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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Little Heroes, Part2 - The Battle Of Goldberry's Pond

The kids were about to be tested with a proper battle.
The boys were excited to see a bigger battle on the table.
The girls were anxious...  not for themselves, but for their new animal friends.
Agnes, in particular, was already personally invested in the welfare of the Jackalopes.
Why did I have to say they were an endangered species?


A band of Night Goblins have entered the Old Forest.

The call themselves the Red Rum Hooligans.
They are a raucous band of villainous gobbos that like to torture and eat small animals, and human children is a special treat for these evil Gobbos!

The commanders of the Red Rum Hooligans

This musician like to bang on a gong!

The leader of the Red Rum Hooligans is Tony.
He speaks in a creepy voice and likes to start the chant of "Red Rum" that his hooligans are known for.
They like to bend their fingers in sync as if their fingers were chanting too.

The banner bearer

The rare and highly hallucinogenic mushroom known as Amanita Musquigia grows on top of the unit's banner as well as the musicians gong staff.

They are surprised to see a fox and a baby pegasus ahead.

Tony:  Look at these stupid animals!  Dont they know we are hungry hunters!?

But the animals run off before the archers can fire on them.  The fox heads one way and the pegasus another...

Tony: Oi!  Gobbos, split up!  Gong Boy, take half of our force and catch that fox!  I will take the rest and get that flying horsey!

Mr Fox heads towards a small pond and a willow tree.
Gong Boy commands his troops to attack.
As soon as the Gobbos approach the willow tree, they are surprised as branches come to life and begins to strangle them.  Only a few of them escape the clutches of Old Man Willow... the rest decide to run straight out of the Old Forest.

Which leaves only ten Gobbos chasing Pegasus.
The Pegasus leads them to the pond.

The Gobbos are surprised to see some of the kids they are hunting.

They form up in line with the Pegasus.

Suddenly the Gobbos find themselves at the center of an ambush!

The Jackalopes are attacking with Hit and Run tactics using their incredible speed.

Max and the Meerkats attack!

Unicorn and Bear maul a Goblin

Tony, the Gobbo champion is attacked by aerial support. 
Liam charges in to help out.

Blueberry and Snowdrop lead a surprise attack

Turtle makes an even more surprising attack, as he emerges out of the pond itself!

Tommy has a sword duel with the banner bearer

Panther, Skunk, and Armadillo pounce on a frightened Gobbo

And the battle is won, without a single friendly casualty!
Tommy shows his tactical genius with a major victory against the Greenskin forces.

The captured Night Gobbo champion laughs at them and says he will be avenged. 
He boasts about their plan to burn and kill the heart of the forest. 
Another group of Orcs are on their way to the sacred tree of the Old Forest. 

Blueberry: Oh no! The Greenskins are planning to murder the Weirwood Tree!

Tommy:  Whats a Weirwood Tree?

Blueberry:  Its a special tree that is linked to other Weirwood trees around Middle Earth.  But the Weirwood tree of the Old Forest is special!  Our sacred tree is also an Ellcrys Tree, made by the joint magics of the Slann and the Elves of Shannara.  If it is harmed, the demonic forces of Chaos will be able to enter our world.  Then not only will the Old Forest be in danger...  but the whole of Middle Earth!  (And Shannara!)

Tommy:  Then we must save this Ellcrys Tree!


Kids these days...

Well played, Tommy.  That was a masterful piece of generalship.   I was afraid I was using too many goblins for them to handle.  But the kids showed their tenacity.  Having all those magic weapons from the Barrow adventure helped out too, I suppose.

Im thinking there are 3 more posts to go and I will be all caught up with the Basic D&D / Kid's Night of Fright Halloween extravaganza that went down.  

I know Ive been slacking off.
I will try to post them up asap. 

Then we can get back to our regularly scheduled Oldhammer goodness.



  1. What a delightful battle! I love your set up and your well-chosen & eclectic selection of minis. But mostly, I love the way you painted those goblins!
    The battle sounds like it was a lot of fun. More please!

    1. Thank you, sir. Twas great fun indeed. More is coming in the next day or two. Ah, a fellow oldhammer aficionado, I see. Mahabone, brother!