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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 3 - Deployment

The allies are anxious about their deployment.
The forces of evil are not.
In fact, they seem overly confident to the point they are doing the chicken dance and making weird faces at the allies.

Overview of the forces arrayed

Overview of the western half of the table.

There is alot of hurt coming behind that hill...
and the allies look a bit sparse on this side to deal with the hordes approaching.

Overview of the eastern half of the table.
The allies are more confident about the deployment here.


Now lets go a little more in depth about the opposing generals thoughts on deployment and initial plans/hopes for each area...

Here we have the allied western flank.

Arya has combined the Rangers and Elven forces and are behind some walls.
The Rangers have crossbows, the Elves have bows, and there are 2 magic users Melisandre & Elven Druid.
Next to them are some Dwarf Grenadiers.
On the right, without any wall cover, is Lady Mormont and her Bear Islanders.
They have a small unit of archers skirmishing out front.
Lady Mormont seems determined to march out and take the hill, but everyone else is trying to convince her to stay put!

Here we have the allied center.

The barricaded Townhall has a dozen Dwarf Thunderers.
With their rifles, they should be able to put a dent in the oncoming Greenskins.
Next to them is an Organ Cannon with Burlock Damminson, who like Lady Mormont, wants to move the cannon to the hill!
On the road itself, are the Gondorians, with the Knights of Dol Amroth out front.
Behind them are the Knights of Minas Tirith.
And at the back are the Gondor Infantry, who will plug the gap in the lines, once the cavalry decide to charge out.
Burlock and Lady Mormont have sent messages to the Gondorians to help them take the hill.
The battle hasn't started and already there is dissension among the allied commanders.

Here is the allied east flank.

On the crop fields, the Hasslefree Dwarves are defending the wall next to the main road.
Behind them are the Gondorian generals - Boromir, Merlin, and aides de camp.
In the center we have the Fellowship - Legolas, Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam, and aspiring Hobbit wizard - Frumpy Bolger.  Oh and Bill the Pony.
Behind them are the Dwarven cooks and the Beer Cart.
The Hobbit Militia are behind the wall looking into the Farmhouse to the north.
Then on the far right, we have Commander Reinhardt and his paladins out front, Wallace and his highlanders behind, and bringing up the rear are Bugman's Rangers.

In front of the eastern flank, is the farmhouse.

Baron Hawk and the Reaper Dwarves are stationed here.
With the bulk of the eastern flank's Dwarves right behind them, they can be reinforced easily.

Evil's west flank.

Shelob is here.
Next to her are some Goblin Cavalry with spears, led by Snarktail.
In the middle are some Savage Orcs, Common Spear Goblins and a Goblin Shaman.
Out front there are Night Goblin Archers and a massive 40 Goblin unit led by Skarsnik himself. 

A little to the east of Shelob.

On the top left we see Gravelord Nito (and a new Wraith apprentice) talking tactics with Snarktail.
In front of them, Gravelord has a unit of skeletons.
In the crop field, we see Wraith Raccoon and his Swamp companion leading another skeletal unit.
They are being screened by a Night Goblin archer unit at the front.

The main road.

We have the Orc Generals Remulak and Roborr on the road itself, with a Mumak behind them.
In front of them are the Oddgits, a Night Goblin unit.
Next to the Generals we have The Gor Brothers and their hard hitting veterans.
Looks like Hulku and his Dark Orcs have made it to the battle after their ignominous defeat in the Old Forest.
Unlike the allies, Orc General Remulak has given one easy command to all evil units... "Let the Night Goblins go first and release Fanatics, then everyone else pile in after."
Simple, yet effective. 
Orcs dont check morale if they see Goblins breaking and routing, so let the little buggers take the missile fire and brunt of the initial attack. 
Also, those Ball and Chain Fanatics will make a big mess once released. 
So stay clear of the devastation and wait til its clear.
Then its slaughter time when the Orcs can Waaagh charge for the big victory!

The east flank.

Orc Archers skirmishing in the front.
The Uruk Fireballs are the heavy infantry here.
Next to them is the Chaos Sorceror - Amon Doom and some Chaos Warriors.  He has even brought a nasty looking Troll with him.
Amon Doom is here to observe the battle and represents the Chaos Gods interest in the conflict.  However, if a few Dwarves come across his path, Amon Doom has no problems turning some of them into goo.
If he gives a good report of the attack to his superiors, Chaos may decide to play a bigger part in Middle Earth.
Finally, at the furthest flank, are two units of Goblin Wolfriders with bows.

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