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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Return Of The (High) King! Part 1 - Easthold's New Arrivals

Greetings, dear readers, in this post we return to Easthold in Moria and show off the new Dwarven arrivals / reinforcements.

Left to Right: Banner bearer for Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarves, High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer, and Runelord Kragg.

Thorgrim is the descendant of the most ancient and noble of all Dwarf lords. The very blood of Grungni flows in his veins and the wisdom of Valaya sits upon his brow. The High Kings have kept the Great Book of Grudges, the oldest and most important of the many Books of Grudges that exist throughout the Dwarf realms . This book, known as Dammaz Kron, recounts all the ancient wrongs and deeds of treachery perpetrated against the Dwarf race.

Runelord Kragg the Grim is the oldest and by far the greatest living Runesmith - a gnarled old Dwarf, strong and enduring as a weather-beaten oak. His staff bears his own personal master rune which he refuses to share with anyone, finding none worthy of it. His armour is the finest and strongest in the kingdom. So strong and thick that none could pierce it, his knowledge of ancient rune smithing and crafting techniques is unsurpassed, and he has witnessed the wonders of Karak Ankor at the height of its power.

5 new Goldshields for King Kazador.

Brand new Dwarf technology in the form of gunpowder weaponry.
Its the Organ Cannon Gun.

 Here is a champion of Prince Ulther's Imperial Dwarves.

And I finally have the Bridge of Khazad Dum!

It is a Hudson & Allen Three-Arch Bridge.  Very light weight, nice details, and takes paint well.

Now for some fluff...

King Kazador and his commanders have been fighting a defensive retreat against a vast horde of Undead, Orcs, and Drow.  But now they have returned to make a last stand in Easthold.  The Dwarven citizens come out to cheer the approaching Dwarven forces.  Bugmans Brewery has their Cart set up to greet the army with nice cold beer!

Chumley:  Whats going on here?  I just got back from chopping wood near the borders of Lorien.
Cheery Dwarf:  Arent you paying attention?  The Captains of Easthold are returning.  Here they come!

Four Dwarven Slayers are the first to cross the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.

Chumley:  Seeing them reminds me of Valdor. 
Cheery Dwarf:  Huzzah!  Welcome back, Slayers!

Behind the Slayers, the Heartbreakers come marching proudly with their leader Prince Helfast and Councillor Thadar.

Chumley:  How many of them are there?
Cheery Dwarf: Twenty mighty warriors from the Heartbreak Hills!

After them, comes Prince Ulther and his Imperial dwarves.

Chumley:  Brave Prince Ulther!  I used to cut wood for his father.
Cheery Dwarf: Sixteen well armored and highly disciplined Dwarves.  They can form a shieldwall like no other.

Then King Kazador himself and his heroic Goldshields.

Chumley:  What fine shields they carry!
Cheery Dwarf:  Ten Goldshields, each one is a hero worthy of a saga.

And bringing up the rear, is Chief Ratnik.

Chumley:  Those are some of the fattest Dwarves Ive ever seen.  Is that all that is coming?
Cheery Dwarf:  Eleven stout Ratnik Clan warriors.  Dont forget about Gimli and his forces!  They are still out there, somewhere...

Next post:  Part 2 - Planning The Defense Of Easthold

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