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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 4 - Battle Begins

The battle begins...

All the Night Goblin units move forward and unleash Fanatics!
These mushroom addled Goblins swing ball and chains in whirling dervish fashion.
While the initial release is aimed, the subsequent rounds are random directions which hopefully kill more enemies than friendlies.

The House Mormont archers are crushed as they sacrifice themselves and move forwards to trigger the Fanatics early.
Brave souls, you will be remembered!
One Fanatic crashes into the Mormont lines and kills 3 of the Bear Islanders.
Another Fanatic smashes into a stone wall  near Objective 1 and dies.

The Hasslefree Dwarves are likewise asked to do the same as the Mormont archers... and willingly march forwards into the face of devastation!
Merlin, Boromir and the Gondor High command move up to the wall to plug the gap left by the Hasslefreesians.
Merlin fries a Fanatic with a Thunderbolt spell.
One Fanatic smashes into a barricade near the Townhall and dies horrifically.
Another kills 2 Dol Amroth Knights to the cheers of the Greenskin Horde.

Meanwhile on the eastern flank, the Hobbit Militia move up to support the Reaper Dwarves at the farmhouse. 
The Reaper Dwarves hunker down as Orc arrows whiz all around them.
Reinhardt and Wallace move up field, while Bugmans Rangers stop at the wall as reserves.
Goblin Wolfriders unleash arrows into the Dwarven ranks.

The surviving Hasslefreesians break and rout, traumatized by the swirling ball and chain deaths they witnessed.
But their sacrifice is not in vain, as the Thunderers and the Organ Cannon blast the Fanatics and clear the center.

The Gondorian Cavalry smash into the Night Goblin units that launched the Fanatics.
They take vengeance for their fallen comrades.
A Goblin Shaman in one of the Night Goblin units miscasts and explodes in a shower of Waaagh energy which also kills 5 of his comrades!

The Gondor Infantry moves up to position. 
The Rangers kill the last of the Fanatics in this sector.
Then the reckless Bear Islanders decide to take the hill!
Little Lady Mormont wasnt kidding after all...
Arya watches helplessly as the Grenadier Dwarves also get caught up in the battle fervor and hops over the wall to join House Mormont.
Arya's combined Ranger/Elf unit uses arrows and spells to support the hasty charge.

Lady Mormont makes a mental note to reward the Grenadier Dwarves with lands and titles on Bear Island... if any of them survive that is!
Burlock and the Thunderers turn their fire upon the hill and a whole rank of Night Goblins disappears under their withering hail of fire!

Back in the center, the Dol Amroth Knights ride down Night Goblins and get carried away as they crash into Wraith Raccoon's skeletons. 
Oddgit and his unit flee from the Minas Tirith Knights.
The Knights choose not to pursue but charges a more dangerous unit - The Gor Brothers!

The Knights must break them on this charge or else probably break themselves from the massed rank bonus of the Orc heavy infantry. 
Too much of a gamble!  Boromir holds his breath and hopes for the best.

Boromir decides to join with the infantry unit. 
Merlin remains an independent character.
With the Knights all committed in battle, Boromir figures he must also commit.
He moves up and takes the crossroads with his massive block of infantry.

At the farmhouse, the Orc Archers reform to let the infantry behind them maneuver.
The Uruk Fireballs decide to get into the fight.
The farmhouse is under heavy attack!

The Hasslefree Dwarves rally next to the cooks.
Frodo and friends hold their ground, knowing that Frodo cannot risk getting killed or captured.

Legolas and Frumpy, however, move up east of the farmhouse and support the allies with arrows and spells.
Legolas puts a dent in that Troll, but it manages to survive and charges Reinhardt's Dwarves.  Some Goblin Wolfriders also charge in.

Wallace and his highlanders are also charged at Objective 6.
Bugmans Rangers move up field in support, ready to plug any gaps.

Commander Reinhardt:  Death or glory, boys!
Band of the Hawk:   Blue Mountains... Forever!

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  1. Epic! Most impressive and beautiful pictures!