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Friday, July 31, 2015

Ziggurat Of Doom Redux, Part 2 - Apocalypto

The game started and looked like it would be a cakewalk for the Dwarves.  But now Im starting to get a little anxious.  Afterall, a Dwarven loss here would be disastrous for this blog's fluff.  Balin is supposed to be a badass!  Also, I was hoping the Slann would play a major part in the storylines ahead.  If the Bullywug King is slain before summoning, what to do?  I already committed him to being the "last of his kind."   Annihilation or glory, its all in the hands of the Dice Gods... let the dice fall where they may!  I keep forgetting, that the unofficial slogan of the Moria Reclamation Project is "a tale of probable doom and definite woe..." or something like that.

The 4 Orcs from the South make their way to one Crystal, while the 3 archers make for the other.  The Orcs now control both Crystals, which means d6+2 Orc reinforcements per turn!  The Dwarves are sure to be swamped in a tsunami of greenskins!

Guthnog Bristlenose loses more Orcs and is now under half strength and fails their morale check.  Mad Furrikson reforms his unit and faces South, leaving Poopytail to chase down the running Orcs.

But now there is a hard decision to make.  4 Orcs are at the Crystal, and 8 goblins are in the South.  Fighting one of those units will leave them exposed to flanking.  If they hold their ground, the Orcs will have both Crystals for the reinforcement bonus.  What to do?  They decide to hold.

4 Orcs appear in the East, just in time to see a running Orc rout off the board.  Balin eyes the 4 newcomers who are immediately intimidated.  They decide to wait for backup before approaching further.

Stansfield the Goblin:  10-40, requesting back up units. Bring me everyone.
Underling: What do you mean everyone?
Stansfield the Goblin:  EVERYONEeeeeee....!

While the Dwarves hold their ground, Minnie Castavet casts a lightning bolt that fries poor Jezreel Ironhand.

Blix:  Higher higher, burning fire, making music like a choir. 

At last, Poopytail has driven off Guthnog, and now charges the Darkhold Goblins!

Which leaves Mad Furrikson free to charge the 4 Orcs at the Crystal.  Minnie Castavet seems a bit nervous now.

Backup has arrived in the East!  6 more Orcs charge in, bringing in a total of 10 greenskins in that area.  Confident about their numbers they begin to climb the ziggurat steps.  Balin and Baldrik are ready for them.

But now a hole has opened up, right in the center!  3 Orc archers climb the central steps and begin loosing arrows at the Bullywug.  None of the arrows hit, fortunately.

Then disaster strikes!  Minnie Castavet uses her Thunderhand spell to triple her attacks at Strength 6.  Even against Toughness E she only needs to roll 3's or more.  And she rolls a 4,4,5!  The Crystal comes crashing down and de-powers with a fizzle. Now the Bullywug King may only draw a card on a roll of 4+ every turn!  OH no!  Real danger...

Another 6 Orcs appear in the West.  They have a yummy choice of targets!  Someone is getting hacked in the back... Poopytail who is down to one wound, or the Dwarves.  Impending woe, I hear you calling!

And that wretched Minnie Castavet is going to Thunderhand the last Crystal!  If she does that, the Slann/Dwarf alliance is doomed!  Doomed I tell ya!

Balin leaves Baldrik to hold the 10 Orcs in the East.  He gets shot by a lucky arrow, and now he is mad!  Fangs the Raptor comes down and prepares to help out.

Another Dwarf bites the dust!  Its Spikes Harveywotan.  Mad Furrikson urges his remaining comrades to pursue the Orcs in front of them, and hopefully get ahold of that pesky Minnie Castavet before she shatters that last Crystal.  They in turn are pursued by more Orcs.

Balin and the Raptor kill 2 archers and watch the 3rd run for the hills.

Baldrik has his hands full against a horde of Orcs.  He smashes them over and over with his mace.  Thump... thump, thump... smacking brain pans all day long.  How long can he keep it up though?

Mad Furrikson: We got you now, witch!
But Minnie runs off again, just out of reach.  With a faster movement, she will always be out of their reach!

And now another 5 Orcs arrive in the south, the Dwarves will be surrounded for sure, no matter who they attack!

Baldrik falls!  Balin and Fangs the Raptor snarl and leap to avenge him.

Mad Furrikson has the great idea of moving up the steps of the ziggurat to avoid getting surrounded. This is getting intense.

This is where we hold them.
This is where we fight!
And this is where THEY DIE! 

Next post: Doom And Glory

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