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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pre-Game Gallery: Balin And The Slann, Metal Magic Orcs Too!

Im going to have a Warhammer 1st edition battle tomorrow based on the "Ziggurat of Doom" scenario. 
Thought I would show off the figures today and introduce the forces that will be involved in the upcoming conflict.

Here are some Slann guarding one of their sacred spawning pools.
Slann come in many colors, I chose to stick with the Kremlo lore, and paint them as the "BlueSpine" tribe.
Left to Right: Musician, Slavemaster, Kremlo, Warrior, Herald, Palace Guard Officer.
These are C-32 Slann from 1987.
Kremlo actually has a scenario in Citadel Compendium #1 "The Legend of Kremlo the Slann".
 I think this might be the only scenario written for 1st edition, outside of the White Box and Forces of Fantasy.
Apparently, he was raised by humans and took up arms against his own species.  Here in Moria, he has been forgiven of his past misdeeds and cant wait to show his loyalty to the Slann cause.

As an aside... Here's a look at it.  The scenario itself isnt anything great, fluffwise or mechanically as a game.  But it does have great artwork!  Look at that old school charm!
Than again, the "Ziggurat of Doom" scenario isnt that great either.  But I will spruce it up, with more victory conditions, more forces, more objectives and random event cards.

According to my 1st edition Forces of Fantasy booklet:  "The Slann are an ancient and sophisticated race of semi-aquatic creatures who inhabit the continent of Southern Lustria.  In former times they controlled a vast empire, and built huge ziggurats, stone tombs and mighty highways.  The lands they retain under thier dominion are almost entirely tropical rain forests, populated by the scattered tribes of primitive Slann."

They are basically D&D Bullywugs given an Aztec/Mayan theme.  Still cool, just saying,  GW didnt really do anything original here.  Even the Mayan Aztec thing was big thing in D&D modules, such as in C-1 "Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan", which came out in 1980.  I think Dweller of the Forbidden City was one too, I dont recall.  I just remember the giant frog on the cover!

The army list includes Eunoch Slave Warriors.  Now I have 2 reasons to have Unsullied in Moria.  Whats the 2nd reason?  A certain short Lannister and friends will be making a grand first entrance to Khazad Dum and this very blog!

Although this model is called a "warrior slann", here on this blog he is now a Slann mage pariah.
And here he is after summoning a Cockatrice.  Chicken of Doom, as I like to call them.
The model itself is a Marauder MM44 cockatrice (possibly sculpted by Aly Morrisson, maybe Trish?)

And here we have a Winged Bear!  I have no idea who made this.  If anyone knows, please let me know.

And now we present the adveraries.  Metal Magic Orcs.  I really like these Orcs, very characterful indeed.  Im even keeping the company name for the fluff...  the Metal Magic Tribe!  They live outside the area of the Ziggurat of Chicken-Itza, out in the wilds of the Savage Lands.  The Savage Lands themselves are a wierd hellish jurassic jungle in the "hollow inner earth" of Middle Earth, that can be reached by journeying deep past the lowest levels of Khazad Dum.  Watch out for the raptors, they bite!

Group shot.  Metal Magic Orcs sculpted by Josef Ochmann, who I think sculpted everything at Metal Magic.  I really like his style of sculpting. Its definitely old-school.

I have to use every bit of my willpower to not purchase Metal Magic Sci-Fi figures.  I used to have a bunch of them back in the day for Dune Desert Planet gaming.

Why is that Orc balancing his club on his head?

Orc power!  Fists in the air!

These fellas are going to be causing some lovely havoc and mayhem tomorrow.

At long last, Balin, Lord of Moria makes an appearance on this blog.  He and his Chaos Dwarves have been able to survive insurmountable odds.  But only through the machinations of the Ruinous Powers.
Left to Right:  Mad Furrikson, Balin Lord of Moria, Napper Grundin

Here are Baldrik Backbreaker and Antor Axebreath.  Im glad I used modern shields for these guys.  I think they are Chaos Marauder shields.

Finally, we have Spikes Harveywotan and Jezreel Ironhand.

Tomorrow night, or more likely on Friday, I will post the battle report and its wider implications in the scheme of my Moria Project.  If you are a new reader of this blog, Im guessing you might have some questions...  Slann in Moria?  Balin is a Chaos Dwarf?  Inner earth in Middle Earth?  Dinosaurs under Khazad Dum?  What is this madness?  Theres no short answer Im afraid,  you will have to read from the start...

So to old readers and new ones...  Thanks for reading!


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