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Mars Miniatures

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Citadel C07 Rangers

The Rangers of the North have arrived as last minute reinforcements in Bree.
Aragorn is sure to be happy that he now has a personal bodyguard of his fellow Dunedain at his side.
Also the plush mat below is the New Europe design from Cigar Box.

These miniatures are coded as Citadel C07 Rangers
I have the entire range of them too!
I need to start checking my collection and see which ranges I am close to completion.

Left to Right: Strong Arm, Bounty Hunter, Far Sight

I am using the names from the 1985 Compendium.
The Bounty Hunter is obviously a famous Italian Western celebrity.
Far Sight, I believe is re-coded from the LOTR 80's Citadel catalog as a Dunedain Ranger.

Left to Right: Trapper, Poacher, Hunter

If you look carefully, Poacher has a lil rabbit peeking out from the bag at his shoulder.
Love em or hate em, only old school Citadel minis have such charming characters.
I really think its that quirky humor (humour?)  that differentiates the quirkiness of British Oldhammer companies.
And yes, Im including the associated companies with Citadel: Bob Olley's Iron Claw, Nick Lund's Chronicle, and Aly and Trish Morrisson's Marauder of course.

Left to Right: Royal Gamekeeper, Scout, and Targeteer

Scout is from the New World and is skilled at.. scouting!
The Dunedain protect the ancient lineage of the Northern Kings, on top of this the Royal Gameskeeper is in charge of protecting the King's forests and its creatures.

Left to Right: Forest Poacher, Long Arm, Gamekeeper

Forest Poacher must be constantly at odds with his fellow ranger - the Royal Gameskeeper.
Forest Poacher is quite the hooligan!
Gameskeeper is the assistant to the more senior Royal Gameskeeper.


These figures are metal 80s vintage Citadel figures of course.
They were stripped of old paint and I was admiring them in their raw metal state.
I am always surprised to see how sharp the details are when you hold them in hand.
I always go on about Oldhammer sculptors, but I must also give some big-ups to the moldmakers too.
They were pretty good at their craft back in the day.
Its just the crispness of it.

Next post we got another example of fine 80s nostalgia...  its Dark...
and might have pointy ears...
and is riding a...  Dragon Horse?!?!