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Mars Miniatures

Friday, February 10, 2017

Trade Union of Staddle

Onwards to the industrial town of Staddle...

Aragorn and company have reached the great East Road and the town of Staddle, known for its Blacksmithies.

Left to Right:  Aragorn, Howland the Hammer, the "Bellow Boys"

Aragorn:  Excuse me, I am Aragorn, also known as Strider the Ranger.  Are you the Leader of the Resistance?

Howland the Hammer:  No, Im not the great leader of the Resistance, but my sources tell me, he can be found in Bree tomorrow.  If he promises to fight for fair wages for workers everywhere, I will promise him my Hammer!  What about you, Ranger?  How do you feel about the 99%?

Aragorn:   Strangely, I know nothing about politics, really...  but I do know how to fight with a sword and a bow.

On the left is Howland the Hammer of Staddle.
He is the Master Craftsman, and all the Trade Union toughs recognize his authority.
With a word, he can shut down industry across Eriador with an event that is the most dreaded thing among the bourgeouis elite... Labor Dispute!

The "Bellow Boys" are honest workers.
Which is good for them, considering that before industry came to town, they were all members of notorious ruffian gangs.

They might not be high born, but they have access to weapons that are graded as Castle Forged Steel, because they are the ones who forge them!


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