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Friday, September 11, 2015

At Long Last, Some Actual Mines In Moria!

If you are a reader of this blog, you might have noticed posts for the Moria Reclamation Project have been slow lately.  This is not due to disinterest on my part.  Rather, my painting commission business has taken off with spectacular success.   Alas, the negative effect is that Moria posts are at a trickle...

But chin up, my little Dwarves!

Because in between painting hordes of Medievals, battalions of Napoleonics, and armies of Romans, I have managed to sneak in some "me" time and I have completed my Yakkum Mines from Ainsty Castings.  I just realized I didnt take a good overhead pic of how many Mine Tiles I have, but I have enough to cover a 3 foot square area.  Its a good start. 

Now to paint up some Dwarf Miners and start mining those precious metals and gems! 

So in case you have forgotten, Gimli and company have been searching for Balin by following a map...

 Left to Right (Gloin, Pickles, and Gimli)

Gimli:  Are you reading that map right?
Pickles: (turning map upside down) Umm I think so?  Then again, these mine tunnels are a pretty confusing maze.
Gloin:  Where there are mines...  there must be miners!
Gimli: Well, Pickles... keep leading the way.
Gloin: (whispering)  I heard he got lost in his own museum once...

"90% of an archaelogist's time is spent in the library. Myths can only be taken at face value. We do not follow maps to buried treasures and X never ever marks the spot."

 Left to Right (Nindalf, Pickles, and Grumpy)

Grumpy:  Watch your step!  Someone needs to patch up those floorboards there.  (grumbles) When we drive out all the monsters from Moria, theres going to be alot of renovations needed around here...
Nindalf:  I think its molecular acid that melted through the floor!  Look, I can see at least 10 levels down.  Dont lean too far, you'll fall in!
Pickles:  I think theres a junction ahead...

"Looks like someone bagged one of Ripley's bad guys"

 3 hours later...

Grumpy:  We've been walking for hours without a beer break!
Pickles:  Just a little further...

 Even more hours later...

Pickles:  I think its just around the corner.
King Gorrin:  I hope so, my arms are getting tired from holding this heavy sword at a 45 degree angle all the time!
Borax Bloodaxe:  Just be thankful you arent carrying a modern "scale creeped" weapon.

 Pickles:  I dont get it!  the secret junction is supposed to be here.
Grumpy:  Look! its a gold vein!

King Gorrin:  Make a mark on your map, Sir Pickles.  G for Gold!
 Grumpy wishes he could trade his hammer for a mining pick.

Nindalf: (points at the floor)  Pickles, look at your feet...  there is your secret passage...
Gimli:  Come, Dwarf Lords, gather up the rest of our forces...  Balin awaits us!


So, a little tease of the new terrain.
Gimli and company are still following the tracks of Balin.

Music I had playing as I was taking the photos:  Ennio Morricone - Ecstasy of Gold

Also, Yosemite Sam is a Dwarf, isnt he?