Mars Miniatures

Mars Miniatures

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Army Of Moria with Video!

Short update today, but this time with a video!
I took out all the painted Dwarves I have on my shelves and the current muster is at 453.
Its just been a lil over a year since I began my retro delving into Oldhammer goodness and I still feel like there is just so much more to do and stunties yet to purchase and paint. Gotta catch em all!

Quick pic of the Muster of Moria.

And here is the video.  Which could be a lot better, I admit.  But the music is inspiring!  The Dwarven Empire will reach the limits of glory.  I do need to find a Dwarven Napoleon figure, I think I remember seeing one sometime ago.

In the next post I will show off all the enemies of our stuntie heroes... the Axis of Evil!  Orcs, Undead and Dark Elves.

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  1. Very impressive collection! Keep up the great dwarfing