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Friday, November 18, 2016

Little Heroes, Part4 - Hey Kids, Save That Tree!

The final battle of the D&D Halloween Weekender...

Those evil Orcs are about to burn the Weirwood Tree!
It is up to our heroic kids and their animal friends to save the Tree, and Middle Earth!
To get to the Tree as fast as possible, the forest defenders have divided up into 4 forces based upon their movement speed.

Here is force #1, composed of the fastest critters in the Old Forest, led by Blueberry the fairy dragon.  
Against Agnes' wishes, the Jackalopes have joined this fast strike force.

Next up is force #2, led by Unicorn, who is actually a young celestial charger and can Cure Wounds.  While Panther is a heavy hitter, the Meerkats are pretty useless. But they are adorable!

Force #3 is the kids themselves.

Force #4 has the heaviest hitters, but are also the slowest and will arrive last. 
Bear and Wolverine are good fighters. 
Armadillo, Skunk and Turtle have great defenses. 
But Snowdrop the Penguin is the leader with his superior intellect and annoying honking noises that is sure to confuse the enemy.

Oh no!  Two Orcs are already at the Weirwood!

As they get ready to attack the sacred tree...

The fast response team arrives on the scene!

Bluebell:  Stop those Greenskins!

And right at the start of the battle, Bat is shot out of the air, and Hawk is crushed by a stone axe. 
Undeterred, the Jackalopes attack to avenge their fallen friends!

Meanwhile on the southern flank, Grubnob and the rest of his Savage Orcs are headed to the Tree. 
Unicorn and his forces attempt to ambush them. 
The Meerkats and Ferret burrow their way behind the invaders. 
Raccoon thinks about running, but Unicorn prods him on.

Raccoon:  I can help!  But first I think there is an upturned trashcan over there that needs sorting out first!

Grubnob smashes a couple of Meerkats into oblivion.  (Agnes' sharp intake of shock makes me feel bad)

Back in the center, Eagle is clubbed to death...

Finally, the kids arrive on the scene! 
They look up at the hill and see the carnage taking place.
They are not happy campers, seeing how many animals have been harmed.

Tommy:  For NARNIA!!!!!!  Charge!

Max:  Its clobberin time!

Agnes:  Save Blueberry! and the Jackalopes!  and the Meerkats... and the...

The Orc archer falls in battle as the Pegasus tramples him underhoof.

On the northern flank, Hulku and his Great Orcs approach.
Hulku sees the battle on the Weirwood hill. 
He also sees the Savage Orcs on the southern flank under attack.

Hulku:  (looks to the Orcs at his side)  Hulku....   SMASH!!!

The kids win the center and see that the tree is unharmed... for now.

Agnes: Whew!  At least the Jackalopes are ok...

Tommy:  Where are the other boys?  Billy? Max? Liam?

The boys have counter charged Hulku's forces.
Pegasus has joined them.

Max:  Billy, get your heals up, I will tank the big boss!

Billy:  I got you guys covered.  Yeesh... these Orcs are massive...

Hulku:  Smash?
Pegasus is taking huge hits already, as the Orc with a 2 Handed Axe swings it with wild abandon.
Meanwhile, the other Orc brings down his weapons on Liam's magical shield over and over.

Liam:  (gulping)  Sigmar give me strength, these Orcs are ferocious!
The defenders at the Tree regroup and huddle up to talk strategy.

Katie:  We gotta help the boys!

Tommy:  No, we have to save the southern flank.  Its about to collapse.   We need to help them or else the Tree will be in danger.  Once we secure the south, we can double back and help the boys. 

Katie:  And the Tree?

Tommy:  Agnes!  You must stay here with the Tree!  You still have your Magic Missile.  If any Orc gets through, its up to you to defend the Ellcrys Tree!

Agnes:  Fine, but leave the Jackalopes with me and Mr Toonces.

Tommy:  We cant, the Jackalopes are fast, we need them on the field.

Katie: Mr Fox will stay with you.

Blueberry:  Take care, little miss witch girl.  

Agnes:  You too, Blueberry! You guys hurry back!  Ok?

In the south, Ferret is smashed by Grubnob and his club.
The Meerkats have seen enough and make a run for it.

Raccoon has found his courage and just in time!
Panther is on the verge of death...

Blueberry and the Jackalopes charge Grubnob, with Tommy and Katie close behind.

Unicorn defeats his Orc and helps the others. 
As Panther is about to die, Raccoon takes the hit instead.
Such bravery!

Grubnob discovers that the Jackalopes are harder to hit than it looks. 
They spin around him in a blur.
Tommy charges in.

Tommy vs Grubnob


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