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Friday, January 19, 2018

Quest 1 AAR - Dark Isle of Tol Fuin

Off the coasts of Forlindon are several islands, they are all that remains of the ancient lands of Beleriand.
Great cities of Men and Elves here sank 'neath the waves at the end of the War of Wrath.
And now only the highest mountains of that realm remain as islands.
Magical relics and treasures of a bygone age are there to be found, but no one has been foolish enough to disturb the creatures that dwell there... until now!

The heroes see a Weirwood tree ahead and further north a henge of large standing crystals.
Looking around they see a hill to the west, ruins to the east and several woods scattered around.
There are no enemies to be seen, and the only sounds to be heard are the unsettling creaking of tree branches in the wind.
Gimli says if relics are to be found in this place then its the ruins or the crystal henge that are the most likely places.
Nindalf says to avoid the trees even the Weirwood.
There is something unnatural about these forests...
Gimli says to split up and check both places.
Frodo asks if its smart to split the party?
Of course, no one hears the halfing...

Legolas heads the troop setting out for the ruins.
Frodo, Uther, and Foreman Brisket follow behind.

Gimli leads the others setting out for the crystal henge.
Nindalf, Maggie, and Kimril follow him.

There is something here, but they dont know what or how to find it.
But a palpable static energy crawls over their skins and frizzles their hair.

Kimril:  I think maybe its the chemistry between us, Maggie!

Maggie:  (rolls eyes) #MeToo

The other team find nothing but crumbling ruins.

Brisket:  I feel like we are being watched!

Uther:  Not to worry, I am a Dwarf Lord of Legend, I can sense things even behind me, as if I had eyes on the back of my head.  I was once trapped in a tunnel with 100 Skaven gutter runners when my torch blew out and...

Frodo:  Wow, I must be tired, those trees look like they are moving...

Frodo:  Ummm guys...?  Is it just me, or did that forest behind you just get closer?

The sound of roots tearing up the ground gets closer as the copse of trees close in on our heroes.

The other team hears it too and moves to unify the party.

Nindalf:  Enemy spells are being cast!  Someone or something is Tree-Singing!

Then another section of woods begins moving towards Nindalf and company.
They only see the woods and no enemies.
Remember, you can only see 2" into a wood.

Gimli:  Everyone brace for impact!  Prepare for combat!

As the forest nearest to the ruins bumps up against the walls, Dryads jump out of the woods!

Dryads have 2 attacks, Forest Walker, are Immune to Psych, and cause Fear!

Frodo:  I think Im feeling something...  it might be fear, but maybe its just indigestion...

Dryad:  Peek-A-Boo!

Frodo:  Nope.  Its fear! (begins hyperventilating)

Nindalf has 2 spells:  Steed of Shadows (a flight spell), and Creeping Death (a ranged attack).

The leader of the Dryads is a Branchwych that has Tree-Singing (moves trees) and Ariels Blessing (a Regeneration spell).
She also has a baby Purple Worm on her shoulder which counts as a Murder of Spites (extra poisonous attacks)

Legolas:  Hail, tree spirits!  I am an Elf of Mirkwood Forest and we wish you no harm!

Branchwych:  (sees Gimli and his axe)  AXE!!!!!

Gimli:  Oh.... uh... no.  no no no.  Its not for what you think...

Dryads:  (crying out in unison)  Tree Killers! Leaf Murderers! Root Nibblers!

Branchwych:  SLAY THEM ALL!

And right away, Frodo and Foreman Brisket run for their lives from failed Ld rolls.
Which leaves Legolas and Uther to hold the line.

The other team spreads out to protect Nindalf with his spells.

Kimril the Slayer fights 2 Dryads!
Since he is immune to Fear, he doesnt run, but most importantly he has no penalty To-Hit mods.

But the Branchwych casts her Regen spell which gives the Dryads another 4+ Save, making them some very resilient plants!

Gimli:  If I can get past this one quick, I can get to the Wych and stop these Regen spells!

Gimli does beat the Dryad facing him, but the one facing Maggie KO's her and charges into Gimli from behind!

Nindalf:  Gimli, I got it!  My Steed of Shadows spell!  I can use it on you and charge you out of combat and into a new one... versus the Branchwych!

As he finishes his spell, the free Dryad attacks the Dwarven wizard as revenge!

Gimli changes dance partners.

Branchwych:  Worm!  Om nom nom the stuntie!

Meanwhile at the ruins, Uther succumbs to his wounds and Legolas is cornered by 3 Dryads.
Uther did slay one Dryad though.
Frodo and Brisket recover from fear and head back, but will they be able to help Legolas in time?

Kimril slays his adversaries and helps out Nindalf.

But in the distance, the battle is decided... Gimli has the best dice rolls in his life and fells (timber!) the Branchwych.

But just when the game is won... a Shambling Mound appears!

The heroes groan, this is one monster they will not be able to defeat especially with all their wounds and losses already...
as it turns out, the Shambling Mound is friendly!

And he heals the wounds of both sides as blinky magical stardust healing spores surround everyone.

Gimli:  I give you my oath that my axe will never be used against a tree or living green thing, cept Orc and Goblin heads...

Branchwych:  Perhaps I was too hasty.  I name thee, Plant-Friends.  We are the guardians of the Highlands of Dorthonion, whats left of it. The body of the great Elven King Fingolfin lies here under these crystals.

Legolas:  A legendary Elven King of Old!  He wounded Morgoth in single combat before being slain!

Branchwych:  Yes, and afterwards, the Great Eagle Thorondor took his body and carried him hither.  We buried him with his sword Ringil a mighty weapon that glittered like ice, and his blue shield laced with magic crystals.

Gimli:  Middle Earth is in great need again, O Lady of the Branches!  We need those weapons to fight Morgoth who is returning!  Though it does seem disrespectful to desecrate the grave of so great a warrior...

Legolas:  ...

Branchwych:  You are indeed good hearted heroes, I see that now...  But fear not!  We need not disturb the honored dead, for I know the secret of the crystals and can transfer the power of the weapons to you by distilling their essence into runes. Touch your weapons to the main crystal...

Gimli:  Hmm... good thing I got some spare sockets on my weapon!  (anyone remember Wow?)

So Gimli gets the power of Fingolfin's Sword socketed into his axe: a Master Rune of Smiting (instead of 1 normal wound per attack, bearer causes d6 wounds), a Rune of Fury (+1 Attack) and a Rune of Cleaving (+1 Str)

Legolas gets the power of Fingolfin's shield, so decides to touch his Elven Cloak to the crystal:  and gets these powers on it - Railarian Mantle (4+ Ward Save), Amber Pendant (Enemies in melee with him will always strike last)

Kimril:  Glad to see you back from the dead, Maggie!

Maggie:  (hugs the surprised Slayer)  We should go for a drink at Bugmans Brewery sometime!

Kimril:  Hmm.... are you sure you are ok?  That Shambling Mound!  He must have put some extra fairy dust in your Resurrect Spell or something...

Maggie:  No, Im just happy to be alive!

Frodo:  (to the Dryad) Must be lonely for you Dryads on this island, eh?

Dryad: We get alot of sun here and the soil is fertilized from the dead of countless battles of yore.

Frodo:  Ok... (under his breath) still creepy even when friendly...


Well, there's the first away team, successful and alive.
So at least we know where Fingolfin is buried.
And Treebeard might want to know there are Dryads (are they Entwives?) still here on this forested island.
Actually, Treebeard did used to visit Dorthonion before Beleriand was deluged, so perhaps he knows who these Dryads are?

As I was perusing my copy of the Silmarilion, I re-discovered something I forgot, that the Valar Aule created the Dwarves before Elves and Men.
And when his wife, the Valar Yavanna found out, she then created the Ents to protect the forests from the axes of the Dwarves.

Next up is Sam Gamgee's team (King Alrik, White Dwarf, Kremlo the Slaan).
Lets see if they are just as lucky in their quest for magical goodies.


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