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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Mother Of Dragons (And Hydras, And Basilisks Too!)

This post today is about dragons...  and some Dark Elves too!  Not just any dragons, mind you, but baby dragons!  Err, I think the proper D&D term is young dragons, somewhere between hatchlings and adults.  Also, we add a little more fluff to our storylines, particularly for our Drow/Dark Elves/Night Elves, who havent been active since their debut.  I have been wanting to give more screentime to their main characters... so here's their chance.

Here's a nice little monster its a Citadel C29 Chaos Hydra.  Ive named her Slithers and painted her purple to match her mistress - the Countess Alyza. 
Alyza cares for her hydra very much, as you can see she is scratching one of Slithers seven heads.

Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons

These are Reaper dragons which are not new to this blog.  I used them as full grown dragons for my 10mm Warmaster project which Ive moved on from.  Well, the dragons have been rebased and now live on in 28mm Moria! 

This fiesty lil fella is Custard.  While he has been hatched underground, his ancestors were once mighty forest dragons. 

This red dragon is Ember, he's got some breath on him! 
Mama mia! Thats a spicy meatball!

And here is Oona the basilisk, her uncle (on her mothers side twice removed) became a famous star a few years ago because of some silly little movie about under aged "wizards".

Nimbus is the youngest of Countess Alyza's wards.  He is a bratty blue dragon who can spit out lightning when he has a tantrum.

And here is Slithers and Oona, hiding behind their mom.
They have security issues because the other hatchlings teased them for not being "proper" dragons.
Schoolyard Dragon Bully: Why dont you have wings?  Why do you have too many heads? 8 feet? Thats gross!

Alrighty, enough with the new minis! 

Time for the fluff... 

When last we left you, a certain battle took place in a scary room full of angry little Dwarves who carried cruel weapons...  (from the point of view of this story's protagonist)

Vermithrax wandered long in the damp dark caverns.  He remembered being prodded by Orc spears and goaded into a battle.  All he remembered was running towards a glowing room full of Dwarves.  Vermithrax yelled for them to help him, save him from his cruel Orc masters, but Dwarves dont understand Dragon speech.  Instead, they slashed at his neck with axes.  They bashed his toes with heavy hammers.  And stabbed his wings with spear and sword.  The Orcs lost the fight, and he escaped, trampled over his Orc prodders and outran the whips of his taskmaster.  Now here he was, hungry, tired, and alone.  Vermithrax collapsed and began to doze off into the sweet numbness of draconic dreams.

Wandering on paths that other men have not seen. Behind the sky. On the other side of the rain.

Until he hears a soothing voice who promises him safety.  To lead him to a cool pool of healing water (somewhat slimy, but who's judging)   
Just a little further, little dragon... 
She speaks Dragonese, thinks Vermithrax, but maybe I shouldnt be so trusting!
But what does he have to lose, he lets her guide him onwards.

Vermithrax reaches a pool of water and gingerly dips his toes in the slightly nippy waters and lets out a sigh of relief.

Countess Alyza calls for the High Alchemist Grigori, to concoct some of his healing potions.  Grigori is also called the Master of Poisons.  Ok normally he makes deadly poisons, but reverse a poison and its a potion, right?  Vermithrax gives in and swallows a vial or two and feels much better immediately!

There is no pain, you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

Alyza asks Vermithrax his name.

Time to decide if he trusts her, for a dragons true name is power. Vermithrax thinks about the bloodlust he detects in Alyza.  Blood... disease?  sickness.  Blood drinker!  But she has been sooo nice!  Vermithrax relents and decides to throw caution to the winds of fate.

Alyza says: "I shall call you Vermy!  Vermy meet my other children!"

They swarm around Vermy and snort and sniff at him, welcoming him to the tribe.  Success!

While the dragonlings begin to play with their newfound friend, Lord Commander Alric the Cursed enters the watery cavern and takes Alyza aside.

Lord Alric: The Orcs are preparing to attack the East Gate.  The Dwarf forces who were victorious at the Chamber are moving back to join their main army, if they do the Orc attack will fail. 

Alyza:  You want to help the Orcs?  Thats new!

Lord Alric:  True, Orcs are not our friends but the Dwarves are even worse.  We must not allow the Dwarves to regroup. 

Alyza:   What do you want of me?

Lord Alric:  Use your dragons to harass and delay the Dwarves!

Alyza:  Risk my dragons?

Lord Alric:  I will send Magister Ludi and his Shadowfire cultists to help with these hit and run attacks.  We will have them running in circles, then when they are tired and demoralized, we will strike and defeat them!  After that, we will move on the East Gate and slaughter everyone remaining there, be they Orc or Dwarf!  While there are countless more Orcs in the Underdeeps of Moria, at least here we shall be the masters!  The Drow will rule the upper halls of Moria again!

Alyza:  So be it!  But afterwards, I want first choice of the Dwarven captives.  Three quarters of the captives will do.  I need fresh blood for my baths... and my baby dragons are hungry for fresh meat, they grow tired of foul orc kabobs.  I will bake those meddling Dwarves!  Dwarf pot pie will make my babies grow to be big and strong.

Lord Alric: Half of the captives, Countess.  You get first choice, fine.  But only half.  Your dragons arent the only ones that need to feed. 

*Lord Alric's cursed sword begins to howl*

Alyza:  (to her dragons)  Children... pay attention please!  Custard!  Let go of Oona's tail!  The real playtime is coming, children.  Here is what I want you to do...

~ ~ ~

So there is our fine little treat of a post!  Hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did in making it.  Until next post...


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