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Friday, December 9, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 8 - Final Clash

The final turn...

Overview of the highway of death

At the Townhall, the Hasslefree Dwarves and the Cannon crew break and are run down in pursuit by the Wolf Riders.

Merlin and the Hobbits watch as the Greenskins approach.
Merlin lets a final lightning bolt loose and burns a couple of Gobbos.

Boromir and the Gondorians break and the end is sealed for the alliance! 
Shelob was too much, even for the noble Gondorians to stand against.
Gondorian infantry are running in all directions.

With the allied center broken, ranks of Undead and Orcs march towards the farmhouse.
Its a landslide of foes swarming towards the remaining allied forces.

Swamp Groot crushes Captain Drogo and suffocates him in mulch.
Wraith Raccoon and Baron Hawk trade blows, but their duel ends in a stalemate.
If only there was more time to see this battle finished.

The Hobbit Militia routed when the Gondorians broke.
Legolas tries to rally them, to no avail.

Lobelia:  Get out of the way, Elf!  Cant you see we are running here?

Legolas is grateful that the Orc pursuit/charge didnt reach him.
The Gor Brothers are sad that they will not see 1 more turn to chop this pansy Elf into pieces.

The northern road battle ends in anti-climatic fashion, as both sides hold firm.
Reinhardt comes close to slaying the Orc General Remulak, but the game ends without a clear victor in the duel.

The allies lost the battle by a score of 4 objectives to 2.
Frodo and friends get to the Beer Cart and Bill the Pony.

Sam:  Time to go, Bill!  What a terrible day...

Frodo:  The Shire is lost, Sam.  But at least the allies held them off long enough for all the civilians to escape through the secret path.

Dwarf Cook:  Dont you worry there, Frodo.  We Dwarves will keep you Hobbits safe in Moria!  Once we clear it of enemies, that is!  You'll see little Hobbits, Dwarven halls full of hospitality, beer and meats.


This concludes the Battle for Willowbottom and the Shire campaign.

There seems to be animosity between House Mormont and Gondor now.
The Bear Islanders are blaming Boromir for not marching to the hill.

Word is spreading among the Northern Houses that the Southerners cannot be trusted.

The alliance seems to be broken.
The Northern Humans are heading to Bree, or trying to.
The Gondorians are retreating back to Gondor.
The Elves are isolated in Rivendell.
At least, the Hobbits are heading to Moria, to go and live with their Stuntie cousins.

If anything, Frodo's trust in the Dwarves is growing.
Legolas doesnt seem to approve of the Ring heading to Moria.
But what choice does he have?
From Moria, perhaps they can head to Lorien and seek the guidance of the Lady of the Golden Wood.



  1. Good stuff Mar. Too bad the forces of good were overwhelmed, but it makes for a good story. I also like to play the "bad guys" myself but you've got to feel bad for the Hobbits. I love what you're doing here. Mashing together stuff that catches your fancy, having narrative battles and skirmishes set in your world, and bringing out the toys to be played with. To me this is true Oldhammer. Love it!

    1. Thanks, buddy! For a year I was going really oldschool with 1st edition Warhammer whitebox, but nowadays Im using 6th/7th edition (with unit stats from any edition/any armybook). I love the idea of the older rules, but I cant deny that Alessio Cavatore's streamlined era of WHFB was IMHO the best edition.

  2. I was cheering for a little girl but spiders had another plan for her :(

    War is the H word :)

    1. Yeah, lil' miss Muffet sat on that hill too long without reinforcements. House Mormont remembers...