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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Skarsnik and The Skaven & Mystery Of Bree

Hobbiton, on the hill of Bag End, the Greenskins have set up a Command HQ.
They've torn up Bagshot Row!  The Gaffer will not be pleased!
If he is even alive that is... Oh poor Sam.
With their troops scouring and looting the Shire, the Orc and Goblin commanders are lounging in the spoils of their recent victory.

Left to Right: Goblin Warlord Skarsnik of Eight Peaks, Captain Gorgo of the Mordor Uruks

Skarsnik:  General Remulak has given us orders to march to Bree.

Gorgo:  Bree?  I would rather pursue the Stunties heading to Moria!

Skarsnik:  General Snarktail and his Wolf Riders have been tasked with that mission.  Shelob too. We will catch up with them later after we crush the human resistance.  Then... its skull thump time for those Stunties. Like Remulak says, its best to save the best bits for last.
Gorgo:  I thought the Night King was handling the Breeland Campaign?  Arent his forces and the Vampire Counts of Sylvania enough to handle a few peasants?

Skarsnik:   Undead Humies are just as inept as living ones... (sigh)  But I hear, that they burned out all the towns in Breeland, and yet... a human resistance leader has risen from the ashes.  One man, has rallied all of them.  No one knows his real name, but some have started to call him...

At that moment, The Gor Brothers - Gorgut and Gorfang drop in to tell Skarsnik he has visitors.

Oh, rats! 

Its some dirty Skaven!
They've come all the way from Skavenblight.

Look at their beady red eyes and their nasty little fangs.

Whats this?  They are bringing in a Squig!

And not just any Squig... its Gobbla, Skarsnik's precious pet who has been missing for a fortnight!
Skarsnik scolds Gobbla for getting lost.
He had to put up Missing Pet signs all over Eriador.
Can it be?  Skarsnik seems to have something in his eyes.  A liquid of some sort.
The other Greenskins are unsure what to do.  Is it some sort of evil spell?

The Skaven remind the Goblin that they have come to collect a reward...

Skaven:  Looksy orcses, we skaven bringbring toothy pet. Tasty reward for skaven yesyes. you give to us, goodgood!  Fresh meats or goldses!

Skarsnik: (considers the rats for a moment)  You rats!  I will give you more than just meat or gold!

Skaven: (starts to look around nervously)  please not to kill kill nice skavenses...

Skarsnik:  Kill?  no...  

Skarsnik:  Feast! (he snaps his fingers and goblins bring in a table piled with Warpstone Cheese Pies from the prestigious Eight Peaks Bakery and Mountain Ski Lodge)

Skaven:  nom nom nom nom  

Skarsnik:  Feast, my furry friends.  I thought my precious Gobbla was lost forever, maybe caught and eaten by those fat stupid Hobbits, or slain for sport by those pansy Elves.  This day the Rat Tails and the Greenskins will be friends.  We will slay the Humies and the Stunties...  together!

Between mouthfuls of Warp Cheese, the Skaven recount how they found Gobbla lost in the Blighted Marshes, near Skavenblight.
Apparently he was chasing a Rabbit creature called a Jackalope on a secret mission for the Alliance.
The speedy creature got away with the Rebel Alliance blueprints, while Gobbla just got stuck in a Skaven trap for several days.
Skarsnik also tells them there are more rewards to be given, if they can persuade their Skaven Clanlords to become allies with the armies of Mordor!

The Skaven squeek with approval.


Orcs, Goblins, Undead, Dark Elves, Chaos and now... Skaven!
Middle Earth is going to be drowned in Rats!

Hmm...  a Jackalope... on a secret mission?
To someplace around Skavenblight?
Tilea?  Estalia?  Dorne? or perhaps even Zingara?
It could be any number of fictitious southern City States in our hodge podge continuum!
Bree is calling for a multi national effort, it seems.

Oh, and most importantly, who is the human resistance leader fighting in the apocalyptic ruins of Breeland?
Is it John Connor?  "Come with me if you want to live."
Nope... this great leader will surprise all of you!

No one, not even the wisest in Middle Earth will be able to guess...
Place your bets here, gentlemen...


Finally, thanks to LordOdo, one of our friends from the great Lead Adventure Forum for sending Gobbla all the way from across the ocean.
Which reminds me, if any of you readers out there have some old lead lying about from the 90s or especially the 80s, I would love to entertain offers of trade or purchase.
I prefer to populate this blog with old lead from Citadel/Marauder/Iron Claw/Ral Partha/Grenadier etc...
And yeah, I would prefer trade, as in my Painting Services for your old lead!
My commission rate starts at a very low $2 a figure!  (rank and file 28mm)
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Send in some reinforcements for Moria or Mordor, today!

 And even if you dont have figures to trade, but you need some paintwork done...  let me know about that too!
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Thanks buddies!



  1. Another gripping tale and great images.

  2. Cracking stuff.... great fluff and figures. Just been checking out vol.3 of your music.......... bloomin' marvellous. Within 2 seconds of starting I was thinking of Steve Hillage.

    1. Ooo.. high praise. Too high, that is exactly the kind of thing that might inspire me to give another shot at making more space psych. ;p But yeah, I worked in a record store and found an album with amazing cover art and a mysterious name... then I played it and changed my world. It was Arzachel.