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Sunday, July 5, 2015

July 4th Weekend Part 1 - Dwarven Fortress

Happy July 4th weekend, dear readers.  Big update to the blog today, so big I feel I have to chop it into 3 parts.  I will post all 3 today at some point.  Earlier, I just happened to count how many newly painted minis I have for today's "photoshoot" and noticed something incredible.  Since my last post, I have painted 76 new figures, which alone is pretty good, quantity-wise, but then realized...  wait, its a fortuitous number! 76 as in 1776, the reason we celebrate the 4th.  

The Dwarves that are defending the East Gate region of Moria also have something to celebrate.  A brand new fortress terrain piece!  The Eastern Gate is also known as the Dimril Gate, which looks out on Dimrill Dale a small valley, out of which the Dwarves hope that the caravans of trade and commerce will once again flow.  And here on this Independence Day, the Dwarven cause reaches a milestone in their burgeoning colony's history with the best symbol of Dwarven strength - A stone fortress.

Im calling this fortress Easthold and it is within bowshot of the Eastern Gate itself, on the eastern side of Durin's Bridge.  This part of Moria is a vast cavern where the ceiling is so high it disappears in darkness.  And what looks like stars above, are actually mineral deposits shining in the torchlight.  The Dwarven colony has been hard at work to repair Easthold.  It has a vast hallway underneath it that houses living quarters, food stores, weapon caches, enough to supply a small garrison for a long time.  As it overlooks both the Gate and the Bridge, Easthold is an important and imposing position that controls the area especially if defended by ranged weapons.  So, Im pleased to show off some Dwarven crossbowmen and a catapult as well.  Now that the Dwarves have a stable base of operations in Moria, their commanders feel confident they can launch more numerous expeditions into the depths of Khazad-Dum.   There are many dark powers in Moria that do not like this news...  but the Dwarf Lords are ready to fight and survive!

Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!”

(Ugghhh, douche-chills! That scene is so terrible.  But still, like the late great Patrice Oneal said, its the greatest first half of a movie.  On a sidenote, if you dont know Patrice, or Opie & Anthony and their discussion of Independence Day... Youtube it! Its hilarious!

Here is Easthold in all its glory!  Its roughly 2 feet in diameter with walls 6 inches high and 10 inches at its highest point.  The base of its walls are littered with the skulls of forgotten warriors from some battle long ago.

The Dwarves have repaired the gates and are ready to defend their new home.

The gate is removeable.

The inner courtyard.

The Great Doors of Easthold lead to a deep underground Keep, where the women and children are housed.  Also, non-combat personnel have their areas here: Blacksmithies, Armorers, Bakers, Pubs and Bars, etc...

A stonethrower.  The catapult is definitely a Dwarfy weapon because rocks are a Dwarfs best friend.

We will we will rock you!
We will we will rock you!

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo' face
You big disgrace
Kickin' your can all over the place

We will we will rock you!
We will we will rock you!

I dont think these are the crew that comes with this catapult, but its what I got.  I am pretty sure they are vintage models though.  Except maybe that guy on the left, he might be a 2000s model, but hey, doesnt make him a bad person.

And the crossbow gents are here!  These dapper gentlemen, (errr, dwarves) are well dressed and ready to perforate any enemies foolish enough to try venturing too close to Easthold.

Boy do these fellas like smoking their pipes.

The dwarf on the right is a Bugmans brewery champion.  Oh, and yes he does have a crossbow slung on his back.  He just likes holding his axe when there are no targets around, makes him feel all comfy.

And heres our little castle with some defenders!  Outside the walls, we have Prince Ulther and his Imperial Dwarves, Prince Helfast and his Heartbreakers, and some Slayers as well.

Inside the walls, we have King Kazador guarding the Great Doors, Grand Axetooth and his Ratniks in the courtyard, Balgar Blackwing the wizard in the upper left tower (along with his scribe and librarian), and the new crossbowmen up on the walls.

Up next: Darkhold, Shadow and Flame!   (be scared little Dwarves, be vewwwy scared)


  1. Love the castle, is it scratch built or purchased.

    As for the dwarfs, nice job on them, I see they are all based up ready for Age of Sigmar.... :Ducks:


    1. Thanks! The castle is Ziterdes.
      Ha! I knew I should have gone proper old-school and used the hexagon bases instead! :p