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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Basic D&D: Tyrion Vs The Cult Of Cthulhu Part 3 - Summons

The adventure continues here in part 3...

Shagga is able to catch up to the Fish-man and strike it, despite his serious wounds.

Eomer and Temujin trade blows with the Cobra-man.

Crom slays the Bird-man, but is down to 1 Hitpoint!

Then Shagga is cut down by the claws of the Fish-man.

Tyrion: Shagga!

Tyrion gives chase, he fights the instinct to check on the fallen Shagga.  He draws his bow, notches an arrow and lets loose.  It strikes the Fish-man, but doesnt kill it.  The aquatic Fish-man has gotten away...

"There are some fish that cannot be caught. It's not that they are faster or stronger than other fish, they're just touched by something extra."

The Cobra-man is brought down.

The Fish-man reaches the room with the Cave Troll and its friends.  There's going to be trouble for the heroes now!

Tyrion takes stock of the situation.  Shagga is down, Crom is severely wounded.  Only Eomer and Temujin can fight...

Eomer:  Ok, what do we do now?  This whole place is going to know we are here soon.
Tyrion: The others need our help and fast, I think if we head directly east we can get to them quicker.
Eomer: But the troll...
Tyrion:  We are going to have to fight the Troll sooner or later.  If they join forces with their evil wizard masters it will be worse for all of us. 
Eomer:  Dont forget, there are three more Beastmen up north...
Tyrion: and four Orcs in the northeast...
Eomer:  This is suicide.
Crom: Do you want to live forever?
Tyrion:  I will fight a Troll!  Who will fight with me?
Temujin:  I will fight beside you!
Eomer:  Ok, then.  I will fight.  Its a sword day, a red day.
Tyrion: Temujin, Eomer, you will come with me.  Crom, you will stay with Qyburn and Shagga, hold this place, so we dont get surrounded!  Good luck to you, Maester... and take care of Shagga.

Meanwhile, the Mad Arab is looking at something...

Halbarad: What are we looking at?
Abdul the Mad Arab:  Something...

Abdul the Mad Arab:  Something trapped.  I dont know what it is, or why it is here.
Halbarad:  I dont like it, leave it alone.

Eowyn:  What are those two doing over there?  And where is Tyrion and the others?
Radagast:  I sense complications arising...

Maester Qyburn uses the last of his healing spells on getting Shagga upright.  And he is out of potions.

Temujin and Eomer start singing warsongs in their own languages.  Tyrion pulls out his bow and fires arrow after arrow at the approaching horde of monstrosities that are charging them.

For your land, for your homes, for your sweethearts,  for your wives, for Virginia! Forward... march!
O melancholy Brothers, dark, dark, dark!
O battling in black floods without an ark!
     O spectral wanderers of unholy Night!
My soul hath bled for you these sunless years,
With bitter blood-drops running down like tears:
     Oh dark, dark, dark, withdrawn from joy and light!

An Orcs runs into the Summoning Chamber.

Orc soldier:  Master Shaman, there are humans attacking us!

Orc Shaman:  Do not let them disrupt us, we are not done casting the spell.  It would be disastrous.  Sound the alarm and bring more guards here!

A loud gong sounds in the deep!

Danger in the deep!


Eowyn:  Alarms!
Radagast:  I guess we have been made.  I think it is up to us now.
The Mad Arab: (casts a shield spell on himself)  We must stop the ritual!  A Shoggoth at full power will destroy everything in its path.
Radagast: Leave it to me... I know just the spell!

Radagast casts a Sleep spell into the room.  Rasputin and the Halfling fall asleep.

Orc Shaman:  NOOOOoooo!  Our conjuring is disrupted.  The Shoggoth will remain here in our world, but we will have no control over it!

The heroes burst into the room

Eowyn is struck by a magic missile from the Witch of Mirkwood.  Eowyn strikes back and wounds her.

Halbarad: My Lady!
Eowyn:  Im alright.  Continue fighting!

Radagast casts again.  This time a Web spell at the Shoggoth.  It should buy them all some time!

The strange entrapped creature above makes a trumpet like noise.  It watches the battle below.

Meanwhile, back at the crossroads, Beastmen are running down the northern corridor.  Crom and Shagga weakly pick up their weapons.

Crom: Today is a good day to die!
Shagga:  It will be an honor to fight beside you one last time.
Qyburn:  (draws out a mace) I will not run, even though I want to.  But do you know what a Bravosii says to death...?  Not today...
Crom:  (smiles at Qyburn) Fire and wind struck down these giants, and they threw their bodies into the waters, but in their rage, the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. We who found it are just men. Not gods. Not giants. Just men.
Qyburn:  The Riddle of Steel!
Crom:  Then he showed those men of will what will really was...
Shagga:  So you're telling me that Verbal Kint was really Kaiser Soze all this time AND knew the Riddle of Steel?
Qyburn: (facepalm)

The Orc soldier that sounded the gong leaps at Radagast and chops him good.  Radagast survives the blow and casts his last spell... Charm.  But it fails...  The Orc raises its choppa again for a killing blow...


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