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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Basic Dungeons & Dragons - The Kids Are Alright, Part 3

The adventure continues in the harrowing chamber of Boneclaw the Wraith...

To Turn Undead on a Wraith, Billy needs to roll an 11+ on 2d6.  Those are some tough odds, but Billy blows into the dice, shakes them, and tosses them high in the air (good thing I have a dice box with high walls)

Close but not enough...
Sorry kid, but you failed, see...

Max leaps into the air and charges striking the Wraith with great damage... if only he had a magic weapon to pierce the Wraiths invulnerability.

Tommy follows after him, into the impossible combat.

Tommy:  Agnes!  Billy!  Go!  Its all up to you now!

The boys are paralyzed as unjust rewards for their act of bravery.  The Wraith laughs at them and scolds them.

Boneclaw:  only... silver... or... magic... will... harm... me...

Agnes:  I want to give up.  This is hopeless and scary.  And we are the only ones left!  Its too much responsibility.  It really is.  Im totally stressed out!  Oh Mr Toonces, I wish you were here right now!

Billy: Get a grip Agnes, lets go!

Agnes: If only there was something I could do...

Katie:  (mumbling through her paralysis) use your spell...

Agnes:  Oh!  I have one spell left, Detect Magic, but its useless, it wont hurt the Wraith!

Katie:  (mumbling again, and gets a stern look from the DM)  trust me...

Agnes:  Oh! Maybe it will find something magical, like... a magic weapon!  Then we can hurt that mean old Wraith!

Agnes casts Detect Magic and she senses that glow of magical aura coming from above on that high platform, and also from inside the hole in the wall.

Agnes:  Well, we cant climb up there, so I guess we go in the hole... (sighs)

They come out of a narrow tunnel and find themselves on the other side of the wall.

Billy:  Another chamber... Magic weapons here we come!

Agnes:  Here in these green fountains! This is where the magic glow is coming from!

They find a Broom of Flying and a Potion of Gaseous Form.  (Yes, a Broom of Flying is a legit magic item in the basic D&D book.  Did I choose to put it there to make Agnes happy?  You bet I did.)

Billy:  Ok, I will use the potion, you take the Broom.

Agnes:  I got a plan... (whispers so only Billy can hear)

Billy:  Nice!  Lets go kick some Wraith butt!

And so the smallest adventurers crawled back through the hole in the wall and this time, were not afraid!

Agnes:  Ok, Im a little bit afraid.

Billy:  Just go with the plan!  Now where is that Wraith?

Boneclaw has dragged his victims into the pool.
The kids are floating face up in the water.
Perhaps this is some ritual to turn them into little Wraiths?

Billy drinks the Potion of Gaseous Form and turns into smoke.
He counts as having -2 Armor Class which means the Wraith can only hit him on a 18+ on a d20! 

Billy:  Ok, Agnes, I dont know how much longer Im going to be gassy, so whatever youre doing, do it fast!
Agnes takes her new Broom of Flying out for a spin!
She gracefully circles up to the platform above where more magic was detected.

She looks down from the ledge and sees the Wraith trying to grab the gassy Billy and failing over and over.
Its so funny to watch that she has to force herself to concentrate on her mission.

Mission accomplished!

Inside the green pools she finds:
Wand of Paralyze,
Elven Boots and Cloak,
Gauntlets of Ogre Power,
Shield of Fire Protection,
and most importantly...
Magic Sword +1

Billy begins running away from the Wraith as he is convinced the potion is going to run out at any moment.

Agnes flies down with her arms full of presents for everyone.

Billy:  Help!  Im turning solid again! (casts Protection from Evil, but that didnt save Liam for very long)

Boneclaw:  I... have... you... now...

Agnes:  Hey Bonehead!  Over here! 

Agnes:  (points the Wand of Paralysis at the Wraith)  Stupefy!

And the Wraith is frozen in place!

Agnes:  Ok Billy, quick get over here!

Billy uses his Cure Light Wounds on Tommy which also removes paralysis.

Tommy:  Great job, you guys!  I knew you could do it!

Agnes gives Tommy the Magic Sword +1

Ordinarily Tommy would need 16+ to hit a wraith but since Boneclaw is paralyzed all hits are automatic!

It takes a few blows, but eventually, the Wraith dissolves in a mist.

Agnes:  I almost feel bad for it.

Tommy:  Dont.  Wraiths cant be killed permanently.  He will reform somewhere and cause trouble again.  But not for awhile...

With the Wraith defeated, the other kids shake off the Paralysis.
With cheers and hugs, the kids divide up the magic weapons and loot.
There are plenty of gold pieces, healing potions, and a raise dead scroll too.

But here is how the weapons were alloted:
Wand of Paralyze - Agnes gets to keep,
Elven Boots and Cloak - for Katie,
Gauntlets of Ogre Power - for Max,
Shield of Fire Protection - for Liam
and Tommy keeps the Magic Sword +1

The kids leave the terrible Chamber of Boneclaw.
Its doors have opened with its master's demise.

Back outside, pets are reunited with their owners as the sun is rising.

As tired as the kids are, they wont rest here even in the daylight. 

Katie:  The Barrow Downs...  thats what this place is called.  Dont worry Agnes, we will rest and sleep once we get to the Old Forest...

Agnes:  Ha! I can sleep now... on my magical Broom!  Broom of Flying, I command you to hover and follow the rest of the party...  while I take a nap on you!  (giggles)

Katie:  You shouldnt use magic items all the time, who knows how many charges they have before they run out.  But I think you can use it this time.  You and Billy did a really good job in there!  Im proud of you!

Agnes's blushing and smiling turns into snoring soon enough as the rest of the kids enviously watch her asleep on her floating broom.


Sad that the story is over?  Dont be!
The adventure didnt end there.
Another multipost is coming soon as the story continues in the Old Forest!


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  1. Great stuff, with a happy ending. I like the way you mix up different "sources".... LOTR, Warhammer, D and D, Harry Potter etc...great fun.