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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Misty Mountain Terrain Board For Oldhammer Skirmish

I just finished my 3 foot square Misty Mountain terrain board.
Its just a test piece, but I think it turned out pretty good.

I know the Shire campaign isnt over yet, but I thought I would show off the start of the terrain boards for the next theater of operations of my Imagi-Nations Middle Earth.

Terrain materials: dense styrofoam, cork bark, talus of varying grades.
The lands to the west of the Misty Mountains (Shire, Eriador, Bree, etc) are green, lush and pretty well tended.
In contrast I want the lands to the east (Rhovanion, Mirkwood, Gladden Fields) to be more rocky, grey, and wild.
Sparse foliage and reeds.
I wanted the rocks to have a blue tinge to keep an otherworldy look to it.

To make the rock face, I just used a dull Xacto blade and chipped away at it.

One edge of the cliff has a hidden door. 

Whatever mechanisms to open the door have long been forgotten.

On the other edge of the cliff, are some steps carved into the rock itself.

Cork bark for the outcrops on the left. 
Flat cork sheets for the broken ground on the right.

Some Dwarves on the table, to get a sense of scale.

More Iron Claw Dwarves, exploring the Misty Mountain Pass.

Ah, they have discovered the hidden door.

Anyone know the password?
Did any of you hear that clicking noise?
I wonder what that is...

Another overhead shot of the board.


Im building some modules that will fit on certain sections of the board. 
The highest area on the cliff will be able to accomodate:  Eagles Eyrie Nest, Dark Crystal Node, or a Dwarf Artillery Redoubt.