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Friday, December 9, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 7 - Impending Night

Nightfall is imminent, but the battle can still be won by either side...

With Objective 1 secure, the Greenskin hordes move on to the Townhouse.
Snarktail and his Wolfriders leap over the barricades tearing and biting at the Dwarf Thunderers.

With Snarktail's arrival, Wraith Raccoon and Swamp Groot crush the last of the Dwarven gunline.
Out of his entire unit, Raccoon and Groot are the only survivors.
But finally Objective 3, the Townhall, has fallen to the hordes of evil!

Merlin and the Hasslefree Dwarf Wizard combine their powers to overcome Gravelord Nito!
The Dwarf Wizard uses alchemical magic, Transmute to Lead on the Wraith's magic weapon, rendering it useless.
And though they cannot wound him due to his ethereal nature, the allies win on combat bonuses.
Gravelord Nito is banished!

The Organ Cannon crew see that the Thunderers have routed and decide to move the cannon to the other side of the wall.
The Hasslefreesians also form up next to the warmachine.

And still... on the hill, Lady Mormont fights with only the House banner bearer beside her.
No help arrived for them, but Lady Mormont makes her defiant last stand.

Meanwhile, on the northern road, Remulak forms up a hasty defense.
Already, Legolas is raining death from afar and thinning the Greenskin ranks!

The Hobbits consider charging the battle at the crossroads, but wisely waits for the Dwarven forces to consolidate.

The Reaper Dwarves hop over the Farmhouse wall and charge the Dark Orcs from behind!
Just in time too, as the Dwarf Cooks are being slaughtered to protect the Hobbits.
Frodo will never forget the fierce loyalty of the Dwarves.

Wraith Raccoon and Groot charge Merlin and the Dwarf Hasslefree Wizard...
But where did they go?

Choosing survival over honor, the Wizards have both decided to flee as a charge reaction.
They form up next to the last surviving Dwarf Cook and the Hobbits.

Dwarf Clan Reaper see Wraith Raccoon out in the open and heads towards them.

Snarktail and his dogs charge the gun!
This is it.  The time for the Hasslefreesians and the Cannon crew to show their mettle.

And things look grim for Boromir as Shelob sweeps into the Gondorian flank!

Reinhardt and his Band of the Hawk charge Skarsnik's Gobbos, while Bugman's Rangers charge the Oddgits.
But the Common Goblins are arriving on the scene with their Shaman.

Legolas fires off a multitude of arrows at the approaching Common Gobbos.
The Hobbit Militia charges the Gor Brothers in the flank.

Another pic of the battle for the northern road.

Battle of the Generals!
Commander Reinhardt challenges General Remulak to personal combat. 
Remulak readies his spear and tells his Tusker to feed on the Stuntie.

Baron Hawk and Captain Drogo of Clan Reaper are looking for a fight!

Wraith Raccoon:  Come get some!

Swamp Groot:  I AM SWAMP GROOT!


The die is now a 4+ that next turn will be the final turn.
And it comes up a 4.

So one more turn to decide the fate of Willowbottom...

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