orc and the unlikely Skunk lands a killing blow!

Agnes:  OK, everyone!  Go help Bluebell, quick!

But Warlord Hulku smashes the fairy dragon into a pulp.
Will no one be able to stand up to this monster?

Up north, the last Orc is knocked out.
Which means Warlord Hulku is the last enemy standing.

Hulku's last stand.
Tommy, Katie, Unicorn, and Panther reach the hill.

Before his defeat, Hulku is able to lash out at Skunk.
Tommy stands victorious with his magical +1 sword.
He looks around at the survivors. 
There are so few left, and every one of them is heavily wounded.

The saddest thing next to a battle lost... is a battle won.

The kids have only 1 Raise Dead scroll that they got from the Barrow Mound.

They use it on Max, of course.

Max:  I guess we won?

Billy:  Welcome back, Max!

Liam:  Thank Sigmar!

Max:  That big Orc Warlord?
Billy:  Tommy got him, but you made it easier for him by bringing its hitpoints way down.

Liam:  Hey, dont forget Agnes' Magic Missile!  Right Agnes?  (looks over at Agnes)  Oh...

Agnes looks down at the crushed fairy dragon.

Unicorn trots over and...

uses its last healing spell...  Blueberry is brought back to life.

Agnes:  Of course! Unicorns are magical!

Blueberry:  Dont worry, witch girl!  When Tom Bombadil gets back, he will set everything back to right. 

Agnes: Can he bring back all the lost animals?

Blueberry:  He sure can.  They say not even the wisest in Middle Earth knows who Tom really is.  But I do!

The fairy dragon whispers something in Agnes' ear.
Her eyes light up and all she says is, "oh..."

Tommy:  Um... So who is Tom?

Agnes:  secret...

Katie:  Aww c'mon, tell us!  Who is he?

Agnes:  Santa Klaus... 

Katie:  Really?

Agnes:  Just kiddin...

Katie:  Agnes!

Agnes:  Alright... My dad!

Katie:  Grrr....

Agnes:  (in a sing song voice) Secret!


So there is the last post for the Halloween Basic D&D Weekender. 
There might be another D&D adventure with the kids over Xmas, but we will see...

In the meantime, we have lots of ground to cover with our Oldhammer in the Shire campaign. 
The Shire campaign should wrap up nicely before the new year comes. 
Then another campaign theater will open up in our Imagi-Nations Middle Earth.
In fact lots of newly painted figures and terrain are just waiting to be revealed for it!
Things are gearing up here and the push for Dwarven supremacy in Moria is inevitable.

Stay tuned,