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Monday, December 5, 2016

Battle of Willowbottom, Pt 2 - The Council of Willowbottom

Here is the Council of Willowbottom!

Reinhardt:  Good to see ya, Bugman! We were just on our way to you fellows in Moria.

Bugman:  Hey...  well, the Beer Cart needs refueling.  Food and other supplies would be good too.  But I guess we wont be able to get up to the Blue Mountains now.  Without beer, our buddies in Moria will be too weak to fight on for much longer.  To come this far and fail...

Boromir:  If we can join forces and strike out for Rivendell... perhaps Elrond can help us with our troubles?  I was really hoping he could help me with some dream Ive been having.  Im sure he can solve your beer trouble too, if he is as wise as they say he is...

Lobelia:  Mr Bugman, we Hobbits have brought all our supplies of beer, pipeweed and food, right here to Willowbottom.  Plus, with all the refugees pouring in, each Hobbit is carrying everything we need.  I figure we got enough supplies and food to feed Moria for a year!  You provide safety, we provide food and supplies.  We can get your Beer Cart filled up, right away no problem!

Frodo:  Um, we just came from the north and there are alot of Orcs, Goblins, and other creatures right about to hit us at any second.  Also, I have an important announcement...

Legolas:  (elbows Frodo and shakes his head)  Thank you Frodo, I am Legolas Greenleaf, I have just come from Rivendell and the road is now filled with the armies of evil.  So, Boromir, even with our combined forces, we would not be able to break through.  Im sure Elrond would want everyone... Hobbit, Human, or Dwarf to escape south to safety.

Arya:  Another option is... we stand here and fight!  The Rangers of the North may yet come, if they abandon the Wall or Fornost.  I have sent Ravens everywhere, and more human armies may be on their way.

Lady Mormont:  Sorry Arya, but Im afraid no other Houses will come.  They will not answer the call, because they are too scared and will hide in their castles.  Also, I hear the Rangers of the North are all under siege.  But at least House Mormont is here with you!  

Captain Drogo:  Well, now that we know the Hobbits can refuel the Beer Cart, I say we return to Moria!  There's a better battle to be fought over there!  This is a side show campaign!

Merlin:  I have seen the evil armies in my magic visions.  We cannot stand against them for long.  But, we can rally all the other races and kingdoms to reconquer the Shire, and press on to Bree, Rivendell, and the White Towers later.

Grenadier Dwarf:  (grognard grumbling)  Lets get to fightin already!

Suddenly, Merry and Pippin show up to the council!

Merry: If we are going to get these civilians to safety, then we can go southeast through the Overbourn Marsh, there is a secret path that is safe and leads south.

Pippin:  mission... quest... thing...

Wallace:  My scouts can help the civilians cross the Marsh.

Elven Ranger:  I can help, I know this path too!

Baron Hawk:  So be it!  If we cannot defeat the enemy then we will hold the secret path through the Marsh as long as possible to allow as many civilians to escape south for the return trip to Moria.

Tyrus Forel:  Lets not rule out our victory just yet, House Mormont is quite formidable!

Burlock Damminson:  And lets not forget, I have an Organ Cannon!  Put it in a good spot and keep the cannon safe and I promise to rain down hellfire on those dastardly Orcs!

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