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Friday, February 10, 2017

Aragorn Arrives In Breeland, Village of Archet

Welcome dear readers, to a series of posts introducing the Defenders (and later the Attackers!) of Breeland.
Ive got alot of proper Oldhammer minis to show off!

The Rangers of the North are waging a great and terrible war against the combined forces of the 3 Undead Kings.

- The Night King is the leader of the White Walkers (Wights) and his undead minions.
- The Witch King of Angmar is the Lord of the Nazgul and the greatest lieutenant of Sauron.
- The Lich King is the Lord of the Scourge and master of Icecrown Citadel in Northrend.

This war is a stalemate.
A protracted siege fought all along the fortresses of the North - The Wall, Castle Black, Fornost, and the ancient capital of Annuminas.
But even so, in many places, there are still areas where undead forces are able to break through and terrorize the southern lands.

Ravens have brought news that the Shire and Breeland have been burnt and ravaged.
The defenders of the Shire have retreated south.
But in Breeland, a Resistance Leader has risen to forge the survivors of humanity from the ashes!
More armies of the Undead are heading to Bree again and in even greater numbers.

Aragorn the Ranger has decided to head south to Breeland, to help this mysterious Leader of the Resistance and rally Bree from certain doom.
Aragorn has left command of the defenses to  Lord Commander Jeor Mormont and Jon Snow.
He cannot bring an army of Rangers with him, but he has sent a handful across the lands to inspire other nations to send contingents to Bree...
To Kislev and its Icy Queen, Rohan and the Horse Lords, Dale and King Brand, Deepwood Motte and House Glover, White Harbor and House Manderley, and to the mercenary Houses of Estalia and Tilea - the famous Dogs of War.

In the meantime, a lone Aragorn has fought his way to the northernmost part of Breeland, the forested village of Archet.

We now take you to the action...

Left to Right:  Aragorn, Aeron Thistlewood, the "Rip Raffs"

Aeron Thistlewood is bandit chief of these parts.

 This mini is an 80s Pre-Slotta Oldhammer Citadel figure from the Fantasy Adventurers Cavalry line (FAC)
His code is:  FAC4 Mounted Sneak Thief with Dagger
Sneak Thief is pretty awesome descriptor!

Aragorn:  Excuse me, I am Aragorn, also known as Strider the Ranger.  Are you the Leader of the Resistance?

Aeron Thistlewood:  Hail and well met.  I am not the Resistance Leader you are looking for.  I am a simple bandit chief trying to make my way in the world.  However, I am on my way to Bree to look for this Leader and see if we can join forces with him?  Shall we share the road?

Aragorn:  Sure!  (moves his wallet to his front pocket)

He wears an eyepatch like any good ruffian should.
He lost his eye in a game of Sabbac in Eisley out east, past the Dune Flats.
Apparently, the great East of Middle Earth is full of great wretched hives of villainy and scum, even more than a Breelander can handle.

The Archers of Archet are also known as the "Rip Raffs"

In times of peace, they are a gang of unruly hooligans.
In these dark times, even lowborn scum like these fellows have a chance to become heroes!


Next post:  Onwards to the village of Combe!


  1. Awesome job, love the archers, very expressive faces...

    1. Thanks buddy, aint no school like Citadel old school. They certainly do have that world weary look on their faces.