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Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Ral Partha AD&D Monsters: Catoblepas, Ormyrr

Here are some more wonderful Ral Partha Advanced Dungeons & Dragons monsters, which I will be porting over to my Oldhammer Monster Hunting Skirmish Campaign.
While we have so many editions of Warhammer and can pull stats for the most common and iconic monsters in fantasy, these fellas below are a bit more... rare and fantastic.
So they are going to need some rules and stats made for them, which I dont think will be too difficult.

Onwards to these strange lovable creatures...

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-532 Ormyrr

According to the 3rd edition Monster Manual II:
"Ormyrrs are intelligent, semi-nomadic creatures that live in small settlements along muddy river banks and lake shores.  
An Ormyrr has an enormous, grublike body that can measure as much as 25 feet long.  
At the top of the body is a froglike head that appears impossibly large and heavy.  
Below the head, four short but powerful arms extend out from the body.  
Ormyrrs have no magical ability, but magic fascinates them. 
They covet magic items."

I wonder if they are related to the Slann.
Also, if they like magic items, all four of those swords are going to be magical. 
So, in game terms, the Ormyrr can choose up to 4 magic weapons from ANY Warhammer Army Book.  
At any rate, he is Jabba the Hutt with relic lightsabers.

I shall call him Hutt.  Ormyrr the Hutt.

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-404 Umber Hulk

According to AD&D 1e Monster Manual:
"Umber Hulks are subterranean predators.  
Their iron-like claws enable them to burrow through solid stone.  
Their prey includes young purple worms, ahnkheg, and similar monsters.  
However, their favorite prey are humans.  
They attack with claws and mandibles.  
Worse still, the Umber Hulk's eyes cause Confusion for 3-12 melee rounds."

So for my games, Im going to use 40k Deep Strike for the Umber Hulk's burrowing ability.
The Umber Hulk can charge targets as soon as he emerges from Deep Strike.
For the Stun ability, Im going to say he can cast it in the Magic Phase, as a "Save" versus Ld. 
Take a Ld test and if failed the target suffers from Confusion and cannot shoot, charge, or cast spells.  The unit may move at half speed and can fight back in Close Combat but at -1 to WS/S/T/Ld)

I shall call him Garthim!  He is bound to be hunting some Gelflings who have taken up residence in the Misty Mountains.

 Ral Partha AD&D 11-422 Catoblepas

According to AD&D 1e Monster Manual:
"This nightmare creature is loathsome beyond description and has no redeeming features.  
Its body resembles that of a huge, bloated buffalo and gives off an offensive odor.  
The Catoblepas' neck is long and thin, and perched atop it is a big head uglier than that of a wart hog. 
Perhaps its habitat - fetid swamps and miasmal marches - caused the bizarre combination of genetic characteristics.  
Or perhaps it was due to some ghastly tinkering with life by a demented godling."

Interesting... what god would make such a creature?  Going to have to look at the list of "demented" gods for a suspect.

To summarize its AD&D powers:
Hitdice: 6+2  Armor Class: 7
Damage d6 + Stun 75% chance to stun for d10 melee rounds.
Special Attack:  The gaze of the Catoblepas is equal to a Death Ray up to 6".  25% to use this attack.  But only 10% against fast/high initiative opponents.

Will have to figure out how to put all of that into Warhammer terms.
Maybe the Death Ray is an Initiative test. 
Or perhaps Instant Death is too much, maybe it should just be a Nurgle-ish Cloud of Flies type of power. I will have to mull it over.

Hmm.  I dunno, I dont think he is loathsome at all.
Look at that face!
I shall call him Angus...

And here we have all 3 of our marvelous monsters.


Sgt Slag of TMP forum told me in one of my previous Ral Partha monster posts that: 
"When Ral Partha's contract with TSR for AD&D mini's expired, the contract stipulated they had to destroy the models, and the molds. They are gone forever, except for the samples which exist in gamers' collections."

 This saddens me to no end. 
But also makes me love these monsters even more considering they are endangered species facing extinction.

Next post, I want to take photos of all my Oldhammer Monsters.
Its going to be a Monster Manual of a post!



  1. Great painting. I've got that Catoblepas on the workbench waiting for inspiration....just arrived.

    1. Nice! More Catoblepus love is what the world needs.

  2. Cool figures. I'm looking forward to the Monster Manual post.