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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bear-y Happy Thanksgiving - Oldhammer Owlbear

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to a bear filled post.
Why bears?
Because thats what I got painted, no connection between bears and this holiday.
I couldnt even think of a proper "pun"ny title... alas.

Onwards to some yummy pics and some light fluff (and maybe some hints at future developments here on the blog!)

High above in the pass of the Misty Mountain...
There lived an Owlbear!

This is an ADD81 - Owlbear.
From back in the day, when Citadel made minis for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

 He is a lovely figure, and I only have the one.
There are 3 major variants, along with 4 head variants, for a total of 7 bears.
I would love to have the others, without having to pay exorbitant collector prices.

 Look at the cute lil fella, roaring and stuff...

Bugbears have been sighted!
These hairy hill goblins have thick fur and padded feet.
Perfect for sneaking up on enemies!

Any trading expedition that passes through the Misty Mountains know and fear the Bugbear raiders.
But today, they arent hunting the usual Dwarf, Breelander, Elf, or Dale caravan.

They are here to make a pact. An alliance!
It is Thanksgiving, afterall...

Here is the Bugbear chieftain and his banner bearer.

The scouts have reported in!
The target is within sight...

Here is the Bugbear Shaman and some crossbow troops.
The Shaman calls over the Chieftain and they both approach the goal of their quest for today.

 The Owlbear.  Of course!  Bears of a feather should stick together...
At least thats the Shaman's slogan.
The Chieftain doesnt take any chances and decides to win the Owlbear over with...

Half rations!  C'mon you Bugbears!  
Give up half your hunting meats to the big Owlbear!
There you go, right into his savage maw!
Consider it an investment.

The Owlbear, inbetween gulps of thanksgiving meats, speaks in broken Bugbeareese about the little ones...

Little ones?  Could they be good allies to join up with, as well?

Chieftain and Shaman follow the Owlbear's directions and finds a cave...

A cave filled with little bears...  with spears!  and axes!

The place is teeming with them!

They are Quaglings, or Dwarf Quaggoths as they are known in the Underdark.
Created by a young Dark Elf sorceress as pets, long ago.
Sadly, like most pets, they were abandoned in favor of new pets by their master.
The Quaglings had to live in the caves of the Misty Mountain Pass... without guidance and comforts (or treats!)
They learned to survive on the occasional caravan passersby... Dwarf, Man, or even Hobbit!

And so, the bears of varying sizes meet up with one final potential ally...
The Dark Elves, The Night Elves, or the Drow as they call themselves.
These particular Drow are the Gelflings of Gundabad.
They have relocated here in the Misty Mountain pass to start a new domain of terror.

At first the Quaglings are suspicious of the She Elves, because of the memory of hurt from their former owner.
But that was long ago, and these are different Elves.
All it takes is one little neck scratch from Guard Maiden to win them over.
Ah, but arent those little bears too trusting for their own good...

On this Thanksgiving Day, the Bear and Drow alliance is formed.
Together they shall share in all the bounty and loot that passes over the Mountains.
Cured Meats, Pipeweed, Bugmans Brew...
Prosperity is coming for the Misty Mountain Raiders, and they shall take it!



  1. Great stuff! Just saw this and I really like how you painted those CP Models Bugbears. I based mine on washers for my 1/72 (20mm) project. They look good on 25mm squares. I need to get cracking and paint the rest of mine. Oh, are you in the US?

    1. Those are 20mm square bases, not 25's. And yes, I am in the good ol' USA... Are you in need of a paint commission? See here:

    2. Ah ok, for some reason I thought they we 25's. I have a love hate relationship with painting my own figures. I feel like it's part of the hobby to paint and build your own stuff, but sometimes just run out of mojo real bad. I'll keep you in mind and look at your commission blog. If you're on facebook you might want to check out the Oldhammer in the New World group on there. I just did a fan zine for it and the file is on there. Anyway I'll try to keep caught up on your blog better. I like your stuff.

    3. Oh, my bad, I thought you were asking me my location to get a commission.
      I remember seeing your post on TMP about an Oldhammer zine, but unfortunately, I no longer remember my facebook password, or the email associated with it. But I think its great that the Oldhammer spirit is alive and well, not just in the UK, but here in 'Murica too. Cheers, Mar