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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 6 - Tug O' War

The struggle continues...

On Objective 1, Arya and the Rangers are flanked by Goblin Archers.

Shelob attacks whats left of House Mormont.
The Goblins continue their assault up the hill.

Tyrus Forel and the Bear mascot prepare for death by mandible.

In the backfield, Skarsnik rallies and reforms.
The Oddgits to the right, are suffering the effects of animosity and are taking their sweet time getting back into the fight.

The Organ Cannon blasts the Mumakil.
Thats one monster down... if only they can use the cannon against Shelob!
Gravelord Nito charges Burlock and the Cannon crew.
The Wraith will take vengeance for the fallen Mumak.

Groot and the remnants of his unit continue to battle the Dwarf Thunderers.

Merlin sees Burlock fall to Gravelord Nito and gets the Hasslefree Dwarves to accompany him.
If he can save the Cannon crew, maybe they can take out Shelob with the warmachine.

The Dark Orcs are maneuvering around the Gondorian flank.

But are they going to attack Boromir's unit... or are they after a juicier target?
With Merlin and the Hasslefree Dwarves on a mission, Frodo calls his friends and the Dwarven Cooks to "man" the wall!

And just in time too...
The Cooks trade their ladles for cleavers.
Frodo and friends nervously await the Orc charge.

Reinhardt massacres the Orc Archers and then continues his slaughterfest.
The Band of the Hawk is on a winning streak!

And Reinhardt's target?
The Uruk Fireballs who have been assaulting the farmhouse.
The Reaper Dwarves and the Hobbits cheer!

Tragedy strikes...
Frumpy the Hobbit wizard is cut down by the Chaos Warriors.
But Legolas slays the Sorcerer Amon Doom!
Down to his last wound, Legolas grits his teeth and prepares to fight the remaining Chaos Warriors.
Bugman and his Rangers arrive to help out.

Wallace and the highlanders on the far right drive off the last of the Wolfriders.
At a terrible cost in casualties though.

Back at Objective 1, Arya and the Rangers finally succumb to the Greenskin attack.
They rout and are run down by the Savage Orcs.
The Goblins cheer as they have taken control of this Objective.
Which should be pointed out, that starting next turn, a die is rolled to see when the game ends.

Shelob has eaten Tyrus Forel and the Bear mascot.
And Wolfriders are running around the hill...
This flank has folded!
But the hill is still defended.
The Orc generals are wondering what it will take to break House Mormont...

Lady Mormont and Shelob in a staring contest.
Shelob is impressed that these humans are still fighting for the hill.
The House Mormont warriors have the special rule Unbreakable, which means that they will fight to the death!
House Mormont may be few in number, but they are fierce.

Burlock is slain by Gravelord Nito.
Merlin and the Hasslefreesians surprise the Wraith with a flank charge!
The Cannon crew might be saved, at least.

The big mess in the center.  Its havoc!
Boromir, shows Roborr the power of Gondor and drops him.
But the Gor Brothers remain steadfast, even though they witness Roborr's defeat.
Now the Unnamed Wraith charges the Gondorians.
Boromir vs the Wraith.

General Remulak gets the Oddgits moving and tries to get Skarsnik to form alongside him in the center.
They are going to need to reform the battle lines quickly.
Remulak nervously looks at events to the east...

The farmhouse.
Gorgo and the Fireball Uruks break!
The Hobbits and Reinhardt pursue them and run them down.
Baron Hawk and the Reaper Clan hold and reform.

Glorious slaughter!

And the Chaos Warriors are defeated.
Legolas still lives...
Bugman and Wallace pat the Elf on the back.
With the Farmhouse secure, the east flank is entirely under allied control.


Variable turn end begins, which means its imperative to start controlling objectives.

Objective 1 is under Orc control.

Objective 2 (Hill), 3 (Townhall), and 4 (Crossroads) are closely contested.

The allies are in control of the east flank and Objectives 5 (Farmhouse) and 6 (Marsh Path).

Also, if Objective 6 is under Dwarf control at end of game, then the Shire civilians are able to escape south.

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