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Friday, November 18, 2016

Little Heroes, Part3 - The Ellcrys Weirwood Tree and Orc Ravagers

The Weirwood Tree of the Old Forest is a white tree with red foliage.
It might be related to the White Tree of Gondor.
It is definitely related to the Weirwoods of Northern Westeros.

Some say that it was Tom Bombadil who got Ellcrys Tree acorns in Shannara and planted one in each forest of Middle Earth and Westeros.
Tom planted them, but it was Goldberry that cared and watered them to full growth.
Back in Shannara, those pansy Shannaran Elves had to try to make their Tree even more fancy by melding the souls of Elven Princesses to them.
As if hugging trees werent bad enough!
Luckily, for Arwen Undomiel, the daughter of Elrond, the Middle Earth Elves didnt feel the need to keep up with the latest Shannaran fashions.

The Ellcrys Weirwood Tree has a face in it.
The eyes bleed red sap.  Or is it really blood?
If this tree dies, then the magical protection that prevents the Realm of Chaos from spilling into the material world will fade and Chaos Demons will spew forth like a tidal wave upon the mortal realms.
While every forest has a Weirwood Tree at its center, they say the Weirwood of the furthest north was killed and explains why the Hordes of Chaos are sweeping across the lands. 

Yeah, I sculpted that face into the tree out of Magic Sculpt epoxy clay.
Im pretty happy with it, too.  It is pretty dang creepy!

Warlord Hulku's Ravagers

Great Orcs
These are Dark Orcs from Harlequin Miniatures' Fantasy Armies range.

More Great Orcs
Im not entirely sure, but Im guessing these are sculpted by Kev Adams.

Warlord Hulku
He is the Orc in the Iron Mask.  Some say he is the World Breaker.
One thing is for certain, he wants to set the world on fire... starting with the Ellcrys Tree!

Savage Orcs
In the center is Grubnob, chief of these Savage Orcs.

This tribe of Savage Orcs call themselves Ghost Nation.
They are so savage that tribal native hosts from Westworld decided to take that name for themselves too.
In return, the Savage Orcs tried to mimic taking enemy scalps, but its kind of hard to do when all you got is chiseled stone weapons.
So the Orcs have decided to rip enemy scalps off with their bare teeth!
Try and beat that you western hacks!  (Westworld Ghost Nation warriors are pretty badass though)

They believe that they have to send as many enemy souls to the afterlife as food for their savage gods Mork and Gork to feast upon.  And Hobbit souls count double!

Even other Orcs are creeped out by the Ghost Nation tribe and avoid them as much as possible.
Warlord Hulku, being such a great slaughter machine, has earned the respect of the Savage Orcs and joined him in his quest to cleanse the world with blood and fire.

Ok, our little kid heroes just had a splendid perfect game...  against Goblins.
But these guys are Orcs!
I cant send the kids to fight 15 Savage Orcs, 6 Great Orcs, and Warlord Hulku.
So, this last pic shows how many I think would make a suitable fight that our wee heroes should be able to tackle.


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