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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Prancing Pony Militia

Aragorn and company finally get to Bree.
All his life, Aragorn has trained in the art of war.
But nothing prepared him for politics.
His dealings with the commoners has sparked an interest in him to at least try to understand them.
But, its hard work trying to get the communist farmers from preaching louder than the union worker activists.

Guy who has had enough:  Hey... hey... (crowd quiets down)  This is library....

All this politics is giving Aragorn a big headache.
Strangely, the bandits seem to be the least troublesome.
They just tease the farmers, and try to steal from the union workers.
Bandits at least are just lovable bullies.

Aragorn:  These protesters and anti-protesters are getting out of hand, Radagast.  Hopefully some Undead show up soon!  

Radagast:  Dont worry there buddy, they are being painted as fast as possible by our invisible blog chronicler!  BTW, you should hire that "This is Library" guy when you become King.  And not just because you need to have an Easterling quota in your cabinet, but Im pretty sure that he will be an internet meme someday.  

Aragorn:  Whats an internet?

Aragorn and Radagast lead a motley band of rogues into town.

Oh, I forgot to mention my new game mat from Deep Cut Studios, all the way from Lithuania!
I splurged and got the mouse pad material.  It folds out totally flat and the colors are great.
It just matches Oldhammer colors, like 80's gamebook art.
I got this one with cobblestones and another stony/mountain one for the Return to Moria campaign.

I highly recommend!  Thats a 10 out of 10 axes review rating from me.

Still, these ragtag elements are beginning to look like the start of an army.

Left to Right: Radagast, Aragorn, Barliman Butterbur
Behind them:  the Prancing Pony Militia

Aragorn:  So it is you!  Barliman, who would have thought?

Barliman Butterbur:  Thought what?

Aragorn:  That you would be the great Leader of the Resistance!

Barliman Butterbur:  The Leader?  Where?  Oh, you mean that you are?  (bows to Aragorn)

Aragorn:  Hmmm.... No, Im not.  But obviously you couldnt have been.  Well, then who is?

Barliman Butterbur: Oh.  Um, Ive met him several times as he has given his orders.  Its always orders with that fellow. But he always wears a mask to hide his face.  Time and time again, he has beaten the odds, and taught us how to fight and smash those Undead bastards!  He has brought us back from the brink of extinction!  Somehow he always knows what the enemy is up to.  Like he can read their minds!  The last orders he gave was to assemble here, because he is coming to reveal his face at last.  For a second, I did think it was you, Strider.  But then, how silly, you are just a "ranger".  How can a man who wanders the wilds be the Great Leader?

Aragorn:  Well, you are right about one thing, Im not the Resistance Leader.  Obviously it isnt Gandalf, he is imprisoned atop a tower.  And Saruman is a traitor, so not him.  One of the Blue Wizards from the East, perhaps?  Eomer? Did he ever come out of Moria?  An Elector Count of the Empire, or maybe a Bretonnian Lord on crusade.  That Luthor Huss fellow is gaining steam with the zealots, maybe him?  Eddard Stark is beheaded, so not him.  Or maybe a Southerner?  That Boromir, or his ranger brother, or maybe that Dol Amroth guy with a Swan hat... 

Barliman Butterbur:  Relax, he said he would be here...  Im sure we will all be surprised when he unmasks himself.  In the meantime, drinks are on the house!  We keep Prancing Pony Beer in our supply wagons.

(The Army of Breeland Cheers)

Barliman Butterbur, former proprietor of the Prancing Pony Inn, has turned into a hero of Breeland. 
During the many battles that raged in Bree against the initial Undead invasions, the Prancing Pony was burned to the ground like most of Bree.
The mysterious Leader of the Resistance has called upon him and his men to help save Breeland from enslavement and death.

Something clicked in Butterbur's head and he has been reborn hard.
Now he is called Baron Butterbur, first of his name, lord of House Butterbur, Right Hand of the Resistance Leader!

Most of the former Prancing Pony wait staff have now become military staff. 
The treasurer is now the quartermaster, the barmaid is now the cantiniere, the cook is a forager, the stable boy is a trumpeter, and the bouncer is the master of arms.

 Left to Right: Master of Arms, Quartermaster, Trumpeter
 Left to Right: Banner Bearer, Forager, Cantiniere

Like most things in the militia, the banner is still a work in progress.

Not all the Militia have been armed properly, some still carry pitchforks.

Also, the Shields havent been properly emblazoned with Prancing Pony heraldry.
So for the meantime, a white chevron on a green field will make do.

At some point, it would be nice if they all had spears like these fellows.
Except for the fellow in the middle... without shoes... and apparently without pants too!

When the big battles come, Butterbur reminds the men, that spears will be available (as casualties occur)


So who is the mysterious Leader?

Tune in next post to find out!

Also, isnt it disconcerting that Radagast seems to be able to break the 4th wall like Deadpool?
I guess it takes a combination of crazy and magic to see the bigger picture.

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