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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Return Of The (High) King! Part 2 - Planning The Defense Of Easthold

High King Thorgrim calls a meeting of all the Dwarf commanders.

King Kazador welcomes High King Thorgrim and relinquishes overall command of Easthold to him.  Kazador gives a situation report to the High King, about how much food and beer are in the stores of Easthold.  He also tells of the approaching enemies of Undead, Orcs, and Drow.  The greatest threat of the three seems to be the Undead army raised by Murkillor the Wraith.

Princes Ulther and Helfast state how they have delayed the Undead as best they could, but the skeletal army is an endless horde.  Prince Ulther says that he hopes Gimli, Gloin, and Baron Hawk can get here before the enemy arrives.

Chief Ratnik finishes drinking his tankard of ale then speaks up and says he has bad news.  He has received a message from Baron Hawk, via his favorite bird.   Gimli and company have joined forces with some Dwarves that entered from the Westgate of Moria, its King Gorrin and the 8 Dwarves of Legend, Grombrindal the White Dwarf, and Hodor and his mercenaries.  They have found the Chamber of Mazarbul and know where Balin might be.  Unfortunately they have been cutoff and are unable to break through enemy lines.  So, they are heading deep below Moria to find Balin and then come back with his forces to break the siege. Gimli wishes the defenders of Easthold good luck and hope they can hold out until he can return with Balin's forces.

High King Thorgrim then says, they must hold out as Gimli says.
Runelord Kragg has been working with Balgar Blackwing and his assistants to create a Dwarven Rune Totem.

They present their creation, the Rune Vane of Morr.  It creates a shield of protection around it that undead cannot pass through.  The range of the shielded area reaches just a little over the furthest end of the Bridge of Khazad-Dum.  It will not stop orcs or drow though, who will definitely try to destroy the Totem.

Now, the deployment of the defenders...

King Kazador and his Goldshields will be deployed inside Easthold proper, right inside the Gate.

Nine crossbow Dwarves will line the battlements of Easthold.  Their range reaches along the bridge and slightly past it.

The Catapult will be able to fire at anything on the table.  Oh, it does have a minimum range of 18".

High King Thorgrim and Runelord Kragg are right outside the entrance to the lower Keep and the food stores, where the bulk of the civilian populace, womenfolk and children are.

Prince Ulther deploys right under the walls, to protect Easthold against siege ladders.

Four Slayers will hold the bridge.

Behind them, Prince Helfast is deployed.  Behind them are some citizen militia... Its Mochi, the Ninja Dwarf, Chumley, Cheery, Ratcatcher, Penny and friends.

Here is the furthest end of the table where the tunnel that leads eastward to the actual Eastgate of Moria is.  The Organ Cannon gun covers the entrance to Easthold.  The Ratnik Clan and the Beer Cart Defenders are here too, to cover the back field, in case anything gets through.

Finally we have an overview of the eastern side of the Bridge.

So, the board is set, the pieces are moving, and the opening salvoes are ready to fire.

Next post:  Enemy At The Gates!

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