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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Oldhammer Monster Manual

Just for fun, here are all my currently painted Oldhammer-ish Monsters.
Citadel, Marauder, & Ral Partha only need apply.
All my other new fangled critters will have to sit this one out.

The stats for the monsters I pulled from all versions of Warhammer 1st edition to 8th.
Storm of Magic was pretty handy, and the 6th edition Chronicles titles too.

For the weirder monsters, I did take into account their AD&D stats from 1e Monster Manual.
And tried to model them by using mostly Chaos Attributes/Gifts/Spells and other Special Rules to Warhammer-ify them.
I dont play in pick up games or tournaments, so I didnt bother about point values.

"At my challenge, by the ancient laws of combat, we are met at this chosen ground, to settle for good and all who holds sway over the five points."

Now onto the Monster Manual (in alphabetical order too!)

M  WS BS  S  T   W   I    A   LD
6    10  10   6   6   15  10  10  10

Special Rules:
- Fire Whip (Shooting attack, 6" Range, Str 6, Fiery attack)
- Fly (20" Move)
- Poisoned Attacks (To Hit rolls of 6 automatically Wound)
- Immunity to Fire based attacks
- Ward Save 5+ (Ward Saves cannot be modified)
- Fire Blast (Magical Attack, Once per game, 24" Range, 2" Blast template, Str 3 Fiery attack, Power 7)
- Wall of Fire (Magical Attack, Once per game, anywhere the Balrog has LOS lay down a 12" Wall of Fire, any figure touching or moving across it suffers Str 3 Fire damage, lasts the whole game, Power 13)
- Rain of Fire Bolts (Magical Attack, Once per game, shoot up to 6 Fire Bolts at any target, 24" range, automatic Hits, Str 3 Fire attacks, Power 10)

This is the Balrog from the Warhammer 1st Edition supplement - Forces of Fantasy.

Bloodthirsters are crying from those stats and Balrog is drinking their tears...
I actually toned him down a bit for streamlining too! 
I put the Power level in there in case he targets something with Magic Resist or a Wizard tries to Dispel the Wall of Fire.

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    3     3    4   5   4   1  3  7

Special Rules:
- Death Gaze (Magical attack, 12" Range, Str 2, If a 6 is rolled To Hit then the enemy is killed automatically, When rolling To Wound use Initiative instead of Toughness, No Armor Saves are permitted against Death Gaze, No Dispel but magic Resist OK, Power 10)
- Miasma of Pestilence (All enemy in base contact with Catoblepas reduce their WS, T, I, and A to 1)

OK, that Death Gaze is a quick kill if it hits, no matter how many Wounds the enemy has.

And that Miasma is terrifying too!
So, you dont want to stay at range because of the Death Gaze, but if you get in melee a bunch of your stats drop to 1...  then the Catoblepas chews you up slowly like cud! 

The Death Gaze is used in the Magic Phase, but cannot be Dispelled by enemy Wizards.
However, Magic Resist will work, which is why I put a Power level in there.

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    4     0    6   5   4   2  6  5

Special Rules:
- Fly (20" Move)
- Poisoned Attacks (To Hit rolls of 6 automatically Wound)
- Scaly Skin (4+ Armor Save)
- Flaming Breath  (Shooting attack, Str 4, Flaming Template attack)

After seeing the stats for Balrog and Catoblepas, suddenly Chimera just doesnt look scary...
But dont be fooled, this guy will still rip through silly human meat-things that venture too close to its lair. 
Those are six Str 6 Poisoned attacks!

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
4    4     5    4   4   4  6  6   6

Special Rules:
- Fly (20" Move)
- Petrifying Gaze (Magical attack, 12" Range, Str 2, If a 6 is rolled To Hit then the enemy is killed automatically, When rolling To Wound use Initiative instead of Toughness, No Armor Saves are permitted against Petrifying Gaze, No Dispel but magic Resist OK, Power 10)

That Petrifying Gaze gives this Chicken Of Doom some real one punch KO power...
Only Str 4, but thats still 6 attacks, he got some fast beak attacks.
Death by pecking is no fun.

Dragon, Green
M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    6     0    6   6   6  3  5   8

Special Rules:
- Poison Breath (Shooting attack, Str 3, Template attack, -3 Armor Save modifier)
- Fly (20" Move)
- Poisoned Attacks (To Hit rolls of 6 automatically Wound)
- Immunity to Fire based attacks
- Scaly Skin (3+ Armor Save)

I cant believe I only have one Citadel Dragon!  
All the others I have are Reaper ones.  
I need to to make some purchases from Mirilton for those oldschool Grenadier Dragons.  
And RPE for the Ral Partha ones.

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    4     0    5   5   5  2  7   6

Special Rules:
- Scaly Skin (4+ Armor Save)
- Regenerate (4+ Regenerate Save except from Fiery attacks)

So the Hydra gets an Armor Save, then if that fails, he gets a Regenerate Save after that!
Two walls of Save Throws...  better bring some Fire attacks if you come up against Hydra.

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
5    6     3    5   5   6  4   5   9

Special Rules:
- Magic Blades (Armor Saves cannot be taken against these attacks)
- Blades of Fury (may re-roll missed hits in melee)
- Magic Resistance (3)
- Scaly Skin (4+ Armor Save)

Re-roll missed hits and nullify Armor Saves, makes Ormyrr a potent threat!

So that Magic Resist will stop those pesky Wizard spells in their tracks.
Which is fluffy considering Jedi Mind Tricks dont work on the Hutts!

M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    3     0    5   4   3  3   3   5

Special Rules:
- Unstoppable Assault (Every Wounding attack causes 2 Wounds)
- Bear Hug (If Owlbear makes at least 2 successful hits in 1 Turn on one target, then victim suffers an additional 2 Hug Wounds)

Poor Owlbear doesnt look too tough stats-wise.
But if he can get all his attacks off... thats a potential 8 Wounds of damage!
Plus Hug Wounds sounds awesome.

Shambling Mound
M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
5    3     0    6   5   4  1  4   8

Special Rules:
- Suffocate (If Shambling Mound makes at least 2 successful hits in 1 Turn on one target, then victim suffers 1 additional Wound from suffocation with no Armor Save allowed)
- Regenerate (Wet and Slimy 3+ Regenerate Save EVEN FROM Fiery attacks!)
- Mulchy Mass (All ranged and melee attacks suffer -1 To Hit against Shambling Mound)
- Always Strikes Last
- Fen Walker (counts marshes, forests as open ground for movement)
- Forest Camo (When in marsh or forest terrain all ranged attack suffer an additional -1 to hit, this stacks with Mulchy Mass and the normal cover modifier from terrain)

Shambling Mound is based off the stats of an Albion Fenbeast, good thing I have 6th Edition Chronicles 2003!
But then I modified the stats and rules from reading up on my AD&D 1e Monster Manual.
A 3+ Regenerate Save is a tough nut to crack!  
Regenerate Saves cannot be modified by high Str attacks. 
And Wet and Slimy Regenerate is safe from Fire attacks too!
Also, Mulchy Mass, Forest Camo, and terrain cover means a potential -3 missile modifier to Hit when Shambling Mound is in vegetation terrain!

Umber Hulk
M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    3     1    6   4   3  1  3   4

Special Rules:
- Scaly Skin (3+ Armor Save)
- It Came From Below (Place a marker anywhere on board and then roll Scatter and Artillery Dice to determine where Umber Hulk will emerge from.  As it emerges, it may act normally and may even declare a charge.  If the marker was underneath an enemy, Umber Hulk will engage it automatically as if charging.  If marker goes off table or under impassible terrain, move marker to legal area as close as possible)

Umber Hulk doesnt look too impressive, but at least he will always get the 1st attack.
Oh his Save is a 3+ too, not too shabby.

Winged Bear
M  WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
6    4     0    6   5   4  5   4   7

Special Rules:
- Fly (20" Move)

I pulled these stats from the Kislev Bear from Chronicles 2004, then gave him flight.
But at the end of the day, he is just a flying bear...


Hmm... I just had a crazy idea...
Monster Fight Club!

Tournament style ladder for a monster vs monster slug fest!
Plus we have 2 teams!  Citadel and Ral Partha.

OK, so I drew up some lots and here is how the fight ladder came up:

Team Citadel on the left and Team Ral Partha on the right

Cockatrice vs Umber Hulk
Balrog vs Chimera
Green Dragon vs Ormyrr
Winged Bear vs Catoblepas
Hydra vs Shambling Mound

Citadel's Owlbear sits on the bench with no opponent (he isnt eliminated, just waiting for next round)

Once this round of fights are over, we will draw up the next round.

Place your bets, gentlemen!

Next Post:  Monster Fight Club

Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Ral Partha AD&D Monsters: Catoblepas, Ormyrr

Here are some more wonderful Ral Partha Advanced Dungeons & Dragons monsters, which I will be porting over to my Oldhammer Monster Hunting Skirmish Campaign.
While we have so many editions of Warhammer and can pull stats for the most common and iconic monsters in fantasy, these fellas below are a bit more... rare and fantastic.
So they are going to need some rules and stats made for them, which I dont think will be too difficult.

Onwards to these strange lovable creatures...

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-532 Ormyrr

According to the 3rd edition Monster Manual II:
"Ormyrrs are intelligent, semi-nomadic creatures that live in small settlements along muddy river banks and lake shores.  
An Ormyrr has an enormous, grublike body that can measure as much as 25 feet long.  
At the top of the body is a froglike head that appears impossibly large and heavy.  
Below the head, four short but powerful arms extend out from the body.  
Ormyrrs have no magical ability, but magic fascinates them. 
They covet magic items."

I wonder if they are related to the Slann.
Also, if they like magic items, all four of those swords are going to be magical. 
So, in game terms, the Ormyrr can choose up to 4 magic weapons from ANY Warhammer Army Book.  
At any rate, he is Jabba the Hutt with relic lightsabers.

I shall call him Hutt.  Ormyrr the Hutt.

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-404 Umber Hulk

According to AD&D 1e Monster Manual:
"Umber Hulks are subterranean predators.  
Their iron-like claws enable them to burrow through solid stone.  
Their prey includes young purple worms, ahnkheg, and similar monsters.  
However, their favorite prey are humans.  
They attack with claws and mandibles.  
Worse still, the Umber Hulk's eyes cause Confusion for 3-12 melee rounds."

So for my games, Im going to use 40k Deep Strike for the Umber Hulk's burrowing ability.
The Umber Hulk can charge targets as soon as he emerges from Deep Strike.
For the Stun ability, Im going to say he can cast it in the Magic Phase, as a "Save" versus Ld. 
Take a Ld test and if failed the target suffers from Confusion and cannot shoot, charge, or cast spells.  The unit may move at half speed and can fight back in Close Combat but at -1 to WS/S/T/Ld)

I shall call him Garthim!  He is bound to be hunting some Gelflings who have taken up residence in the Misty Mountains.

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-422 Catoblepas

According to AD&D 1e Monster Manual:
"This nightmare creature is loathsome beyond description and has no redeeming features.  
Its body resembles that of a huge, bloated buffalo and gives off an offensive odor.  
The Catoblepas' neck is long and thin, and perched atop it is a big head uglier than that of a wart hog. 
Perhaps its habitat - fetid swamps and miasmal marches - caused the bizarre combination of genetic characteristics.  
Or perhaps it was due to some ghastly tinkering with life by a demented godling."

Interesting... what god would make such a creature?  Going to have to look at the list of "demented" gods for a suspect.

To summarize its AD&D powers:
Hitdice: 6+2  Armor Class: 7
Damage d6 + Stun 75% chance to stun for d10 melee rounds.
Special Attack:  The gaze of the Catoblepas is equal to a Death Ray up to 6".  25% to use this attack.  But only 10% against fast/high initiative opponents.

Will have to figure out how to put all of that into Warhammer terms.
Maybe the Death Ray is an Initiative test. 
Or perhaps Instant Death is too much, maybe it should just be a Nurgle-ish Cloud of Flies type of power. I will have to mull it over.

Hmm.  I dunno, I dont think he is loathsome at all.
Look at that face!
I shall call him Angus...

And here we have all 3 of our marvelous monsters.


Sgt Slag of TMP forum told me in one of my previous Ral Partha monster posts that: 
"When Ral Partha's contract with TSR for AD&D mini's expired, the contract stipulated they had to destroy the models, and the molds. They are gone forever, except for the samples which exist in gamers' collections."

 This saddens me to no end. 
But also makes me love these monsters even more considering they are endangered species facing extinction.

Next post, I want to take photos of all my Oldhammer Monsters.
Its going to be a Monster Manual of a post!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Skarsnik and The Skaven & Mystery Of Bree

Hobbiton, on the hill of Bag End, the Greenskins have set up a Command HQ.
They've torn up Bagshot Row!  The Gaffer will not be pleased!
If he is even alive that is... Oh poor Sam.
With their troops scouring and looting the Shire, the Orc and Goblin commanders are lounging in the spoils of their recent victory.

Left to Right: Goblin Warlord Skarsnik of Eight Peaks, Captain Gorgo of the Mordor Uruks

Skarsnik:  General Remulak has given us orders to march to Bree.

Gorgo:  Bree?  I would rather pursue the Stunties heading to Moria!

Skarsnik:  General Snarktail and his Wolf Riders have been tasked with that mission.  Shelob too. We will catch up with them later after we crush the human resistance.  Then... its skull thump time for those Stunties. Like Remulak says, its best to save the best bits for last.
Gorgo:  I thought the Night King was handling the Breeland Campaign?  Arent his forces and the Vampire Counts of Sylvania enough to handle a few peasants?

Skarsnik:   Undead Humies are just as inept as living ones... (sigh)  But I hear, that they burned out all the towns in Breeland, and yet... a human resistance leader has risen from the ashes.  One man, has rallied all of them.  No one knows his real name, but some have started to call him...

At that moment, The Gor Brothers - Gorgut and Gorfang drop in to tell Skarsnik he has visitors.

Oh, rats! 

Its some dirty Skaven!
They've come all the way from Skavenblight.

Look at their beady red eyes and their nasty little fangs.

Whats this?  They are bringing in a Squig!

And not just any Squig... its Gobbla, Skarsnik's precious pet who has been missing for a fortnight!
Skarsnik scolds Gobbla for getting lost.
He had to put up Missing Pet signs all over Eriador.
Can it be?  Skarsnik seems to have something in his eyes.  A liquid of some sort.
The other Greenskins are unsure what to do.  Is it some sort of evil spell?

The Skaven remind the Goblin that they have come to collect a reward...

Skaven:  Looksy orcses, we skaven bringbring toothy pet. Tasty reward for skaven yesyes. you give to us, goodgood!  Fresh meats or goldses!

Skarsnik: (considers the rats for a moment)  You rats!  I will give you more than just meat or gold!

Skaven: (starts to look around nervously)  please not to kill kill nice skavenses...

Skarsnik:  Kill?  no...  

Skarsnik:  Feast! (he snaps his fingers and goblins bring in a table piled with Warpstone Cheese Pies from the prestigious Eight Peaks Bakery and Mountain Ski Lodge)

Skaven:  nom nom nom nom  

Skarsnik:  Feast, my furry friends.  I thought my precious Gobbla was lost forever, maybe caught and eaten by those fat stupid Hobbits, or slain for sport by those pansy Elves.  This day the Rat Tails and the Greenskins will be friends.  We will slay the Humies and the Stunties...  together!

Between mouthfuls of Warp Cheese, the Skaven recount how they found Gobbla lost in the Blighted Marshes, near Skavenblight.
Apparently he was chasing a Rabbit creature called a Jackalope on a secret mission for the Alliance.
The speedy creature got away with the Rebel Alliance blueprints, while Gobbla just got stuck in a Skaven trap for several days.
Skarsnik also tells them there are more rewards to be given, if they can persuade their Skaven Clanlords to become allies with the armies of Mordor!

The Skaven squeek with approval.


Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Dark Elves, Chaos and now... Skaven!
Middle Earth is going to be drowned in Rats!

Hmm...  a Jackalope... on a secret mission?
To someplace around Skavenblight?
Tilea?  Estalia?  Dorne? or perhaps even Zingara?
It could be any number of fictitious southern City States in our hodge podge continuum!
Bree is calling for a multi national effort, it seems.

Oh, and most importantly, who is the human resistance leader fighting in the apocalyptic ruins of Breeland?
Is it John Connor?  "Come with me if you want to live."
Nope... this great leader will surprise all of you!

No one, not even the wisest in Middle Earth will be able to guess...
Place your bets here, gentlemen...


Finally, thanks to LordOdo, one of our friends from the great Lead Adventure Forum for sending Gobbla all the way from across the ocean.
Which reminds me, if any of you readers out there have some old lead lying about from the 90s or especially the 80s, I would love to entertain offers of trade or purchase.
I prefer to populate this blog with old lead from Citadel/Marauder/Iron Claw/Ral Partha/Grenadier etc...
And yeah, I would prefer trade, as in my Painting Services for your old lead!
My commission rate starts at a very low $2 a figure!  (rank and file 28mm)
For basics click on over to the Commissions blog:  Mars Miniatures Commissions

See!  You too can participate and make your mark in the Moria Reclamation Project!
Send in some reinforcements for Moria or Mordor, today!

 And even if you dont have figures to trade, but you need some paintwork done...  let me know about that too!
I try not to plug my Brush For Hire at all the sites, so I dont get too overloaded, but I could use a wee bit more work at the moment.
Thanks buddies!


Friday, January 6, 2017

Pub Snug, Altar Of Evil & More (Also ID these walls!)

Im on a roll, painting Scotia Grendel resin terrain.
So here's a bunch of them...

I love the words Pub Snug.
There is something comfortable about the sound of it.
This is going to be used for The Prancing Pony in Bree.
I dont want to say more, best not spoil the fun.

The skull candle holders on the tables made me think of a Tom Waits song...
It should definitely be playing in the background if you are lounging in this quaint Pub Snug.

Well, hell doesn't want you
And heaven is full
Bring me some water
Put it in this skull
I walk between the raindrops
I wait in Bug House square
And the army ants
They leave mothin' but the bones
Well, the earth died screaming
While I lay dreaming

The Altar of Evil.
The Chaos Dwarves will now have a place to congregate for their arcane rituals.

A Brazier and a Baleful Realmgate.
Or is it a Mirror, mirror on the wall?
Or perhaps an archway with a Sphere of Annihilation cast on it?
Tomb of Horrors, here we come...

And here we have a Treasure Trove.
Lots of magic items are waiting to be looted!

And here are some walls I got in a trade long ago.
I have no idea who made them.
They are plastic, and looks to be futuristic gothic, because of the bullet marks.
I dont think they are GW or Pegasus.
How many companies made plastic terrain?  Im totally stumped.
I trust that one of you TMP, or LAF folks might know...

EDIT: Saber6 of TMP wins in record time.... the walls are from Heroscape (Milton Bradley).


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scotia Grendel Terrain & More Balin Fluff

Just painted up some Scotia Grendel terrain.
These resin pieces definitely have that oldschool charm.
I dont know how far they go back, but I know Ive had some since the late 90s at least.
So this is the 3rd time Ive owned and painted some of these pieces.

If ever, I get tempted to sell my personal collection again, someone punch me in the face.

Also, for fun, we have a little more fluff regarding Balin and company...

Here we have the Weaponsmithy.
Stunties need to constantly sharpen their axes, so this area always has a line around the block.

And here we have a Bookcase filled with some Books of Grudges.
So many pages filled with promises of vengeance versus the enemies of Dwarfkind.
Funny how even in the library, empty beer bottles and Dunland Whiskey flasks lie strewn about...

And here is a nice Fountain!
Nindalf has cast a spell of Eternal Refreshing Springwater on it.
Of course, as wonderfully sparkling as it looks, the Dwarves never seem to drink from it.
Why, drink water.... when you can drink beer!

And now for a little bit of fluff...

Left to Right: Porkins, Foreman Brisket of the Miners, Dwarf Lord of Legend Lastro Lupinthrall

Porkins:  Hey, Brisket!  Is it true we are marching out of Moria?

Foreman Brisket:  Yeah, I heard it from Ulther himself.  He thinks its a trick from Balin and his Chaos Dwarves.  I dont know if thats true, but I dont like leaving Moria.  Still, I trust the Dwarf High Command.  If High King Thorgrim gives an order, then his word is bond...

Lastro Lupinthrall:  Hey guys, look its a couple of those Chaos Dwarves heading this way.  Shh....

Left to Right: Napper Grundin, Antor Axebreath

Napper Grundin:  (tentacle pops out under his helmet)  Errr....  oops.

Antor Axebreath:  (whispering) Tuck your tentacle in.  Geez, you know Balin is getting enough trouble from the squares as it is...  And tuck your tummy in while you're at it!

Elsewhere, Balin is looking for his lieutenants.

He finds them praying to the Chaos Gods!
Left to Right: Mad Furrikson, IronClaw Wizard Peter the Hermit, Jezreel Ironhand, Skeletorius

Balin:  (looking clearly upset) Jezreel, Skeletorius... you guys go back to your units.  Mad, Peter, you guys stay...

Balin:  Mad, didnt I tell you that there will be no "Chaosy" things going on?!?!  And I find you here, a ringleader for cult activity? 

Mad Furrikson:  Im sorry, Balin.  But we are Chaos Dwarves, afterall...

Balin:  And you Peter, you promised to hide that little demon familiar!  If Slayer King Ungrim sees it, he might change his mind about us.  Our list of allies grows thin as it is.  Yet you are always carrying it around in plain sight!  You said you would never worship Chaos!

Peter the Hermit:  I dont worship Chaos, I control it to do my bidding.  So, what I told you was true... from a certain point of view.  With all respect, Balin, why do we have to be ashamed of our powers?  With Chaos powers we can save the Dwarf race from the long slow slide to extinction!

Balin:  I need no help from Chaos to fight our enemies!  Good old Dwarf courage will be enough to win the day.  What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?  Lucky for you I wont make you meditate this on a Tree of Woe.  Right now, I need all of you to get ready for battle.  If we win this one, we win Moria.  After that, we can figure out what to do next. 

The other two Dwarves nod their heads and bow to Balin.


I really should stop teasing Moria, since we wont get there until far later this year.
But I cant help it.

Work on the Bree campaign is green lighted.
Armies and terrain are being painted as I type.
The scenarios are written up and ready to be played.
Its a pretty straight forward "battle to battle" campaign.
Will Bree fare better than the Shire did?
Probably.  There are alot of different nations coming to defend Breeland.
Crusaders from Bretonnia, battalions from Altdorf, the Brotherhood without Banners, Rangers from Fornost and the Wall... and more. 

And the Misty Mountains campaign looks to be a hoot of a campaign from initial idea drafts.
If the Bree campaign is mass battles, the Misty Mountains campaign will be skirmish battles.
It will be an episodic series like the Beer Cart adventure, and will feature an almost sports commentary feel to it.
The battles will feature single Monsters vs a small group of monster hunting heroes.
Oh, and it will use Warhammer 1st edition White Box book 3...  the RPG/wargame hybrid part.
Time to scour my Monster Manuals for nasty beasties to convert over to Warhammer!