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Mars Miniatures

Monday, August 17, 2015

Welcome To The Jungle Part 1 - Chaos Dwarf Crossbows, Ral Partha Dwarves

So on this post we have some newly painted Chaos Dwarf Crossbows and some old school Ral Partha Dwarves.

My growing Chaos Dwarf contingent just got some ranged firepower.

Check those corners people!

We got movement!
Uh, seems to be in front and behind...
Talk to me, Hudson!

Oh, its just the Ral Partha Dwarves... 
Geez, Hudson, you really are useless!
But these sculpts are anything but. 
I believe these lil fellas were sculpted by the great Tom Meier.
If anyone knows differently, let me know.

Here are 5 engineers
The carpenter, the foreman, and the blacksmith

The ditch diggers

These Ral Partha Dwarves are a bit on the tiny side being true 25mm old school.

So Im planning on using them as Gnomes, which I have rules for in 1st edition Oldhammer.
In my world, Gnomes are just slimmer, thinner Dwarves with all white beards and hair.
In game terms, they have less WS, Toughness, but 1 more Initiative.

The totem bearer, the Gnome King, and a veteran.

A drummer and a warrior

A Gnome wizard and some Gnomish crossbows.

Im very happy to give these old school figures a home on my shelves!

Now for comparison shots:  Heartbreaker Dwarf and Ral Partha

Ral Partha and Reaper

Ral Partha and 80s Citadel.  Here they are a match in height but the Ral Partha is just not as chunky.

And here we see that the Gnomish Engineers have built a nice little trench for the Chaos Dwarf Crossbows.

Wood plank interiors.  Sandbag emplacements on top.

Everything you need to hold a defensive position in the jungle.

The Chaos Dwarves try out their new digs...
And they love it!
Looks like the Chaos Dwarves wont be shaking down the Gnomes for their lunch money afterall.
Well played, Gnomes... well played.

But why are Gnomes and Chaos Dwarves out in the jungle?
And who are they defending against?

Looks like you will have to wait for part 2 coming soon...

Next post:  Welcome To The Jungle Part 2 - In The Valley Of The Mon-Keigh!


  1. Nice to see the Ral Partha dwarves getting some screen time. The Ral Partha dwarves are Bob Olley sculpts rather than Tom Meier.

    1. Oh, thanks buddy! Ok, according to Lost Minis wiki, Tom Meier sculpted the old "Fantasy Armies" range of Dwarves, but when FASA bought the line from RP, they commissioned a new line of figures... of which mine are from. I cant find any site that confirms Bob Olley, but I believe you.