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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Battle Of Longbottom, Part3 - Greenskins Smash!

The battle lines clash in a tide of fury!

 Night Goblin fanatics launch out of Skarsnik's unit!  Two of them hit the Band of the Hawk!
Dice are rolled and....  6 hits...  for 6 wounds.  No armor saves allowed... devastating.  The Hawks make a successful roll for panic and stand their ground, but a whole rank is lost.  That takes them from a +3 to a +2 rank bonus if they get into combat without further casualties.

Three more Fanatics emerge from the Gobbo Archers.  One hits the Hasslefreesians for 6 hits and 5 casualties.  The two other fanatics are launched at the Rangers and the Mumak...

 They dont hit... so far, at least.
On the allies turn, Melisandre fries the Fanatic in front of her with a Fireball (Lord of Light be praised!), the other Rangers use their crossbows to kill the one in front of the Mumak.  And the Elven Druid all the way on the West flank is able to just barely get in range to cast Crows on the other Fanatic in front of the Band of Hawks.  Which seems to be a waste of a spell, but the Dwarf General is in that unit, and anything to save the fighting strength of the center is worth it!

In the next turn, a Fanatic rolls doubles and dies as the Ball & Chain wraps around his head.
While another Fanatic runs into (of all targets) the only other Fanatic!  They collide as the Stunties cheer the end of the Fanatics.  Strangely, the Greenskins also cheer.  Its a good death, they say.  And apparently a funny death is doubly good!

The Night Goblin archers angle back in line with the wall, so as not to get flanked by the rapidly approaching Mumak.  Remulak sees this and sends his rats up behind to protect them or the Orc Arrer boys behind the wall.  So even if the Mumak charges, he will be subject to Terror at start of the next turn.

The Cannon takes chunks out of the Greenskin tide heading towards them, but ultimately Skarsnik and his massed Goblin regiment charges the Band of the Hawk.  Its Skarsnik versus Reinhardt!

Gorgo and the Uruk Fireballs charge the Mercantile Outpost's defenses.
Again, the guns of the Thunderers ravage the Orc lines, but now close combat is at hand!
The organ cannon crew elect to hold their ground.  The rules say, the crew form a line in between the warmachine and the enemy, but that would put the stunties on the wrong side of the wall. C'mon, they are most probably doomed enough as it is!  So I moved the Cannon back a little, so the poor lil fellas have room to stand behind the wall next to their Thunderer buddies.

The Gor Brothers hold at the treeline of the woods, keeping their soft cover bonus and are ready to charge anyone who tries to flank the Uruk Fireballs.

 The Mumak charges into the Gobbo archers.  He counts as an Ogre Bruiser w/ Impact hits (no minimum 3 Bulls though).  He breaks the Gobbos, pursues but is unable to overrun them.  He does end up running into General Remulak and his rats.  Will the Mumak kill the Orc General?  It sure would help the allies if the low morale Greenskins couldnt use Remulaks leadership in panic tests.

Hmm, in the background there you can see that the Hasslefreesians have flanked Skarsnik.  Forgot to take a pic of some events there, but here is what happened:

The Gobbo Witch casts Fists of Gork.  And ethereal green hands pummel the Hasslefreesians and several fall casualty.  Even the Dwarven wizard takes a hit and cannot use the "Look out sir" rule.  The gobbo shaman sees this and uses 'Eadbutt to finish off the wizard. Despite the battering, the Hasslefree Dwarves flank Skarsnik in the center.  Negating Skarsniks rank bonus and giving the Band of the Hawks a fighting chance.

On the Western flank, the Grenadiers move forward and are charged by the Gor Brothers and are routed on a break test roll of 12!  To add insult to injury, their flee movement roll is a 4...  They are promptly run down by the Orcs.  The Gor Brothers and Roborr roar in bloodlust as they shatter the Grenadier Dwarves in pursuit.

The Elves continue to pepper them with arrows and Feast of Crows, but are now in charge range of the orcs.

Its now up to the Elves, who for a quick second thought about retreating back and away East to make a last stand at the Farm.  But no, they must hold the flank, even for a turn or two...  Just in case the defenders of the Outpost, or maybe Reinhardt in the center can break the Orcs.  Five Elves versus Orcs with rank bonus is not going to be pretty.  Dont forget the Gor Brothers are monsters!  Also Roborr is with them too.  Will the Elves gamble pay off?

Back on the Eastern side, The Goblin archers rally to see the start of the Shire turn.  Will the Mumak pass his Terror test.  If not, can Orc General Remulak on his Tusker defeat him?

Find out in the next post!


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