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Mars Miniatures

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Scotia Grendel Terrain & More Balin Fluff

Just painted up some Scotia Grendel terrain.
These resin pieces definitely have that oldschool charm.
I dont know how far they go back, but I know Ive had some since the late 90s at least.
So this is the 3rd time Ive owned and painted some of these pieces.

If ever, I get tempted to sell my personal collection again, someone punch me in the face.

Also, for fun, we have a little more fluff regarding Balin and company...

Here we have the Weaponsmithy.
Stunties need to constantly sharpen their axes, so this area always has a line around the block.

And here we have a Bookcase filled with some Books of Grudges.
So many pages filled with promises of vengeance versus the enemies of Dwarfkind.
Funny how even in the library, empty beer bottles and Dunland Whiskey flasks lie strewn about...

And here is a nice Fountain!
Nindalf has cast a spell of Eternal Refreshing Springwater on it.
Of course, as wonderfully sparkling as it looks, the Dwarves never seem to drink from it.
Why, drink water.... when you can drink beer!

And now for a little bit of fluff...

Left to Right: Porkins, Foreman Brisket of the Miners, Dwarf Lord of Legend Lastro Lupinthrall

Porkins:  Hey, Brisket!  Is it true we are marching out of Moria?

Foreman Brisket:  Yeah, I heard it from Ulther himself.  He thinks its a trick from Balin and his Chaos Dwarves.  I dont know if thats true, but I dont like leaving Moria.  Still, I trust the Dwarf High Command.  If High King Thorgrim gives an order, then his word is bond...

Lastro Lupinthrall:  Hey guys, look its a couple of those Chaos Dwarves heading this way.  Shh....

Left to Right: Napper Grundin, Antor Axebreath

Napper Grundin:  (tentacle pops out under his helmet)  Errr....  oops.

Antor Axebreath:  (whispering) Tuck your tentacle in.  Geez, you know Balin is getting enough trouble from the squares as it is...  And tuck your tummy in while you're at it!

Elsewhere, Balin is looking for his lieutenants.

He finds them praying to the Chaos Gods!
Left to Right: Mad Furrikson, IronClaw Wizard Peter the Hermit, Jezreel Ironhand, Skeletorius

Balin:  (looking clearly upset) Jezreel, Skeletorius... you guys go back to your units.  Mad, Peter, you guys stay...

Balin:  Mad, didnt I tell you that there will be no "Chaosy" things going on?!?!  And I find you here, a ringleader for cult activity? 

Mad Furrikson:  Im sorry, Balin.  But we are Chaos Dwarves, afterall...

Balin:  And you Peter, you promised to hide that little demon familiar!  If Slayer King Ungrim sees it, he might change his mind about us.  Our list of allies grows thin as it is.  Yet you are always carrying it around in plain sight!  You said you would never worship Chaos!

Peter the Hermit:  I dont worship Chaos, I control it to do my bidding.  So, what I told you was true... from a certain point of view.  With all respect, Balin, why do we have to be ashamed of our powers?  With Chaos powers we can save the Dwarf race from the long slow slide to extinction!

Balin:  I need no help from Chaos to fight our enemies!  Good old Dwarf courage will be enough to win the day.  What is steel compared to the hand that wields it?  Lucky for you I wont make you meditate this on a Tree of Woe.  Right now, I need all of you to get ready for battle.  If we win this one, we win Moria.  After that, we can figure out what to do next. 

The other two Dwarves nod their heads and bow to Balin.


I really should stop teasing Moria, since we wont get there until far later this year.
But I cant help it.

Work on the Bree campaign is green lighted.
Armies and terrain are being painted as I type.
The scenarios are written up and ready to be played.
Its a pretty straight forward "battle to battle" campaign.
Will Bree fare better than the Shire did?
Probably.  There are alot of different nations coming to defend Breeland.
Crusaders from Bretonnia, battalions from Altdorf, the Brotherhood without Banners, Rangers from Fornost and the Wall... and more. 

And the Misty Mountains campaign looks to be a hoot of a campaign from initial idea drafts.
If the Bree campaign is mass battles, the Misty Mountains campaign will be skirmish battles.
It will be an episodic series like the Beer Cart adventure, and will feature an almost sports commentary feel to it.
The battles will feature single Monsters vs a small group of monster hunting heroes.
Oh, and it will use Warhammer 1st edition White Box book 3...  the RPG/wargame hybrid part.
Time to scour my Monster Manuals for nasty beasties to convert over to Warhammer!


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  1. Good stuff Mar. Enjoying getting to know the dwarves. I look forward to the upcoming campaigns.