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Mars Miniatures

Friday, October 21, 2016

Contemplation Time: Switching To 15mm Fantasy Skirmish

I love 28mm Oldhammer, but my aching body cant tolerate playing on big tables anymore.
Im not saying Im getting rid of my 28mm collection.
They are just (possibly) going into hibernation for a bit. 

In the meantime, I have painted up some test figures for 15mm skirmish!
The idea of 3 foot gameboards that are comfortably in reach from any table edge is appealing to me.
And I want to scratchbuild some really nice terrain boards for this.

Rules?  Im thinking... Mordheim, Frostgrave, Dungeon Scum, Havoc, Goalsystem Delves, Otherworld Skirmish, and of course  LOTR SBG.  I will try a game or 3 of each and see what sticks.

My campaign setting?
I dont know if I will stick with my Middle Earth mashup, but if I do, maybe I will call it Mordorheim!

Yeah its Mordheim in Mordor.
But also it moves forward in time to the 4th Age of Middle Earth.
The War of the Ring is old history, its 200 years after the Fall of Sauron.
King Aragorn has died at the ripe old age of 210.  The rest of the Fellowship have either died or sailed west to heaven.  But rumors of a shadowy evil Cult are everywhere!
Small bands of magic users and their henchmen are crossing over into Mordor to find ancient relics to further their own arcane business ventures.

Even if I end up not using Mordheim, and use Frostgrave, I might stick with the name of Mordorheim.

Anyway, here are 4 trial figures and their backstory...

 Left to Right: Tom Dominick Cruise, Sean Connor McGregor

Sean Connor McGregor is a wizard serving in Her Majesty's secret service as agent 00Grey.  On his off time he competes in the Ultimate Pit Fighting Championship, the UPFC.  He is also known to have a tattoo on his chest of a gorilla wearing a crown and eating a heart.

Tom Dominick Cruise is a short fellow who likes to jump on couches but is also a champ in the Tinyweight division of the UPFC.

 Left to Right: Bela Bartok Lugosi, Jesse James Gandolfini

 Bela Bartok Lugosi is either a Priest of Morr or a Mordor Death Cultist, perhaps they are the same organization.  He is also known as the composer of the eerie horror movie soundtrack to Redrum Hotel Axe Murderer.  After his death, his followers known as the cult of Bauhaus decided to proclaim in song that he, Bela Bartok Lugosi is indeed dead.

Jesse James Gandolfini is the most rootin’ tootin’ two gun shootin’ wild west buccaneer outlaw and bushwhacker of the the post Moria Civil War era.  But dont call him an outlaw to his face, he prefers the title Waste Management Consultant.  He spent many years "managing" the Moria Department of Sewer Safety and Sanitation.  This stuntie has a lot of "buffers".


I will try to finish up the Shire Campaign and the Big Moria Battle in 28mm before moving on to smaller scale pastures.  

But yeah, Im thinking 15mm is my future.