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Monday, February 27, 2017

Ruined Medieval Buildings, The Lovely Wreckage Of Bree

Just finished up painting these Armorcast resin terrain pieces.
And... more than 200 Undead troops as well, lots of bones coming up in the next post!

So, lets examine the Ruins of Bree...

So I got 5 ruined structures here.

This one has a nice chimney

...and a bay window

Nice creepy textures

Armorcast are made to order, it seems and takes quite awhile to arrive.

In my case, it was more than a month from order to delivery. 

Still, I think it was worth the wait.

But be prepared to deal with lots of miscasting! 

There were some extraneous miscasts on the joins that were a pain to remove and fit together. 

Epoxy putty helps alot to fill the joins.

I used a limited palette of paints for the ruined muddy remains of Breeland.

This one was once a fancy building.

Either a cathedral

Or a civic building

Im thinking a terrible bombardment of some sort happened here

or perhaps a devastating spell

But life goes on, in the ruins of Bree!
Here is the portable Prancing Pony snug pub!

Barliman orders the best barrels be brought out for the troops.
The defenders of Breeland could use some liquid courage to bolster their morale.

Master Howland sets up a forge to upgrade the weaponry of the Resistance

A nice sparkling fountain in the ruins

Radagast sets up a little wizards study to prepare his Vancian spells for the upcoming battle.

And what stocks of coin, grain, and beer are kept in the baggage train, guarded by the Paymaster and some volunteers.


So there is the terrain for the battles to come.
Preliminary reports indicate that 2 large forces of Undead are approaching Bree from the north and the east.
The eastern force is composed of a massive zombie horde, led by wraiths.
The northern force is composed of an army of skeletons commanded by lich necromancers.

Aragorn, Radagast, Barliman, and Bill Ferny are debating whether they should wait for them here in Bree, which gives them time to entrench some defensive works.
Or to march forth and defeat one army at a time...
Smash the closer eastern force on the road.
Then afterwards turning north to face the second force.
It is unanimously agreed to destroy the invaders piecemeal.

The Undead player realizes he just made a mistake in not converging his forces before approaching Bree.

The strategy is made, we will see the outcome on the field of battle!

Next post:  The Shambling Hordes of Undead


  1. Very nice buildings and great painting as always. Looking forward to seeing the undead.

  2. Wonderful ruins, love the fantastic details!

  3. I like how you've painted these. My favorite is the church/official building. I think maybe the molds at armorcast are getting a bit old. I ordered a figure from them that had some pretty horrible flash.