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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Oldhammer Orc on Tusker & 80s LOTR Uruk-Hai

In this post, another 32 painted Oldhammer Greenskins joins the Horde.
Plus we show off some surprising non-Orc allies/slaves?
So lets start with a painted gallery of figures, and in the second half... some fluff for the impending battle report!

Left to Right: General Remulak on Orc Tusker, General Snarktail on Wolf.

Remulak comes from a rare Orc species known as the Conehead Orcs.  They are more intelligent than the average Orc greenskin.  Their unusual head shape unfortunately also makes Conehead children the target for lots of Orc bullying.  However, the survivors that make it to adulthood end up being the most cunning and cruel of greenskins.  Remulak rides an Orc Tusker, a creature from a forgotten time, the Pre Slotta age.  This figure comes from the legendary Fiend Factory line from Citadel's Pre Slotta era.

General Snarktail and his baby wolf.

Snarktail is a Marauder MM23 mounted goblin general.
His wolf is as tiny as he is.  But make no mistake, Snarktail is a brilliant commander of Greenskin armies.  Many Dwarf longhalls have been ravaged and burnt to cinders by the cruel armies of Snarktail.

 So now I have 3 bonafide Oldhammer mounted Greenskin commanders.
A pig, a wolf, and a tusker walk into a bar...

 80s LOTR Uruk-Hai.
 From left to right: Uruk Hai guard, Captain Gorgo, Uruk Hai guard.

 These 3 Uruk Hai are vintage Citadel ME-44 Uruk Hai Guards. They are the leaders of a unit known as The Uruk Fireballs.  Captain Gorgo is related to the Gor Brothers.  They come from Fireball Island, a volcanic rock in the middle of Lake Nurnen in Mordor.

 Their soldiers are good ol fashioned vintage RRD5 Spike Can Commandos, also known as Rugluds Armoured Orcs.

 I didnt get Ruglud or any command figures with these 20 bad boys, but I am patient and will surely get them at some point.  But for now, these Orcs will follow Gorgo and not Ruglud.

 Captain Gorgo is accompanied by his pet baby manticore, Snoot.

 The Uruk Fireballs in formation and ready to set things on fire.

 These 2 Goblins are Pre Slotta fanatics.

 These 2 are classic era fanatics.

 2 more Oldhammer Citadel Orcs which will join the Gor Brothers unit below.

The Gor Brothers.
Ive decided to put all my citadel Orcs in 1 unit and they are pretty impressive.
Thats 20 hard hitting vintage Orcs.

 The two brothers, Gorgut and Gorfang have joined their forces and now command this unit of bloodthirsty orcs.


And now for the fluff...

 Somewhere on the southern border of the Shire.  An Orc General on his Tusker and his Uruk Hai underlings have just found out that their Elephant beastman is missing.
"What do you mean you lost the Mumak? Its a bloody giant beastie!" the Orc General Remulak screams at his soldiers from atop his Tusker.

"We last saw him grazing near the Shire - you know, that green flowery happy place that makes us Orcs sick to our gullets." says one Uruk.

"Yeah we hate happy places!" says another Uruk.

"Assemble the Horde!" says Remulak.

So the Orc punches out a beat on his drums and suddenly the air is filled with the sound of stomping orc feet.

 The hills are surrounded with more orcs than you can shake an axe at!

 Look at that swirling madness of 6 goblin fanatics.

The massed ranks of the Night Goblins.

"Look boss, in that hobbit village!  Its our missing beastie!" yells an Uruk. "And he got some new friends too!  Some stunties and halflings!"

"Hmm," the General thinks for a moment.  "That Mumak always did seem a bit too soft about stomping elves and stunties.  Why couldnt we have gotten a proper Easterling Oliphant. Now look at him!  Getting scratchies behind the ears from those Hobbits!  We will fix him good.  And I know just how to scare him back all the way to Mordor.  Boys break out the rats!"

 A Goblin Rat-Herder "encouraging" his pets forward to battle.

Special Rules:
Scare Tactics - the Rat Unit causes Terror to the Mumak.

General Remulak:  "Greenskins!  We have crushed the silly Rangers and their Elfy friends at Sarn Ford.  Soon we will burn Rivendell!  But first, our Mumak has gone native and gone over to the filthy Hobbits! (Orcs boo)  We will change his mind and bring him back to his senses.  Kill the Hobbits, the Stunties, and anything else in that town ahead of us!"

General Snarktail:  "My scouts tell me the town ahead is called Longbottom.  It is the southernmost town of the Shire."

The Gor Brothers:  "We will feast on Longbottom Hobbits tonight!"


So there you have it, buddies.  Impending doom by Greenskin is coming!
The next post will cover the defenders of Longbottom.


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  1. paint so quickly and the figures look excellent. That conehead orc on the tusker was one of the first figures I ever bought (1979 I think).