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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Little Lady Mormont & the Bear Island Berserkers

Bear Island has received a summons for help from the Rangers of the North.
Lady Mormont is the leader of House Mormont - the rulers of Bear Island.

Will she answer the call to war?

Left to Right: Tyrus Forel, Lady Mormont, House Mormont warrior

Lady Mormont:  House Mormont has kept faith with House Isildur for a thousand years.  We will not break faith today.  We are not a large house, but we are a proud one... Everyone from Bear Island fights with the strength of ten mainlanders.

Lady Mormont's advisor is also her dancing master - Tyrus Forel.
He is a Braavosi swordsman and is the oldest of the Forel Master Instructors.
His younger brother Syrio is in Kings Landing.  

Left to Right: Standard Bearer, Drummer, House Mormont warrior

Close up of the Bear Island Standard

The motto of House Mormont is "Here We Stand"

Left to Right: Masque de Ferrous, Assistant Bear Tamer, Jorelle the Mormont Bear mascot

Masque de Ferrous is the master Bear Tamer on the island.  This fellow has an iron mask permanently attached to his face.  Some say the bear mascot of House Mormont might have played a bit too rough with this fellows face.

 The assistant bear tamer in the center has a missing eye among his other scars.  Still, they do their best to keep the mascot of House Mormont happy.  Such devotion!

Jorelle the bear is rumored to be Lyanna's older sister who somehow got stuck permanently in werebear form.

Bear Island men are usually out in their boats fighting enemies or fishing.
So, the women of Bear Island are forced to learn how to fight against all manner of invaders: Wildlings, Ironborn raiders, Chaos Marauders, Dark Elf Slavers, Orc Pirates, Corsairs of Umbar, and dont forget the Bears that live on the island itself.

These ladies are cousins of Lady Mormont and are ready to show the world that Bear Island women are great warriors and arent just "any kind of beauty".

Some Bear Islanders worship the Book of Mormon, err.... I mean the Book of Mormont.
It even became a hit Broadway Musical across the sea in Essos.

Some inhabitants of Bear Island are descended from the legendary Sky Wolf Tribe.
According to ancient myths, the Sky Wolves came down in their sky-boats from their home - the fabled cloud city known as Fenris.  These warriors have a saying, "there are no wolves on Fenris."  Which makes no sense, or it makes all the sense.  One thing is for sure... there are Bears on Bear Island.

Here are some archers to thin the enemy ranks.

House Mormont is a minor House that is a vassal to House Stark of Winterfell and/or the House of Isildur.  While the Starks lay claim to being the King of the North, the House of Isildur lays claim to the King of the Northern Kingdom, Arnor.  Starks help the Rangers at the Wall, but the House of Isildur ARE Rangers themselves.  The Starks might have a Valyrian Steel sword, but the House of Isildur has Narsil, the blade that cut the One Ring from the hand of Sauron the Dark Lord.

Lady Mormont:  Bear Island knows no king but the King in the North, whose name is Stark...  Unless the Heir of Isildur claims his birthright and declares himself King of the Unified Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor... then in that case, we know no king but that one.  In the meantime, stop bugging us, we got Bears to slay...


So there you have a new unit to help out the alliance.
I have to make up their own rules to give them their own unique character.

They have 2 hand weapons so 2 attacks each.
WS of 4 like empire swordsmen.
But they also are Unbreakable!  They will fight to the last man, or woman.
Which represents the fact that they might be few, but they are ferocious!

Next post we go back to showing off even more enemies... and answer the question as to why a Greenskin General was missing from the Battle of Longbottom.



Lyanna Mormont has an older sister and her name is Jorelle.  When I made this post, I made that name up based on Lyanna's uncles names - Jeor and Jorah.  Little did I know, in the books there really is a Jorelle. Im in synch with you GRRM!  Other older sisters include Lyra, Alysane, and Dacey.  Though Dacey seems to have died at the Red Wedding.  Not that death means anything to the Game Of Thrones world, and especially means nothing to this blogs fluff.  Resurrections are everyday things here, just like good ol' fashioned D&D meant them to be. 


  1. Excellent, wonderful details!

  2. Is Lady Mormont a conversion or what mini did you use for her? Awesome work btw. ;)

    1. Thanks buddy! She is a Reaper figure - 14212: Kristianna, Crusaders Warlord. Its a 2 pack blister, she is supposed to be a squire. She has had a little conversion, the fur cloak, which I think is a space wolf cloak.

    2. Excellent! Thanks. Also awesome blog, you have a new follower. ;)