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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Radagast & His Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Quest

On the road to Bree, Aragorn and company run into....  Radagast the Brown and a company of foot Knights in full armor! 

Finally, this blog confronts the issue of Radagast and how he is at the center of all the bad events that are ruining Middle Earth!

Left to Right:  Aragorn, Radagast the Brown, the "Lost Knights of Arthedain"

Aragorn:  Radagast!  Dont tell me that YOU are the Resistance Leader!?!?!

Radagast:  (looking sad)  Um, no...  actually Im not.  Im not even a hero, really.  I have soooo much to make up for.

Aragorn:  (puts arm around the wizards shoulder)  Oh?  Whats wrong there, buddy?  You can tell your old pal Aragorn...

Radagast:  Where to start?  Umm..  so I was leading Arwen, Haldir, Glorfindel, a Dwarf from Westeros, and alot of Barbarians through Moria...  (see last years posts of basic D&D in Moria,  EDIT:  Ohhh, yeah, the very last ending adventure was not recorded on the blog.  Its all for the best, really!  Lets just let Radagast explain... But at least you can read how well they started off!)

Aragorn:  Ooh, did you run into Halbarad?  He was on a mission there with Eomer and Eowyn!  I hope they are ok?

Radagast:  Oh they are fine, Im sure, they took a different route than us.  But...  (sighs)  I lost Arwen and all the other Elves in the Tombs of Terror!  Haldir was impaled, Glorfindel is trapped in a rock prison, and Arwen stepped through a doorway that looked like a mouth!  It might have been a sphere of annihilation, but Im certain it was actually a portkey! (I claim DM's discretion in saving Arwen for a future adventure hook!)  In fact, as she disappeared, I noticed the faint odor of brimstone...  The dwarf Tyrion and his barbarians lasted a bit longer, they...

Aragorn: You let my beloved Arwen fall into... HELL!?!?   Arwen Evenstar, daughter of Elrond, grand-daughter of Galadriel, High Elven Princess of both Rivendell and Loth-Lorien...

Radagast:  Noooo... not that bad!  It was the odor of noxious fumes that could only be from the Dark Plains of Mordor...  So, shes fine...  as long as she keeps herself hidden in the shrubbery... and avoids the Orc patrols.  And the toxic pools.  And the Nazgul on winged beasts.  Oh and the Eye of Sauron thats like a searchlight of doom...  Look, Aragorn, we can go find her later.  Right now we have to save Bree.  Then we can save Arwen.  OH wait.  We have to save Gandalf from the top of Isengard Tower after Bree.  Thats why Im here, we save Bree, then get all the northern humans together to assault that traitorous Saruman...

Aragorn:  (facepalm)  Gandalf too?

Radagast:  Well, I was supposed to send Eagles to Isengard, but then... you know the Tomb of Terrors thing happened, and Galadriel banished me from Loth Lorien... and I forgot.  So by the time I got to the Misty Mountains, something terrible happened to the Eagles!  Terrible, Aragorn...  its Tzeentch, he must have planned this for a long time...

Aragorn:  Arwen, Gandalf, Eagles...  Im afraid to ask about the most important news of all...  Frodo.

Radagast:  Wait, who is Frodo?

Aragorn:  (facepalm)

Radagast:  I hope its not too important...

Aragorn:  (facepalm)

 This mini's actually code is Citadel C02 - Gustavus Ravenmage.
Of course, in my campaign... he is Radagast the Brown!

 According to the November 1985 flyer advertisement for C02 Wizards, you can buy them for a blister pack of 3 wizards for £1.50 

 The "Lost Knights of Arthedain" claim they are descended from ancient nobility from the fall of the Northern Kingdoms.

 Others call them "Robber Knights" and say they are just grave robbers who stole armor and weapons from the Barrow Mounds south east of Bree.

 Whatever the truth is, these self proclaimed Knights now believe in their Knightly vows.

They have certainly been instrumental in the Breeland Resistance, bravely holding the line and inspiring their fellows in battle.


So, yeah, that Tomb of Terrors adventure never made it to the blog.
But it was indeed disastrous.
Better to have it condensed as a footnote in the Moria Reclamation Project.

Yes, the Eagles are changed into something sinister.
But we wont have to worry about them in this current campaign.
That will have to wait for the Misty Mountains campaign later this year.
Lets just say, a certain Cimmerian will have his hands full with that fine-feathered problem!
I know I keep teasing him, but the Riddle of Steel is indeed coming, so get ready for that pop quiz, kids.
Along with that other quiz "What is best in life?"

Next post:   Prancing Pony Militia

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