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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Basic Dungeons & Dragons - The Kids Are Alright, Part 2

Here begins Part 2 of the Halloween D&D game...

 Somewhere in the hills southeast of Bree...
The sun is setting and six little kids and their pets find a little gulch between hills that is out of the wind.

 Mr Fox whimpers as if pleading to the kids.

Katie:  Its ok now, Mr Fox.  We will rest here and you will feel better in the morning.

Billy: (yawning)  I never thought I would say it, but its way past our bedtime...

 Mr Fox continues to whimper.

Billy: I hear ya, Mr Fox, I dont like this place either.

 Tommy:  Hmm.  We will take turns staying awake, Max and I will take the first watch.

Max:  Its summer, it should be warm.  But this wind has a unnatural chill to it.

Tommy:  Its just a night wind, Max.  (whispering) Keep your voice down, I dont want you scaring the lil kids, they are exhausted enough as it is...   But yeah, there is something strange in the wind...

Max:  Whatever Sister Beatrice didnt like about these hills, it better not show up or I will bash it in the face!

 The rest of the kids, begin to fall asleep.
Agnes is saying something about "Magic Missile in the morning" and then begins to snore.
Katie looks over and sees Mr Fox go over to snuggle with Agnes and Mr Toonces.  But no, he passes them by and wanders off towards a rock formation.
She wants to call out to Mr Fox, but instead she begins to drift off into sleep.  At the last moment, she remembers a poem about the hills...

Out fled Barrow-wight through the window leaping,
through the yard, over wall like a shadow sweeping,
up hill wailing went back to leaning stone-rings,
back under lonely mound, rattling his bone-rings.

These arent hills, she thinks to herself!  They are barrow mounds!  She has to warn everyone.  But suddenly, as the moon shines out from the clouds, a strange cold wind comes over her, and in that wind is a voice, "Rest little ones, rest in a deep and dreamless slumber.  Enter my home and find rest..."

 Katie feels like she is walking in a dream with the other kids and they are going through a door in the hill that she thought was just a rock.

 She wants to stop but her legs wont obey her.
The rock door slams shut behind them. 

The kids continue to sleepwalk right to the edge of a foul looking pool.

 Something begins to bubble up from its center.

 This is no regular Barrow Wight's mound, it belongs to Boneclaw the Wraith!
The Wraith is resting here after his ignominous defeat at Sarn Ford.

In his weakened state, he is still a fearsome opponent!
While a wraith is normally HitDice 4, Boneclaw is HD 3.
And instead of Drain Life, he has Paralysis Touch, like a ghoul.

 Suddenly, the kids hear Liam praying to Sigmar and it breaks the spell that is controlling the kids!  They see that the enemy that has lured them into the barrow mound is indeed real and not a dream.

Liam:  Guys!  Snap out of it!  Tommy?  What do we do?

Agnes:  Oh no... our rest was disturbed.  I dont have Magic Missile ready yet!

 Tommy:  We fight it!

Katie: Wait!  Its a  Barrow Wight!  

Boneclaw:  I... am... a... Wraith...

Katie: Ok, pardon me...  Mr. Wraith.   (looking back at Tommy)  Barrow Wight or Wraiths... You cant hurt them unless with magic weapons or spells.  And Agnes doesnt have hurting spells at the moment.  Even if she did, I dont think its enough to beat a Wraith.  Lets try talking to it first!

Tommy:  This is a bad idea, Katie!

Agnes:  I knew I should have paid attention to the Patronus Charms chapter in my spell book!

 Katie:  Hi! We come in peace. I am Katie, whats your name?

Boneclaw:  I... am... Boneclaw... the... Wraith...

Katie:  Is there anything we can do for you so we can become friends?

Boneclaw:  you... can... die....

 The Wraith is unnaturally fast and gains the initiative.
He reaches out and taps Katie on the shoulder and she is immediately knocked out and paralyzed.

 Tommy:  We cant beat it with our weapons, we need time to figure out what to do.  Liam, hold him off for as long as you can!

Liam:  I am the shield of Sigmar!  Begone foul creature!

Liam's always "on" Protection from Evil makes him a tough target for Boneclaw.

The Wraith attacks... and misses!
It misses a 2nd time...

 But even his faith in Sigmar isnt enough to save him from the Wraith's power.
All it takes is one hit from the Wraith to knock him out.

 The kids climb a rise of rock in the center of the chamber.

Boneclaw:  there... is... no... escape...

 Boneclaw:  almost... there...

Agnes slips as the Wraith closes in on them.

 At the last second, they climb up to the center rise.  The Wraith will have to circle back around.

Tommy: OK, everyone look around the chamber quick.  What do we see?

Billy:  There is a small hole in this wall here.

 Agnes:  Look above.  There is a ledge up high over there.  But we cant climb it without a rope.

Billy: I knew I should have brought some rope!

Tommy: I knew one of us should have rolled up a Thief character!

Agnes:  If only my broom was a Quidditch broom...

 Agnes:  Boneclaw is coming around the corner!

Billy:  Wait, I can Turn Undead, why didnt I remember earlier?  Oh yeah, total fear!  I am ready now though, I will use it on him when he gets closer!

Tommy:  OK, Max get up here with me at the top of the stairs. And Billy you blast it with your ability whenever you are ready...

Tommy:  Billy, if your Turn Undead doesnt work, then you and Agnes have to crawl down that hole in the wall.

Agnes:  Why dont we all go in the hole now?

Tommy:  Max and I wont fit, only you little kids can.

Max:  Here he comes!   Im ready to rumble!


Things are getting serious for the kids.

Part 3 coming soon...


  1. Looks nice, atmospheric and your pictures!

    1. Thanks buddy, truth to tell, I know nothing about the art of photography. I point and click but with lots of light.

  2. That wraith is one gribbly figure.... my heart is in my mouth as I dash to read part 3.