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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dungeon Chef: Quest For Meat Part 3 - No Room For Dessert

The stunning finale of this 3 part battle report...

Rope Dwarf leads his captive Giant Frog over the bridge, as skellies shamble from the northeast.

Penny, Bertha, Cheery Dwarf, encourage the drunk Dwarf to run faster towards their battle line.

The skeletons in the northwest corner capture counter 3, which turns out to be an Elven Blink Dog.

Valdor and Mochi might have Bonked the Dire Boar too much.  They practically have to to lift and carry the great beast to make it move faster.

The last of the Dwarves from the north are coming over the bridge now...

Rope Dwarf:  Cmon Sleepy, lets get this cattle drive a'mooving!

We'll ride on the Prairies' across the wide rivers
And on through the flats where there's never a town
Our horses are weary, we're tired and we're hungry
They still, little dogies stop roaming around

Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little dogies
It's your misfortune ain't none of my own
Whoopee ti yi yo, get along little dogies
You know that Wyoming will be your new home

Ratcatcher spied these fellas two turns ago and fell back to the center.  Now, all four corner entry points are crawling with the undead.

The Dwarves form a battle line and beat back an assault from the southwest.
The Undead lose 3 and fall back 2".  They decide to wait for more skellies to bolster their numbers, before they attack again.  At least it buys some time for the Dwarves.

Cheery Dwarf fell casualty in that last attack, and Ratcatcher picks him up.  With 2 casualties on the Dwarven side, it is time to get out of this place.  The heat is definitely on.

Mochi drags the Boar onwards towards the southern tunnel.
Valdor breaks off and faces the oncoming enemy from the southeast.
They are attacking from all 3 directions in a coordinated attack!

The Dwarven line forms up again.  We must hold them up for one more turn!

Valdor spies 5 skellies... no problemo!

Get that pig outta here, Mochi!

Fall back... retreat...

But one Dwarf does not!  He stands in the narrow corridor of the southern tunnel.
He will buy time for his friends to get away.

Valdor lives up to his name, Valdor the Valiant.
As the last of the Dwarves escape, they manage to catch a last glimpse of him smashing bones to dust.  His heavy mace smashing his enemies aside with bone crushing intensity.

Up above, Valdor sees the Undead commander.  He begins to sing a bloody song of death and vengeance...  of probable doom and certain woe.  He stomps skulls and laughs.  This is what Dwarves were born for...
The sheer numbers of his foes eventually brings the Dwarf down to one knee, a dozen wounds streaming from him...
With his Slayer challenges braying from his bloody lips, Valdor defies his enemy for the last time...


Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!

Despite his bravery, Valdor falls at last...

Even the Wraith, for all his hatred of all things Dwarven, was moved by the bravery of the Slayer.

Renzo Avanti, undead champion, brings forward the captured Elven Blink Dog.

Murkillor thinks it is a good omen that they were able to catch this creature.  It would make a fine gift to their new Dark Elf allies.  Perhaps he can court favor with the Vampire Witch Elf Alyssa and use her to overthrow Lord Commander Alric.  Divide and conquer... 

To his surprise, Mordini brings forward the Dwarf Slayer, bloody, broken, but still living. 

Murkillor:  And now, we will discuss the location of your hidden rebel base... 

Valdor: (watches the Interrogator droid enter but remains silent)

Murkillor:  People have no grasp of what they do. You broke into my house, stole my property, murdered my servants, and my PETS! And that is what grieves me the most! You killed my snake. Thorgrim is beside himself with grief! He raised that snake from the time it was born. 

Valdor:   You killed my mother! You killed my father, you killed my people! You took my father's sword... ah... the riddle... of steel...

Murkillor:  Not until you tell me all about the house that Xavier built... and the machine called Cerebro.

Valdor:  Im the best there is at what I do, but what I do isnt very nice...

 Murkillor:  You look nervous...Is it the scars? You wanna know how I got 'em?  So I had a wife, who tells me, I worry too much, who tells me I oughta smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep...with the sharks. One day they carve her face. I just wanna see her smile again...hmm. I just want her to know that I don't care about the scars. So...I stick a razor in my mouth and do myself. And you know what?...SHE CAN'T STAND THE SIGHT OF ME! She leaves...Now I see the funny side...Now I'm always smiling!


Again, those damned wires keep getting crossed! 

As for this battle report, I must say, I do like Warhammer 1st edition when its small scale actions.  Its clunky and old, but it gets the job done.  I do keep forgetting some rules, like checking for morale on individual hero models (not in a unit) when they are wounded.  With that said, I hope to acquire a 2nd edition box set in the future when my finances allow.  And 3rd, with the Realms of Chaos books.  Sigh.  Im afraid to pick up Rogue Trader 1st edition, because then I would have to buy squats.  I cant afford to fight a war on two fronts. I... must... stay... strong...

So, about the fluff implications?  The dwarves managed to eke out a Minor Victory with 7 points of dungeon meat, but suffered 3 casualties.  The siege of Easthold, when it comes, will find the Dwarven food supply adequate.  Oh, also, Im happy with Mochi as a character, he was unlucky with his to hit rolls, but he always managed to avoid death multiple times.  I was saddened to see Cheery Dwarf fall, but Im sure Balgar Blackwing can mix a potion to get him back to snuff in no time.  As for Penny and Bertha... they are death machines, exemplars of Dwarven women everywhere.  I wonder, however, if the valiant Valdor needs a rescue scenario. 

But before all that can happen, the next couple of posts will bring the focus back to Gimli and the events and new miniatures that are happening in the deepest levels of Moria... the Savage Lands.   Its going to be beautiful and I cant wait to see how events unfold there!  The minis, the terrain, the scenarios, and the new fluff...  I want things to go in a certain direction, but ultimately, its for the dice gods to decide.  Until next post, Baruk Khazad! Khazad Ai-menu!


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