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Mars Miniatures

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Rest Of The Rebased

Whew, rebasing is hard work.
But here are the last of the Dwarfs who needed switching from round to square.
I do need to make or buy some movement trays.

Overview of alot of stunties.

The Dwarf battle lines in depth.

High King Thorgrim on his Throne of Power.
He is talking strategy with his 4 trusted counselors:
Kragg the Grim, Runelord (back left),
Burlok Damminson, Guildmaster Engineer (front left),
Ungrim Ironfist, the Slayer King (back right),
Joseph Bugman, Brew Master (front right)

Edit: Please note that I, Mars Minis, made the terrible mistake of calling Thorgrim as Kazador.  This mistake was spotted by LordOdo (of the Lead Adventure Forum).  LordOdo, is now given the Dwarf Eagle's Eye award and is proclaimed Dwarf-Friend by official decree and may visit the Kingdom of Moria at any time.  I, however must shave my beard in shame...  I really do need to shave, it really is getting quite unruly and scruffy.

Here is yet another Dwarf King.
King Kazador and his 20 heavily armored Dwarfs, the Gold Shields.
They count as Ironbreakers. 

Prince Ulther and his 18 Imperial Dwarfs, the Lion Company.
Im going to use their own old school rules.  They have heavy armor, axes, shields, and 2 pistols each.

10 Troll Slayers with a Daemon Slayer Champion.

Grombrindal the White Dwarf is the champion of this unit of 24 Hammerers.

All of these doughty Dwarfs are armed with heavy 2 handed weapons.
In the front ranks, you may see that Skag the Stealthy and Porkins are here.

Dwarf Miners are ready to go spelunking and end up behind enemy lines.

There are some old school miners that have been added to this unit.
But also a couple of 90s ones as well, like the banner and musician.
All these additions have bolstered the miners to a nice 24 count.

We still have 10 Crossbow Dwarfs here.

Gimli, Nindalf, King Gorrin and the Dwarf Lords of Legend are in command of this unit of 28 Dwarf Warriors.

15 Ratnik Dwarfs

20 Reaper Dwarfs under the command of Baron Hawk.

10 Highlander Dwarfs
Counts as Rangers (ignore difficult terrain penalties)

18 Heartbreaker Dwarfs

A random collection of 10 Dwarfs.  Some are plastic D&D minis, some are MageKnight.
But yet again, here at Mars Minis, we do not discriminate against any Dwarf regardless of company, year of manufacture, or material (plastic, metal, or resin).

In fact, I have every intention of making some large plastic purchases in the very near future, to further bolster the Stuntie Army.  With the size of units getting quite large here and getting larger all the time, this blog may see 8th edition and an EndTimes campaign (my take on it, at any rate) in the future.  But lets not get carried away here, 6/7th edition is going to be here for awhile.

Next Post:  The Grand Army of Khazad Dum


  1. I like square bases. I don't see why so many people seem to think round are better. (That is, I don't mind people having personal preferences, but so often people assert that round bases look better as if it's some kind of objective fact that everyone ought to recognise.)

    1. I dont think its a matter of which is best. In the 1st and 2nd edition Warhammer rulebooks, rounds are alright to use. IMHO, its about using the right tools for the right job thing. Rounds are for skirmish gaming, and squares are for mass combat. Personally, for skirmish, if I could go back in time, I would have gone with those proper 80s Hex Bases. ;p

    2. I was only talking about aesthetic considerations. Plenty of times I've heard people say they want to use rounds for AoS or Frostgrave or whatever because 'they look better'.

      I can certainly see why rounds might have some game-play advantage in measurement, though where front arcs matter then squares also have an advantage. But most people seem to think, if rules don't matter, go round. I prefer square. Not really a fan of hexes to be honest, unless playing something on a hexagon board.