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Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcome To The Jungle Part 3 - Planet Of The Dire Apes

The battle in the trenches intensifies...

Dead Apes roll down, but more Apes arrive to take their place.


The Gnome ambush is an exercise in failure!  The Apes are not slowed by terrain.  They leap over the tall grass and spot the Gnomes.

(Gulp)  Sarge!  What do we do now?

Apes are attacking the flank!

Fight for your lives, you Gnomes!

Meanwhile, back at the trench...
They break the will of the Apes!

Taylor:  Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty apes!

One of the Gnome crossbows has been knocked out.

And the third casualty in the Gnome ambush means... morale check.

They fail and rout!

The Gnome King himself stops their rout!  Of course that bonus modifier helps!

And just in the nick of time too.  The Apes are right on top of them!

The engineers must fight.

The King rallies his troops and engages the Apes flank.

An Ape takes an axe to its snout.

The Apes break!  The battlefield is clear of them.   For now...

Wave 2 is approaching!  The engineers put out new explosive barrels in the field.

This time 2 Chaos Dwarves go across the river.  They can ignite a barrel in front of them...

and another thats further away.

In the center and north, more barrels are placed.

The engineers have moved upfield and are taking positions at the trench.

Here they come again!  First barrel is detonated...

And the two Dwarves run across the river!

Hot on their heels are an army of Apes!  Luckily, there is another barrel...

And it is fired on and detonates, for a whopping 6 Apes!

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