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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 5 - Bloody Hill

Hill Bloody Hill...

After a savage melee, Skarsnik and his Night Goblins break and rout.
House Mormont and the Grenadier Dwarves have done it!
The Bear Island Banner flutters in the wind atop the hill.
But for how long can they keep the hill?
Lady Mormont requests reinforcements.
A certain Giant Spider is closing in on them...

Arya and the Rangers are being charged.
Some Night Goblin archers are trying to flank the Dwarves.

Wraith Raccoon and Swamp Groot destroy the Dol Amroth Knights.
Boromir considers heading out to the hill and supporting House Mormont, but that would leave the center open.
Against all his instincts, he listens to Merlin's council and pivots his Gondorians in defensive posture.
The reason?
To let the Dwarven artillery continue its punishing barrage against the undead!

Bits of bone are shattered from the barrage!
If Boromir can first stabilize the center, then maybe he can swing over and help the defenders of the hill...

The Minas Tirith Knights are not able to break the Orcs with the initial charge and now the Orc General Roborr joins in the melee.

Gravelord Nito advances forward and General Remulak orders the Mumak to accompany them.
Remulak wants them to avoid the Gondorians and take the fight to the Dwarf firepower entrenched at the Townhall. 
Those guns must be silenced!

Commander Reinhardt slays the Troll and defeats the Wolfriders!
He orders his unit to charge the Orc Archers.
They should smash them easily and quickly.
This does expose his flank to the Chaos Warriors led by Amon Doom, but if they do charge him, Reinhardt knows Legolas is nearby and will in turn counter charge them.

Overview of the east flank.

Shelob, the Spider Queen smashes the Grenadier Dwarves into pieces.
A Goblin Shaman blasts the Bear Islanders, and then a unit of Goblin Spears assaults the hill.
Skarsnik continues fleeing, they are close to routing off the table...
Lady Mormont is still hopeful that help will arrive.

The Townhall firing line is still blasting away at the Undead approach.
Wraith Raccoon will have nothing left by the time he reaches the barricades, but still he and Groot plod onwards.

Aim...  Fire!  Reload!  
Aim...  Fire!  Reload!
Fire at will!

Gravelord Nito and the Mumak double time forwards to help Wraith Raccoon's faltering advance in the face of the Dwarf gunline.

The Knights of Minas Tirith break and the Orcs smash into Boromir's force. 
The Gor Brothers are going to rip into the humies!
Meanwhile, Boromir and General Roborr square off against each other...

With Gravelord Nito and the Mumak rushing ahead, the unnamed Wraith leads the 2nd Undead unit forward.
General Remulak helps to rally Oddgit's Gobbos.

The battle for the Farmhouse is still raging and its a slow battle of attrition.
The bodies of Dwarves, Hobbits, and Orcs are piling up in heaps on both sides of the wall.
Lobelia has been barely able to keep the Shire Militia from running.
Each turn she keeps them in line, is a testament to her charisma.

Reinhardt is chewing through the Orc Archers, but they hold on longer than expected.
Amon Doom doesnt charge the Dwarves... he leads his Warriors in melee against Legolas and Frumpy!
Amon Doom had cast a spell of Tzeentch...
A Yellow Fire surrounds Amon Doom and his Warriors.
They now get a bonus Ward Save! 
As if they werent hard enough to kill!

Legolas versus Amon Doom!
Frumpy looks distraught as he looks up at the towering armored Warriors...  cold malice emanates from the visors of their horned helms.

Frumpy:  Sigmar save us!

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