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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Citadel Imperial Dwarf Box Set & More

I have got my hands on an Oldhammer Citadel set from the 80s.
Its the Prince Ulther Imperial Dwarves!
I have had 18 of them for awhile now, but didnt have the box itself.  So I jumped at the chance to get another 18 of them but this time with the box.

Here is the front. 

And the back with the fluff and rules!

Here are the 2 figures I had been missing.  A musician and Prince Ulther himself. 
All this time I thought I had Prince Ulther, but actually I had the unit champion, Borri Forkbeard.

So, here is a pic of all 36 Imperial Dwarves I now have. 
As you can see, Runelord Kragg has joined this unit.
Front rank from left to right: 2 troopers, musician, banner, Prince Ulther, Runelord Kragg, Borri Forkbeard, 2 troopers.

Here is another newly painted Dwarf. Boren the Hunter with his trusty feline companion. 
He might be a druid, or a ranger, but he is definitely a rat trapper.

Oh look its Ratcatcher and Bob the Bouncer. 
They convince Boren to join the Rangers.

So Boren joins the ranks of the Rangers alongside Josef Bugman himself.
Front rank left to right: The Beercart, 2 drunk dwarves, Pickles the Mapmaster, Josef Bugman, Stonewall Jarlson, Finlay the Bagpiper.

Two newly painted Grenadier Dwarves.  One is carrying a sack, and the other is carrying something wrapped in cloth.  Is it gems, gold, or food?  Im thinking its explosives of some sort.
So these two join the Dwarven Miners.

So the Miners unit is growing even more.

3 more painted Dwarves.  The fella in the center, I have no idea who makes it, but he is definitely of old school manufacture.  The other two are converted Throne Dwarves.

Another 4 recently painted Dwarves.

All 7 of these new fellows will join Gloin's unit - The Iron Hills Regiment.
Notable Dwarves in this unit are:  Gloin (Gimli's dad), Nindalf the Wizard, Hodor, 5 Dwarf Lords of Legend (The Baron, Angus, Lastro, Uther, and DeathEye), and also Cheery Dwarf.

Gimli and the other 3 Dwarf Lords of Legend who have 2-handed weapons have gone to join the Hammerers unit with the High King.

I also painted up some 80s Chaos Warriors.  Here is a Slaanesh and a Tzeentch warrior.

A Khorne and a Nurgle warrior.

A newly painted Reaper barbarian.  I think I will call him Hagar the Horrible.

He will be joining the ranks of these fine barbarians. 

Readers of this fine blog will know these fellas were in the employ of Tyrion.
But now they seem to be chums with those Chaos Warriors.

So a rather haphazard post of newly painted stuff.
The next one will either be a photoshoot of all the painted Dwarves I currently have.  The Grand Muster of Moria.

Or I might show off the Orcs and Gobbos.  I have a ton of new ones painted up. 

All the older Greenskins have been rebased to squares and are nearly finished with their bases being flocked.  The Wraith and his undead, the Dark Elves, Dragons, and various monstrosities are all in line for flocking as well. 

At any rate, Im hoping in the next week that all base work will be finished for the enemies of the Dwarves.  Which means only one thing...  War is coming!


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