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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Basic D&D: Tyrion Vs The Cult Of Cthulhu Part 4 - Unexpected

The adventure continues here in part 4...

 Halbarad kills Rasputin as he is caught napping from the Sleep spell.

 The Orc Shaman casts a Floating Disc and places Rasputin on it.

Orc Shaman: We must escape, leave none of our wizards behind!

 The Witch of Mirkwood casts Mirror Image and 2 images of herself appear.  Eowyn and Halbarad strike them down as their weapons slash at thin air.

The Witch laughs at them, then wakes the Halfling wizard and they make a run for it!

 Abdul the Mad Arab leaps forward and takes the blow intended for Radagast.  He counter attacks and kills the Orc.

 The Shoggoth rips the Web that was cast on it.

 Meanwhile, Eomer is wrapped up by the Cloaker and takes damage every round.  Tyrion tries to help free him, but takes a whip to the face from the Cloaker's tail.

 Temujin drops the Fish-man with a blow from his warhammer.

 The Cave Troll trudges in and towers over Tyrion.  Things are looking grim...

 Behind Tyrion, the Beastmen are attacking.  The Wolf-woman knocks out Shagga again and looks to feast on Qyburn.  Crom fights for his life against the other two Beastmen.

 Meanwhile in the room to the north of the Summoning Chamber, four Orcs look in...

 ... to see the heroes about to get stomped by the Shoggoth.

 Suddenly, help unlooked for, arrives!
Left to Right:  Lady Arwen, Haldir of Lorien, and the mighty Elven Lord Glorfindel.
What are three Elves doing in Moria?

 Saving Qyburn and Crom... at the moment!
Haldir fires off arrows into the Goat-man.
While, Glorfindel absolutely mauls the Wolf-woman.

 Crom kills the Dog-man, then leans against the cavern wall barely conscious.

 As the Troll is about to crush Tyrion like a bug...
a bright flash surrounds the beast.  It is stunned!
But how, and what spell could it be?

 It is Lady Arwen who had cast a light spell into the eyes of the Troll, blinding it for 9 turns.  Blinded creatures may not attack!  (Im thinking the Light spell is a bit overpowered, no?)

Tyrion:  Thank you very much, my Lady!

Lady Arwen:  You are welcome...

 Haldir fires arrows, and Glorfindel slices and dices...

 The evil wizard cultists place their hands upon a strange stone and it opens a secret passageway.

Halfling wizard:  Yuck, why is our stone all wet and slimy?

Orc Shaman:  Dont ask...

 The evil wizards make their escape.

 The Cloaker seeing how terribly the battle has swung, decides to let go of Eomer and fly away.
The combined attacks of the heroes bring the Troll down before it regains its sight.

Tyrion: Quickly, our friends need help somewhere ahead!
Glorfindel:  Wait, we must burn the Troll's body... otherwise it will heal and return to life.
Tyrion:  Darn, I knew I shouldnt have quite smoking.  Anyone else got a lighter?
Eomer:  Good thing, I bought a tinderbox and a torch when I rolled my character!

 The Cloaker flies to its master.
A single Orc archer also escapes to live another day...

 Tyrion, Temujin, and the three Elves enter the Summoning Chamber.

 Abdul the Mad Arab casts a Circle of Protection which stops the Shoggoth from slaughtering him and his friends for a few turns.

Abdul the Mad Arab:  Ok, Im out of spells.  We have a few moments before we die... anyone have any good ideas?
Radagast:  Im out of spells also... and out of ideas.
Halbarad:  Look!  Its Lady Arwen, Glorfindel, and Haldir!

Haldir:  I bring word from Lord Elrond of Rivendell. An Alliance once existed between Elves and Men. Long ago we fought and died together. We come to honor that allegiance.

 At that moment, the four Orcs charge into the room!  Thinking they can save the Shoggoth and worship it as their new god.

 Orc 1:  It is so beautiful! It must be a god!
Orc 2:  Its like a storm of pudding!
Orc 3:  Oh great swirly god of darkness hear our cry!
Orc 4:  Pudding!!!


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