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Mars Miniatures

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Cavalry Arrives

The clatter of hooves echoes over the wartorn lands of Bree...
Is it the mighty Eoreds of Rohan we hear?
No, it is not.
Rohan has not yet entered the War of the Ring (at least not in our campaign).

It is a mighty host of cavalry from Marienburg!

 Here is the last portion of the Marienburg army.
3 units of finely dressed warriors, come to battle for Bree and the freedom of Middle Earth.

Here are the best cavalry of Marienburg, the Gardes du Corps.

 The commander and standard bearer of the Gardes du Corps.

Musician and trooper.
The Gardes du Corps are also known as the Marienburg Life Guard.

 Here are some Brandenburg cavalry.

The musician and commander.
The commander uses the olde style lobster pot helmet.

Standard bearer and trooper.

 We have some Saarlander cavalry.

Standard bearer and commander.

Saarlander musician and trooper.

The cavalry spot the main body of the Marienburg army ahead.


This completes the armies of Bree for the campaign.
Next up are a few more forces of Darkness for the invaders.
Which means we are slowly approaching the start of hostilities... battle reports!

I bought a new folding game table that is 6 x 4 foot from
Its a 6' x 4' game table made of lightweight aluminum.
I didnt take any pics of the table, but theres plenty of pics on their site.

For the table itself, I would like to give it a 5 axes out of 5 rating.
But I must give the packaging a 3 out of 5, because it was dented in transit.
The area that was damaged is the center of the table where the 2 halves meet.
I have gently worked the dent to a somewhat decent shape.
But there is still a noticeable drop from one half of the table to the other... and its in the center.
I think I can fix it a bit more and get it straighter.
But it could have been avoided if it was packaged with a bit more padding on the edges.

So what forces of Darkness are coming up in the next couple of posts?
We hear there is a talkative ambassador making an appearance, an icon or two of Warhammer fame, plus some non-green villains!